Celebrity Family Feud with Ariana Grande – SNL

100 thoughts on “Celebrity Family Feud with Ariana Grande – SNL

  1. If you think about it SNL indirectly started Ariana Grande's career. All That was a kids version of SNL which had a spin off show The Amanda Show. Jake and Josh was based off characters from that show. Miranda Cosgrove got ICarly after Drake and Josh and many of the characters and actors from those shows continued the extended universe in Victorious which starred Ariana Grande.

  2. The Steve Harvey and Jennifer Lawrence impressions were just spot on!

  3. The most overrated singer, is a dead ringer for the most overrated actress.

  4. I’ll show you my new show I’m hostingwhere kids fight each other in the stage 😂😂😂

  5. javier bardem looks like paul rudd haha .. oh those fake stiff tits on ariana grande!

  6. if you close your eyes and listen to Ariana – literally couldnt tell the difference between her and the real jennifer lawrence

  7. None of it is funny. SNL is so lame and has been for almost 20 years now.,

  8. As an Englishman, I have to say that was a god awful impression of Idris Elba…

    And I think that was part of the joke, but it didn't really land.

  9. Calling Carl “the grandfather” is just sad considering he never could have kids

  10. Talented, funny, smart and drop dead gorgeous. Could Ariana Grande be the perfect woman?

  11. Ari that impression was just spot on, literally , can anyone see she's taking us to the next level . Ari for life 😍💖

  12. Arianna is so gorgeous…. unfortunately she is almost too pretty, like you have to deal with EVERYONE checking her out ALL the time. Blessing and curse.

  13. Anybody notice at 3:49 he was trying to pat her to let her lead but she kind of moved away from him..? Like she didn’t want him to touch her..?

  14. y'all are hyping up ari as jennifer but kate's tilda swinton impression was SPOT ON

  15. You know SNL is dead when the host is the only funny person on the show. Every single one of these impressions was embarrassing

  16. Ariana's impression is amazing, but the Tarantino impression is SPOT ON and had my dying.

  17. 4:35 “might as well be underwater” his impression had me dead but Kenan always kills it with his comments

  18. how did I not know there was a straight version of Snatch Game

  19. Damn I didn't know Ariana had grande boobies! Her impersonation was great also 👍

  20. "confusing accent" is a terrible choice to latch onto for Idris Elba, not sure where they got that

  21. Keenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey impression is so good as soon as I see these videos I’m like click

  22. Did anyone notice how Arianna moved away when Kenan tried to touch her back?

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