Celebrate Mother’s Day with Milo The Monster | Kindergarten Mother’s Day Poem

– Hey guys, it’s me, Milo. Welcome to my Monster School Vlog, where I tell you all the
neat stuff I learned in Monster School. Today we made lots of
stuff for our mom-sters, because this weekend is Momsters’ Day. Momsters’ Day is when we
celebrate our momsters and we thank them for all
the super amazing really cool stuff they do for us. I made these for my momster
using paper and pipe cleaners, then I put them all together. It was super easy. (sniffs) Oh, they smell so pretty. (sniffs) Mmmm, do I detect a note of gardenia? (sniffs) And a hint of rose petal. (sniffs) Oh, and just a snoot full of daisy. (sniffs) Just kidding, they smell like paper. I also made this card for my momster. On the front it’s a
picture of her hugging me. Something’s missing. Silly Milo. Looks like a normal card. Yeah, just a normal old
everyday card with some amazing artwork on the front. Yep, nothing special here, but, ohhhh, but what’s on
the inside of the card? Boom! There’s a poem inside. Yep, it’s there. This is called an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is when you take a word and write it downward. See, this is my momster’s name. M-O-M-S-T-E-R. I wonder if momster is
my momster’s real name. What if she has another name? Like Betty or Carmel. Or Linda or Katherine. Or Beyonce. Okay, so in an acrostic
poem, you write a word down. Momster. Then you can write words or
sentences across using the first letter of each line. I wonder if that’s why
it’s called acrostic? Because you write things across. Look, for the letter M on the first line, I wrote monsterific. Because my momster is monsterific. She’s the best momster I know. For the letter O, I wrote opens jars. Because my momster helps me
open jars that are hard to open. (grunts)
Momster! (grunts) Momster? (grunts) Momster. I didn’t finish my poem, so I’m going to finish it
right now, and you can help. Okie dokie? For the next letter M, I
was thinking of writing the word magical, because my momster is. (chuckles) So magical. Next I need to think of a
word or sentence that starts with the letter S that
describes my momster, and what I love about her. Now what word starts with
the letter S that describes my momster? I think I’m going to write the word soft. S-O-F-T because my momster’s hugs
are so soft and fluffy. Now I have to think of
something for the letter T. I know exactly what to write, talented. T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D Talented means someone
has a special skill, and that describes my momster perfectly. You can juggle 50 pineapples
while tap dancing? That is amazing. (tapping) Are you guys seeing this? For E, I’m going to write easy to love. E-A-S-Y space T-O space L-O-V-E because everyone loves my momster. But I love her the most. Okay, there’s one letter left in my poem. It’s an R. I’m gonna think of all the
words that start with R that describe my momster,
and I’ll pick my favorite. Let’s see. Real, radical, roars, rambunctious, rock and roll, reads. Reads! I’m gonna go with reads,
because my momster reads to me every night and
that’s the best time I have with her. R-E-A-D-S space T-O space M-E (sighs) My poem for my momster is all finished. Want to hear it? Hear goes. (drumming) Momster (drumming) Momsterific (drumming) Opens jars (drumming) Magical (drumming) Soft (drums) Talented (drumming) Easy to love (drumming) Reads to me (snaps) The end. That’s it for my Monster
School Vlog today. Hope you liked it. See ya later, monster gators. (playful music) All done. A pickle, mayonnaise, and jelly sandwich. Mmmmm. Hey, Momster, I made you breakfast in bed. Happy Momster’s Day.

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