CFSW 2018 Finals – Toronto Poetry Slam – Rd2

so rap upon the brain the chicken biryani oxtail jerk chick the moose meat even our ancestors goats have a seat at the table seven generations open mouth salivating not dry palate holds a plate at this spiritual gathering we're about to dig in the sweating foil unfurling at our grandmother's experts hut this is showing us a nostalgia and whistle anticipation when bearing their potato salads with raisins smell like boiled kale and burnt tofu Justin Bieber dreadlocks clumping in the wind patty Ann says is why vegans and crashes the potluck imposes their lifestyle on our traditions plates their quinoa bootable as a mandala sets it atop my Nana's China like a sacred cow wearing an anti seal meat t-shirt as if my people have been hunted trapped and fish for over thirteen thousand years everybody of that sovereignty has always tasted oh so good says the coal and our drum pan is bad for the environment forgets that we have been running bald before we were put on them dredges their tofu and freshly cracked pepper cause it jerk as if their two cents could help me afford their vegan cheese for my palak paneer butchering our blood language and calling it cruelty-free it's ox town not ox tails what veganism calls our food uninformed they usually swab a leap out of the garnish seasons their chickpeas would air whole world for spices it uses none of them with white beans of course white hypocrisy they believe in a global community where organic avocados are shipped to their doorstep but not one of the people that picked them a ride on the border our dirt body only good to hurry serve the meal but cannot sit at the table that we've seen this satin upholstery they believe animal slavery is the new slavery weeping over pig pens but not missing and murdered indigenous women girls two-spirit people's opinion doesn't just show up at the potluck and move to the neighborhood what's our restaurants out of business calls the cops on charcoal barbecues at the block party yet here they are budding the line their snouts upturned getting our canines are practiced in the art of packing bones why began's bone marrow tastes like unsalted beet juice wait sprouts like you for breakfast he loved color invented veganism the roots we consumed as lush and niggas our lineage we had been living off the earth before your finest table empires are built on stolen land this wounded ancestral this gathering is healing this pot love is resistance and you were not invited [Applause]

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