CBCC How To: Paragraph Titles and Literary Form Labeling

this video is going to show you how to do part 2 of assignment 2 which is paragraph titles in literary form labeling so the first thing that you need to do is review your literary toolbox so this is the literary toolbox for Jonah and you can see all of the forms here that are suggested history and prayer both have asterisks on them so so what you're going to do is you're going to review what you're looking for here in this case of the Book of Jonah I know I'm really gonna focus in on history which includes setting characters watching the plot and then also looking for stylistic elements so I've reviewed my literary forms I know as I'm looking through I'm gonna be looking for plot I'm also going to be looking for any change in the narrative to poetry then I'm going to do paragraph title so a paragraph title you skim through each paragraph and then you come up with a four word title with words from the text that label it as I'm doing this whole process I'm really looking for structure I'm asking myself how did the author fit together these paragraphs do certain paragraphs fit into larger chunks of information so I'm gonna go ahead and walk through and show you how I do that so as I skim through here's the first paragraph so now the word of the Lord came to Jonah and I've Amitai saying arise go to Nineveh that great city call out against it for their evils come up before me but Jonah rose to flee to Tarshish where president Lord he went down to Joppa found a ship away from the presence of the Lord so I think with a paragraph title you're really looking for what is going on and I think I want to definitely show that God is telling him to go to Nineveh so I'm gonna say go Nineveh but Jonah flees so my paragraph title there is gonna Nova and then Jonah flees so I'm gonna continue reading skimming through okay but the Lord hold a great wind the ship starting to break up Mariners were afraid Jonah had gone down to the inner sleep so the captain came and said to him what do you mean he said okay so basically God sends a storm and then Jonah is asleep so I want to show that so I'm going to say Lord and then you can use so I'm gonna do a little arrow Tempest and then Jonah sleeps so notice how I obviously I could say storm but I'm using tempest because that's what's in the text it's a good discipline to use words from the text so I'm moving on and they said to one another come let us cast lots that we may know on whose account this even way come upon us the cast lots and Jonah's saying who he is and the man were exceedingly afraid said what is this you have done for the menu usefully from the presence of the Lord so I think on that one there's dialog there I think it shows yeah things are heating up they cast lots and it falls on Jonah's I'm gonna do cast lots and then an arrow to Jonah moving on then they said to him what shall we do to us this great sieve set died down he said pick me up early into the sea nevertheless so then the men start rowing harder therefore they called out to the Lord I learned that it's not perished as man's life wow they're calling out to the Lord then they pick up Jonah and hold him in the sea and the sea ceases raging then the men fear the Lord exceedingly and they offer sacrifice to the Lord okay so I'm on the paragraph title down here so I think I want to show that Jonah gets thrown into the sea and then I also want to show this thing of like the men come to the Lord so I'm going to do how about Jonah I mean use the arrow again see and then men sacrifice so all the while it's let's just talk about plot so as I'm doing these paragraph titles I'm noticing this is all telling the same story so it starts off I would say okay this is the opening of the story and then you know plot it includes you know opening conflict rising intensity so I think the conflict is that he's running so I'm just gonna write that conflict running and I just notice it's really building intensity so I'm just gonna kind of like show arrow and just do rising intensity so this is me this is example me in serving the literary form of history which takes shape and setting characters plot I know that here Jonah is it's basically Jonah and the Mariners so it's also helpful to say okay so all of chapter 1 essentially the setting so I'm writing setting is basically in the boat and then the characters primarily Jonah and Mariners so I'm noting that alright so moving on to chapter 2 okay so those are all the paragraphs for chapter 1 and and I'm pausing here to show you how I would kind of go back through and do forms as I'm doing paragraph titles but now I'm going to jump back into paragraph titles I still have to title this little guy so this one says and the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights so I want to do Lord appointed fish because I like that word appointed I already noticed that it was kind of repeated so I'm going to underline that in my first read-through I noticed that the word anoint appointed was repeated okay then Jonah prayed to to the Lord his God from the belly of the fish saying and then it launches off so I'll just do Jonah prayed from belly and then it's this long prayer so what I notice here is obviously shifting the author's thought so you know cuz I'm paying attention to setting so the setting of all of chapter one is in the boat now the setting shifts right here so I'm going to say okay setting is in the fish or in the belly of the fish note that it's not whale its fish so then this you can even just see how it's different so this is would be a prayer so I'm gonna mark this as prayer that's what it looks like to me but also it actually is a port there's different types of prayers so it's actually a prayer of thanksgiving so i noticed that i'm supposed to look at that here on this little thing so i noted per thanksgiving I would also title this so this is one this is one big thing but I think the main thing is called out he answered so this is a great example of it doesn't have to be a perfect paragraph title but something that just reflects it so this is a prayer obviously there's a lot of elements in there but called out he answered really shows what's happening there I'm Jonah calling out to God so I could continue on so in the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited out so I'm gonna do Lord spoke fish vomited then the word Lord came to Jonah a second time saying arise go to Nineveh that great city so it kind of seems here I definitely noticed a shift in the author's thought up here mainly because it's a different setting then I see here it changes the setting again so I'm making a little mark in my text because I think okay this actually might be the structure of the book we have so far chapter 1 is in the boat chapter 2 is in the belly of the fish and then I see chapter 3 is now going to be in Nineveh so the setting is in Nineveh I couldn't you know I would continue on in my paragraph titles there but what I want to show you so imagine I'm going through my paragraph titles I would also notice here that in chapter 4 you also get a ship so it's Jonah's response to God Nineveh repenting and then God relenting so it seems like the shifts here because this is going into a dialogue between God and Jonah then it says here Jonah went so starting chapter 4 verse 5 Jonah went out of the city and sat east of the city so actually I'm like ok kind of a shift of thought here but also this is technically where the setting ships so I'm gonna do setting outside the city so I'm feel like I'm I got a pretty good grasp on my structural reading hypothetically I've done all my paragraph titles I've noted some of the key things of like setting characters looking for my forms and I think I can safely say I think I have a grasp on what the authors doing and how he arranged his material so chapter 1 is in the boat and that's a whole dialogue between Jonah in the Mariner so that is definitely one thing of you know unit of thought then chapter 2 is Jonah in the whale I can very easily see that the literature type changes it's primarily a prayer of thanksgiving location is in the belly of the fish and then I have two more scenes so one scene is that is Jonah in the city giving his message and Nineveh repenting and then the last scene is outside the city so this is awesome I think I am definitely ready to move on to the next step which is the book outline with an idea of how the author structured is material

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