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hi my name is Tammy savage did you know that word adds the name of the person that creates the document if you hover over this box for a moment or over the document for a moment it gives you this pop-up box and it gives you the second line down says authors and trainer this information is taken from when you very first started up Microsoft Office and it asks you for your name and your initials if you have a VA or someone else has created the document chances are their name is in the authors unless they have already fixed this for you if they haven't then I strongly recommend that you add your name and your company name to the authors if your name is your company name like in my case I'm Tammy savage my company name is Tammy savage enterprises incorporated it's still my name so I only add my name but if so if you are a VA this is a really nice touch that you can do for your clients in ensuring that their name and/or their company name is listed on the document you'll love how really easy this is to fix too I'm going to show you actually two ways to do it it really depends on which way works best for you and where you're at there's one way where you're in the document and one where you're not we're going to start with being in the document and so that you know I am using window or Word 2010 so we open the document and then we go to file typically you come up in I think it's recent um click on the info tab then over here on the right-hand panel are your document properties you have a few things in here the one two in particular just FYI our title and tags if this if this document is going out on the internet and you want the search engines to search it or whatever definitely fill in the title and tags and then your author information so in this case we'll say I'm going to keep trainer for now we'll say they're my VA and I'm going to keep their name in there as a co-author and then I'm going to add my name just like that and I'm going to hit enter this box comes up because it wants to compare it with Outlook and Outlook doesn't see it and the reason why is because I don't have Outlook set up on this on this computer account so I'm going to go ahead and hit cancel okay and then I'm going to enter my company name actually I'm going to cheat and just put TSE and TSA Enterprise Inc okay actually I'd be it wouldn't be that way so okay now let's do TS e Inc there we go and I don't know if that name is tanken so I'm just showing you for for demonstration purposes okay so um and I don't know if you happen to catch that but I removed a name and we'll cover that in a second so you can add more names here the more you need you know whatever you need I'm sure that it will cover enough so then to remove a name all you do is right click on it until it to remove person you'll also notice if you right-click on the name there's an edit property this allows you to edit them all at once okay um if you put a comma in here it separates them it acts just like the semicolon did so you'll want to make sure that you don't use any special character markings I would stick with inner just your letters so in this case we'll take it back out of there and then we'll hit OK and there we go so that's one way to do it okay and I'm going to not save this because I want to show you the other way don't save okay the other way is if you're not in the document and you need to go through and change was a two or three of them the easier way to do this is to right-click on the document go down to properties and then over here in the details you have all this information I'm using Windows 7 so I'm sure about the other versions and I can't rights been a while since I've used it used XP so I don't remember if that one has it either but here's your author's information all you do is click in here so you can actually highlight the trainer and take them out or whatever so we're going to put in Tammy savage and then Tammy TSE ink and that's it click on something else and we have it we're all done hit OK and we're done now I still show just train your hair and that's alright it's just because it hasn't refreshed so I'm going to go over here into the desktop so that you can see so here is our document and you'll notice it's fine there okay well thank you very much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day bye for now

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  1. Thank you for this video. I have changed the author to my name, but when I add a comment in the text it still has the previous author's name. Any tips for how to rectify that?

  2. You can't delete the last person who edited the file in the properties (example: Trainer).

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