Censorship Makes No Sense!

So you’re probably wondering… Why is he sitting down? I recently hurt my ankle playing in a pickup game in basketball You pick it up! You! No, but I really did hurt my ankle. Actually, I can probably do this standing up but I’m just being a little bit… [GASP!] He swore! No, I was just talking about my dog… Who is a boy. Oh my god I swore!! Hey guys! So today I’m going to be talking that my get me a lot of angry letters from parents Obviously not that kind of letters That’s… Better? I’m gonna be talking about something that has been bothering me since I was a little kid. And I don’t know about you. Maybe it’s just me. But I always thought censorship is so stupid And I censor myself all the f***in’ time. But it’s not because I think that cursing is bad or it’s going to hurt someone. It’s because my parents and society tell me that it’s a bad thing to say. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to swear a lot in real life, anyways. But, like, almost everyone else… Sometimes, I can’t help it. Mother… Fff Father that hurts! H-Holy… SHHH PIRIT! That was close! [Door hits lamp] [Lamp hits ground] Son of a… Bad luck! Man! What the f*** you looking at? Think about it. How is a word, which in reality is just a sound, hurting anyone? If it’s the meaning behind the word… Then why is it socially acceptable to say the word hate… When you can’t say the word, F***? See?! I hate that I can’t even say that out of context!! You know when you were little kid and you went home crying? It’s not because somebody said a “bad word.” You cried because they said… “I don’t want to play with you anymore. You’re ugly!” What? That didn’t happen to you guys? And then when you go to your parents and tell them what happens, they tell you… “Well, you know, son.” “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may never hurt you.” If our parents taught us this… then why are we allowed as kids to play with sticks and stones… but if we tell our dads… “F*** you, dad!” Then you know what happens next, right? Dad grabs the sticks and stones and beats the sh*t out of you! That didn’t happened to you guys, either? If I ever become a parent, I’m not gonna to censor much. If my child questions me… “Dad? Where do babies come from?” “A vagina.” “Ohhh.” I’m gonna be honest! Is he hurt from that?! NOO!!! If anything, he’s now smarter than the kid that got lied to. “Dad? Where do babies come from?” “Well, son, when a man loves a woman, the stork delivers a baby to you.” HUUUUH!! That means I’m adopted. And I’m part stork. Which means I can FLY! Is that what you want?! Censorship kills kids!! HA! Just kidding. But, seriously. Censorship makes no sense! And I’m not just talking about cursing and swearing. ALL CENSORSHIP! Like why is a movie rated R when it has sex and cursing in it And… In PG-13, where there’s killing and explosions And why is ok for women to take pictures in bathing suits but when it comes to underwear, it’s inappropriate. Why is ok for us to see man boobs but when it comes to women, we have to censor them? What’s the difference? Is it just because one produces milk and the other one doesn’t? In that case, shouldn’t we censor all the cows?! They’re basically, like, four-legged boobs walking around eating all the f***ing grass! Sorry That was just my tipping point He he. Get it? Tipping point? Cows? Cow Tipping? Anyway… I’m not asking for there to be changes because I don’t mind living by these rules But I was just curious to see if anyone else felt the same way Because this is something that’s been bothering me for a long time and it just feels good to get off my chest I DON’T NEED A CENSOR!! I DON’T HAVE BOOBS!! Oh… BAAAAAA!! TEEHEE!!

100 thoughts on “Censorship Makes No Sense!

  1. Actually if your child ask you where babies come from, you can just say you too young to know that.

  2. Here is the thing about shirtlessness… everyone is technically okay with looking at attractive people without clothes… it's the ugly people we wanna cover up…

  3. As a straight white male I'm not allowed to say anything on this topic

  4. Who else just came here because of Ryan telling u to from the how to be edgy video?!!🤔😏

  5. Ryan was the first free the nipple advocate, look I have evidence 😂

  6. This video was in my recommended after I watched danganronpa XD

  7. if female breasts are considered inappropriate then breastfeeding would just be like feeding your child your own period blood which is gross just thinking about it this is why feminists started the "free the nipple" campaign which i think is a good idea

  8. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can break our hearts.

  9. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can break our hearts.

  10. U know he was mad as hell he went from siting to standing real quick

  11. The word rape, is the word f***, except its done through threat and is done forcefully. But the word rape is allowed to be said.

    The word s*** is literally poop.

    The word ass is literally a body part, how does a body part make a word so much worse. Sometimes it can even be a compliment.
    Ex: ur a badass

    The word dick is also just a body part.

    Also if u say a ‘curse’ word without context, and it isn’t directed towards anyone, it isn’t bad, people probably do it to release anger, which in my opinion, its better to curse, than to lash out on something or someone.

  12. Stick and stones and breaks my bones but words can never hurt me.

    Me: throws English dictionary at kid*

  13. I have also always been wandering why bad words are bad as well.
    I mean,there just words.
    Furthermore,my dad says bad words to me sometimes.
    Well,only sometimes but still why?

  14. I don't know anyone else that's funnier and more serious at the same than Ryan

  15. I feel the same way 💜👍🏼✌🏽️

  16. Good point. Having sex is natural for reproduccion, and boobs are just women external organs

  17. 3:20 That's not a cow sound effect! That's a sheep sound effect!

  18. No honestly your 100% right everyone is just a bunch of little pansy ass Bitches

  19. As an angry nerd once said

    TV:"Ass… perfectly fine…. hole…. perfectly fine…. ass****….."

    Asshole ^-^

  20. Lol, when YouTube's censorship is so bad (in June 2019) that its algorithm recommends a 2012 nigahiga video about "censorship makes no sense." It makes perfect sense, my dudes. Step 1: do some truly evil things and bring us closer to a totalitarian prison-state. Step 2: censor content on social platforms by calling it "hate speech" and "fake news." Step 3: Sit back and watch as the sheeple vote for more of the same.
    …At least we get to listen to nigahiga talk about naughty words being censored almost never.

  21. do you really mean we should not cencor voilent movies?? silly silly boy

  22. Google and YouTube are monopolies. They have gotten that big. They are able to override free speech. Their censorship policies are abusive and infringe on my (our) first amendment rights. Google needs to be broken up under the monopoly laws.

  23. In germany nobody ever cared about swearing as long as you knew what you were saying. Like in elementary school we were talking about the meaning and all so we know what we were actually saying and that it could hurt people.
    But for a while now that american trend of censoring swept over. Right now its just in shows until the evening and we always censored blood and killing until the evening. But it is still annoying and I really hope it wont go any further. I was so freaking annoyed when I was in the US watching american dad or family guy at 10pm and they censored everything. Like what the hell? Are kids going to watch it? no they should be in bed.

    And then they just substitude the words.
    Dad gummit instead of god dammit.
    Fudge instead of fuck.
    Shoot instead of shit.
    Everyone knows what you are really trying to say, just fucking say it.

    I even got in trouble for a freaking shirt with the word "dammit" on it.
    So much to freedom of speech. Good job america

  24. This is the most popular result when im looking for 'youtube censorship'

  25. i know its been 7 yrs but did anyone noticed that the cows didnt 'moo' ?

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