CATS Poems! + The Reading Rush Wrap Up

Welcome to my channel that is somtimes
booktube. I’m MagicCatJenny and I’m going to be going through all the books I read
this week for the reading rush, from July 22nd to July 28th 2019.
I originally signed up for this reading rush thinking it was going to be the
thing that would make my youtube channel relevant again. Little did I know the
Cats trailer was about to be released and then my reaction video became the
second most viewed video on my channel. And now I have people here expecting
Cats which is fine because you’re gonna get Cats. You’re also gonna get books. For
those of you don’t know, the reading rush is a read-a-thon. It used to be called
booktubeathon. Here is the amount of pages I ready each day. I’m gonna be
inserting this after the weeks up because I’m filming this in the last day of
booktubeathon and I earned all of the badges except for the donation badge. I
did not get that one but I got everything else. We’re gonna start with
Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. I read this to my son and by
read I mean sing but I did read it while singing because…interesting factoid; the
words of the poems are not necessarily word-for-word consistent with the songs.
Some of them are, some of them have just verses missing, some of them change
things so a cat is saying it verses being said about a cat. If that makes sense.
And there’s also a poem in here that is not in the musical Cats and that’s; Cat
Morgen. He’s a former pirate cat. And in my fanfiction from the early 2000s he
was friends with Growltiger. Yikes. Become a Patreon, I’ll read you my fanfiction.
That’s a joke but… What I really love about this addition
is it’s illustrated by Edward Gorey and I just love all of the creepy dark but
yeah also kind of adorable drawings. Like one interesting thing that
you don’t get from the musical is the humans who are saying these poems have,
at times, their own characteristics. For instance, Old Deuteronomy is being told
from the point of view of an old man. And so in the song, when Old Deuteronomy says;
‘my legs may be tottery, I must go slow.’ In the poem, it’s the old man, and earlier he
talks about his eyes and his ears; ‘I think I’m deaf of an ear now…my sight
may be failing.’ So that’s something you don’t get from the musical at all,
because there’s really no humans in the musical except for those in the audience;
you. So this wasn’t the first book I read for the read-a-thon but it was one I
picked up. Just feeling like singing Cats to my son and wanted to sing the
original words. Although Cat Morgan I doesn’t have a tune so I kind of just read
that. I read a lot of board books to my baby.
Board books are children’s books where the pages are very thick and board-like.
So they’re not as easily destructible by tiny hands and they’re easier to hold. So
I got some of these from the library actually. This is my library haul, not
counting the few audiobooks I currently have checked out. The Very Hungry
Caterpillar, which of course is a classic. This Zoe and Zack book called Opposites
with die-cut pages that I thought was just so fun and cute. I’m really getting
into kids books now that I have one…a kid. I liked it it was cute. And then there’s
this that I found called Unstoppable Me, as seen in the feature film Bethany
Hamilton: Unstoppable. It’s about a little surfing lion cub who gets too
discouraged when it’s hard but doesn’t give up. And the other physical book I got
from the library, I haven’t actually finished it as of filming this video, and
that’s Persepolis A Story of Childhood. I’m ready to cry. I’m reading another
book that’s making me cry, an audiobook. Also not finished at the time of this
read-a-thon; The Hate U Give. I was in the shower when I listened to ‘the’ chapter at
the beginning and it was, it was a lot. I really really like it so far. I may be
halfway through so I don’t know if I’ll finish it by the end of today, but I
really like it, which is saying something because I’m normally not that into
contemporary. The first book I read for the read-a-thon is also an audiobook
that I borrowed from the library and that’s Inkheart. which was on my TBR. I
listened to Inkheart. I also watched the movie Inkheart because that was one of
the challenges; read a book, watch the movie adaptation thing. I didn’t hate the
movie, I thought it was cute, and I thought the book was also pretty cute. I
know it’s a series, I don’t know if I’m gonna continue the series. I’m not super
invested in the world. Then the other book of the two books from my TBR I did
read baby Peat Bog and that’s; The Moomins and The Great Flood. And again
with books that make you cry. I was like like tears at the end of this book, which
I was not expecting. Of course, I didn’t really know much about Moomin. But in
this book Moomintroll and Moominmama are searching for Moominpappa who got
lost, there’s this flood and all these creatures lost their homes. And it’s just
really really really emotional. And I was telling my husband about this story and
he said; ‘Oh no, Moominpapa!’ because he instantly was like; ‘I’m Moominpapa!’ I
want more of these now, I just love Moomin so much. I did not expect to
love Moomin this much but I do. So, my friends came to visit last weekend, right
before the read-a-thon, and they brought with them some books.
One of my friends works for a publishing company that has a children’s section
called Flying Eye Books, and he brought baby Peat Bog three beautiful wonderful
books. So I read this one; Myka The Bear Who Didn’t Want to Sleep, which I think
Peat Bog can relate to. Professor Astro Cat’s Space Rockets. Very
educational, very cute. And this one, which I’ll read
today – peat bog is Professor Astro Cats Solar System.
I love the illustrations, they’re so cool. I love the cats in space. If you know of
another edition of Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats that you have or that you
like, let me know because I think I’m going to start collecting different
editions with different illustrations because I just love seeing people’s
interpretation based on the poems alone what they think the characters look like.
I, of course, have in my head what I believe the characters should look like…which is heavily based in the 1988 film and original London costumes. The movie
has their own idea and I’m gonna compare the two. Let me know in the comments who
your favorite character from Cats and if you’re here because of booktube… what’s your favorite book about a cat?
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good job, good job. Thank you for subscribing. I’ll see you soon. Meow!

12 thoughts on “CATS Poems! + The Reading Rush Wrap Up

  1. I loved Inkheart but the rest of series isn't as strong as the first one. Also yay for Moomins!!

  2. Why are you so obssesed with Cats?
    I’m just asking ‘couse l’m too

  3. Wow, not ganna lie, you are really beautiful!!! I want a copy of the original poem, too.

  4. Did you catch all the club names in Bustopher's song?

    Senior Educational
    Joint Superior Schools
    Stage and Screen

  5. My favorite cat would have to be Alonzo because…..I have an Alonzo of my own

  6. My Favorite Jellicles are Rumpelteazer the Beautiful Crowd Pleaser , Mentor Mr. Mistoffelees, Brother Alonzo, and Myself Little Joe: The Moonlight Cat.

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