Chambo and Brupalla Make Up Poems — Episode 8

Hello, my, friend. What are you doing? I’m making a poem for National Poetry Month. Wow, that sounds very exciting, Brupalla. It is very exciting, Chambo. Are you a good poem maker? Am I good poem maker? Chambo, there is a rumor that I am the very best poem maker on this whole entire street. Maybe even the world. Really? I am going to make up a poem too! You will make up a poem? Okay, let me give you some advice, Chambo. You need to be very careful when you write a poem. Very careful. Why careful? Because if you make a good poem? It is wonderful! People will clap for you and maybe they will make a movie about you and they will name their children and their dogs and cats after you. Oh, that’s nice. Yes, but if you make a bad poem? Oh, pea soup. If you make a bad poem, Chambo? It is the worst thing in the world. It is very embarrassing for you. People will point their fingers at you and laugh and make fun of you for writing bad poems. Maybe they will make bad movies about you and they will name mosquitos after you right before they hit them with a fly swatter. Well, I don’t like that. I would rather spend the rest of my life smelling a skunk or having a horse sit on me. Brupalla! Brupalla! I did it! I just made up a good poem. Me too, Chambo. I just finished my poem and it is really, really good. Do you want to hear it? Of course you do. That was a crazy question. Here it is. It is called Afternoon with Milk and Donut. Milk and Donut are best friends. They love to play. Their names are Shakes The Milk and Rosie The Donut. I am Rosie. Hi, I am Shakes. What’s your name? I just told you I am Rosie. Oh, yes. I forgot. I am Shakes. Do you want to go to lunch? Yes, do you want to go to Hawaii? Yes. Then they go to see a movie. It is a movie about zombies who eat girl brains and boy brains. Yay! And there is also some kissing. Gross! Then they go to a park and play on a swing and a slide. Now they are best friends forever. The End I said The End. Chambo, The End means that I finished saying my poem. Are you forgetting how to clap? It is easy. You just put your hands together like you are trying to squish a bug many, many times. Sorry but that wasn’t a poem, Brupalla. You didn’t have any rhymes in it. That must be very embarrassing for you. What? Don’t you even know that the best poems are not even supposed to have rhymes, Chambo? That must be very embarrassing for you to not even know that. No, Brupalla. Let me show you what is a good poem that has rhymes in it. Here is my poem. yellow fellow cello hello jello elmo othello monticello pillow lego velcro umbrello! That’s a good poem! You don’t even know what is a good poem, Chambo. It did not even have a title. It doesn’t need a title, Brupalla. It is perfect just the way it is. Chambo, every poem needs a title. Sometimes the only thing a poem needs is a title. Like listen to this poem I wrote. It is called The Elegance of the Hotdog. And that is all there is to the poem. The Elegance of the Hotdog. The End. I’m sorry that you are not good at making poems, Brupalla. Chambo, do you know how there is a direction song that goes “You don’t know you’re beautiful, and that is what makes you beautiful?” Well, you don’t know that I am good at making poems, and maybe that is what makes me good at making poems. No, maybe you are good at something else like building a rocket or inventing a time machine or blowing your nose or things like that. Anyway, I’m going to go have a milk and donut now. Oh, hello, Mr. Horse. Hello, Mr. Skunk. Bye, Brupalla. I love you. Love you too, Chambo. Oh, pea soup.

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