Cat Morgan Introduces Himself | Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by Books Read Aloud for Kids

Cat Morgan introduces himself from Old Possum’s book of Practical Cats Written by TS Eliott and illustrated by Axel
Scheffler I once was a Pirate what sailed the ‘igh seas But now I’ve retired as a com-mission-aire. And that’s how you find me a-takin’ my ease And keepin’ the door in a Bloomsbury Square. I’m partial to partridges, likewise to grouse, And I favour that Devonshire cream in a bowl, But I’m allus content with a drink on the
‘ouse And a bit o’ cold fish when I done me patrol. I ain’t got much polish, me manners is gruff. But I’ve got a good coat, and I keep meself smart. And everyone says, and I guess that’s enough; ‘You can’t but like Morgan, ‘e’s got a kind
‘art.’ I got knocked about on the Barbary Coast. And me voice ain’t no such melliferous horgan. But yet I can state, and I’m not one to boast. That some of the gals is dead keen on old
Morgan. So if you ‘ave business with Faber or Faber I’ll give you this tip, and it’s worth alot more; You’ll save yourself time, and you’ll spare yourself labour. If jist you make friends with the Cat at the

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