Celebrate Labor Day with these 10 Cute and Easy Work Outfit Ideas

Celebrate Labor Day with these 10 Cute and
Easy Work Outfit Ideas. In this video, you are going to get two weeks
of work outfit ideas using only 6 pieces. for the first time ever, you will see our
Win in 10 Framework that will effortlessly win the outfit game with 10 outfits. You’ll be surprised by how easy this is
because you really only need pieces. So this grid right here is how we are going
to take 6 pieces to create 2 weeks of outfit, right? The work week is 5 days long, so if we create
outfits that is 10 days, 2 weeks worth of work outfits, right? so this right here, this grid that you see
here on the screen is called our Win in 10 Framework because it contains 20 outfits. Each little rectangle you can see on the screen
is an outfit. You can see the big rectangle at the bottom
which is the bonus outfit there at the bottom. Okay. So we’re going to go through this so it
makes sense. Let’s first cover what our first 6 pieces
are. So it is a black shell top. It’s going to be at first item, and a black
turtleneck, and we have a burgundy long cardigan with a black belt. So this can be something that comes together,
it could be you have a black belt already in your closet. But it’s the long cardigan with the black
belt and we’ll go over how to style that exactly later on in the video. Then if we look along the rows, so we have
our gray ankle pants. In case you notice, this isn’t traditional
just a pair of gray trousers for work. Next, we have a pair of dark denim jeans. I know a lot of workplaces now are not quite
as dressy, know, especially here on the West Coast or at the very least you might have
a casual Friday. So I wanted to do outfits that included dark
denim jeans. Notice I’m doing dark denim jeans specifically
so it’s like your fancy jeans, right, that you can wear to work. And then the last item, the sixth piece is
this right here, that black pleated maxi skirt. Okay. So there are your 6 pieces right there. This is all you need. Okay. Now, let’s go through how you actually use
this framework. So it’s really easy. You just start at any column. So let’s say we’re going to start with
the black shell top. Let’s start there. trace your finger down, we go down to that
very first row. You can see it is the gray ankle pants and
bam, there is your first outfit. It is that back shell top with gray ankle
pants. So here is what that looks like. It’s this outfit right here. For simplicity’s sake, most of the outfits
I’m going to show you today, I have them styled with just a simple pair of black high
heels. You can wear that with any of the pairings
that I’m going to show you today. I’m going to cover show ideas later on in
the video but just know for simplicity’s sake, it really is the mixing and matching
of the outfits. You can wear this show with all of them and
you’ll see it repeated throughout this video. Okay. Let’s try to make another outfit using this
same framework. So again, let’s start with that same fist
column. So that black shell top but this time, let’s
go down to that third row. So it’s the black pleated maxi skirt. So there you go. There is another outfit, the black shell top
with black pleated maxi skirt. And here’s what this outfit looks like. Again, notice I’m not covering the shoe
concept. Like I said, that’s going to hold constant
throughout the black high heel. You can see did the shell top with the black
maxi skirt. Okay. And notice it has a little texture pleats
to it to add a little bit something to it and help create even more movement. So the second one. So let’s do another one. I think you got the hang of it but we can
do one more really quick. So this one, the burgundy long cardigan with
the black belt. So we’re going to go to that third column. Let’s go all the way down and let’s use
that third row again. So that black pleated maxi skirt. All the way over and bam, there is another
outfit. The burgundy long cardigan with black belt
with black pleated maxi skirt. And here’s what this outfit looks like. Okay. So it’s really easy to use the grid. You just take your finger, start at a column. Then take your finger, start another row. See where they joined together and you will
magically create an outfit. It really is that easy. I now I promised at the beginning of the video
you may be a little skeptical but you’re like, “Wait, that’s it? That’s how I make 10 outfits?” Yeah, that’s how you make 10 outfits. Okay. So this might be a good time to talk about
styling for that burgundy cardigan. So let’s take a look at that. So here we have a burgundy long cardigan and
a black belt. You see here I have a black belt but it’s
a wrap belt. Again, this could be something that comes
with a cardigan when you purchase it or it could you buy these separately. But if you don’t have the wrap belt, that’s
okay. You could use any belt in your closet to do
this. I have done this many times before to style
an outfit. I’ll show you that in a little bit as well. And you could see here you just have a regular
belt from your closet. You can pair that with it. It doesn’t have to be the wrap belt style
that I’m showing here. Just look and use what you have in your closet,
whether it’s a thin belt like the one shown here on the screen or it’s a wider belt. The way that you style this here is you wear
the cardigan basically like a top. So you can see here how she has styled hers. She wrapped it completely so it’s covering
up your bra. She’s making it a little bit sexy to make
the deeper so you can see a little bit of her bra. But again, this is for work. You would probably not style it way so you
would just wrap it a little bit tighter. And again, this is something that I do often. So you can see a photoshoot that I did a few
months ago maybe. Now, if you go to my website and you click
the ‘about me’ page, you’ll see that it has the photos from this photoshoot. You can see here I did the same thing. I had a cardigan, and this is really funny
because the outfit I originally had planned fell through. It got shipped somewhere else and I couldn’t
get in time for the photoshoot so I had to improvise. So you can see I have the cardigan there. In this one, I had a glitter belt that I wore
with it. I just wrapped it really tight. It’s still creates the V but it’s not
making it sexy like in the first photo that I showed you. And then here’s just a wider shot again
of me at the photoshoot. You could see I’m wearing the cardigan like
a top I just wrapped around and then used the belt to clasp it. So this is how you would style it for this
win in 10 framework for this video that I’m showing you. This is exactly how you would style it. And like I said, you don’t need the wrap
belt. You can take whatever belt you have in your
closet and use it to style it. Now, I promised you we were going to talk
about shoes. So like I said, every outfit that are shown
here, the 10 outfits that are shown here, you can wear with black high heels and will
look just fine. Your outfit will look great. However, I did want to show you some other
very simple shoe options that you have for this. With the only item shown here on the screen,
you also have the option to pair it with a pair of black just ballet flat. It will work for all of them. So that’s another option, if you have those
in your closet. And yet another option is a pair of black
riding boots. So this will work for 7 outfits in this framework. So you can’t really pair this with the gray
ankle pants but it’ll work for everything else. It’ll work when you wear the jeans and it’ll
work when you wear the maxi skirt. Okay. So those are other options. So even as I’m going to show you the outfit
ideas, I’m going to show you all the 10 and how I would lay it out over a two-week
period. Just know you can also swap out the shoes,
okay. But for this, I’m not doing a lot of that
in this video but I wanted to let you know that option is available even though you won’t
see a lot of it. The other way – so you’re like, okay,
it’s not really that man things, Aisha. Another way that you do this is you can camouflage
these through the accessories that you wear with them. So there’s actually three accessories I
would recommend that you get to help mix and match these outfits up a little bit, what
I [inaudible 00:08:37] where you can camouflage your outfit repeats. Because for me, I realize all this is relative
that I’m about to say, I don’t really have that many clothes but the way that I
mix and match them and put them together, it gives the appearance that I do. And I know I’ve seen people say things like,
“I’ve known you for two months and I haven’t seen you in the same outfit,” and they’ve
seen me in the same pieces. It’s just the way that I put them together
and accessorize them that that they look completely different so they can’t tell I’m repeating
it. So again, there’s three accessories that
I would recommend, how it actually helps you camouflage your outfit repeats. I’m not going to give that away in this
video. I’ll show you at in the end of the video
how exactly you can get what those three items are and how that would work. So again, here on the screen, you can see
our Win in 10 Framework with our 6 pieces that are shown here. What I want to go through very quickly before
we wrap up the video because you can see how it works. This is really all you need, is what’s shown
here on the screen. However, I want to go through how I would
lay them out over two-week period again so it doesn’t look like you’re repeating
the same thing how you create distance between some of the outfit repeats or some of the
things you’re wearing again and again so again it doesn’t look like you’re repeating
the same outfit. So I’m going to show you how I would do
it over a two-week period. But really, this is all you need. you see how it works? I gave you the shoe options. I gave you how to style the cardigan. And like I said, at the end of the video,
I’ll show you how you can get those three accessories again to help mix and match and
camouflage those outfit repeats. So now let’s go through how I would wear
this over a two-week period. So I did this, I wanted to show you this so
I can show exactly how I would spread this out, right? so the very first one would be the jeans with
the cardigan. And you can see, I’ve shown it with ballet
flats. On the next day, you’re going to go to those
gray pants with that shell top. And you’re going to repeat the jeans again
with the turtle neck. And then the cardigan makes an appearance
again. You’re wearing it wrapped and you were going
to wear it with a maxi skirt. Again, here I have it paired with the riding
boots. But again, everything on here, you can keep
the same shoes if you wanted to. And again, when we have the different accessories,
you can swap out different things. So even like the belt that you wear with it
to help mix it up a little bit more. Then next, it’s the shell top with the jeans
again. Okay. So we’ve spread out the jeans significantly. People aren’t going to pay that much attention
if you are repeating the jeans. They’re going to be paying more attention
kind of what’s up top, right? So here we go with the second week. So we are going to do the maxi skirt with
the turtle neck. And again, I’ve paired it with boots. I just thought the maxi skirt with boots. I think a video all about that, wearing maxi
dresses and skirts with boots. I just love that pairing. Here, I’m wearing the ankle pants with the
cardigan. Here I am with the shell top and the maxi
skirt. and again, I’m putting it with the ballet flats. And then the ankle pants with the black turtleneck. Okay. And then the last outfit is that square when
we look at the grid at the very bottom that I called bonus because I’m mixing up a couple
of those pieces together. So you can see for this one, I’m wearing
the turtleneck with the long cardigan. Okay. So for this one, you may not want to wear
the belt. It’s up to you if you want to wear the belt
with it or you can wear it open. But again, I’m pairing the two tops together. So this is the bonus outfit, that big red
rectangle at the very bottom of the screen when you look at the grid. And that would be the final outfit of that
two-week period. So again, this is how I would spread it out
and people wouldn’t really know. People may get sense that you bring a similar
color palette but it’s still going to look very much like you have a lot more clothes
than you do. And like I said, if you have those three accessories
to really camouflage what you’re wearing, people aren’t going to know. They’re just going to go know you look great
every day. Now, many of you may go like, “Okay, what
is this going to cost me?” So I did a quick thing to say like what would
this cost to get the 6 pieces? And so these are shopped from a variety of
different stores, from Old Navy to Nordtsrom to this online website called Chicwish to
express. So you see there’s something a little high
end in the Nordstrom but then I also have Old Navy in there, right? And so the price that it came out with everything,
shopping for the different pieces, we can say essentially $215 for those 6 pieces, for
two weeks worth of outfits. Now mind you, if you got these 6 pieces, you
also have your existing wardrobe you can mix in pieces with and that sort of thing. And again, to make this list, I have higher
end stuff in there like Nordstrom where I got the turtleneck which is the most expensive
thing that you got because they got a really nice one from Nordstrom. But I could try to get this down if I decided
to shop primarily at something like Old Navy or H&M or that sort of thing, I could definitely
get this between $150 and $200, okay. And if I’m really smart and shopping over
a long period of time, waiting for their sales and coupons and things, you can definitely
do this to make it affordable for you? But I just wanted to give you an idea so you
know it’s not something that’s out of range for many of us and it’s not like you
have to drop all the set ones. You can go, okay, there’s 6 pieces that
Aisha’s giving me, maybe I start with one top and one bottom. Okay. And then maybe two weeks when I get paid again,
I’ll get another top or another bottom. Okay. So you can spread this out as well but I just
I want you to know, it’s attainable. It’s why I went through this exercise. And again, I have a mix of different source
up here. So if I did some source that would lower prices,
like I said, this could definitely come down below $200 if you’re looking at the $150
range. This video was produced for our annual sample
sale event. So we have the Women Who Labor Day Sale event. So it’s happening on Labor day and so for
that, I wanted to create this video to help people with their work outfits since we’re
celebrating work and I want to celebrate women that work. Since the sample is only available to members
of the style sorority, they also will be able to earn access to our bonus video to celebrate
Labor Day with these 10 cute and easy work from home outfit ideas. I know many of us work from home, whether
you are a stay-at-home mom or you work remotely, I’m somebody that works from home so definitely,
I don’t have to get quite a dressed up as often except when I go out or have meetings
or have to do interview and that’s sort of a different things. but I work from home like many of you do and
so I wanted to provide those options as well. So those of you in style sorority, you’ll
get your email saying how you can earn access to the bonus video. And again, we’ll walk you through Win in
10 Framework but it will be for the work from home outfit ideas. If you’d like to learn more about style
sorority, you can just visit AishaJones.com/Style-Sorority to learn more of it. Thank you. I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day and
looking forward to seeing all of you in your great outfits and you winning in 10 because
you are killing it with the outfit game because you have the win in 10. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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  1. Thanks for this really awesome, informative video. I'd love to get a beautiful cardigan like the one shown, in the same colour, preferably in pure wool. Though I wouldn't wear the cardigan alone for two reasons: 1) the potential for wardrobe malfunction seems very high compared to the type with button closures, and in a conservative office environment this is not good at all; 2) l don't like the idea of soiling a pricey, heavy weight, potentially hand wash garment like this with sweat and dead skin. I would definitely wear a top with it at all times, like a V-neck tee shirt or dressy camisole underneath.

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