Change The World In 5 Minutes – Everyday at School

Can a bunch of primary school kids really change the world? Well, we’re gonna try. Hi, I’m Coulter and my class and I have split into teams and we’re going to spend the first 5 minutes of school every day this week changing the world. At our house we have heaps of old mobiles lying around and across Australia they reckon there are about 10 million and the parts can all be recycled. So we’ve asked every kid in school to bring in their old mobiles and we have 5 minutes to pick them up. Mobiles have these really poisonous chemicals in them and when we chuck them out with the garbage the chemicals go into the water and soil and end up in our food. [PHONE RINGS] Hi I’m Dana and this is a seedling and at our school we turn this into this. This morning my group has 2 challenges. First we have to weed our garden and plant new veggies. Then we have to feed our whole class. And we only have 3 minutes left. Tuesday is our ‘Munch n Crunch’ day where local growers donate fruit and veg for us to eat but today we’re adding stuff from our own garden. Hey I’m Brigitte and today me and my group are on a mission to turn off all the electrical stuff in the school that’s not being used coz it’s not like you can deny global warming anymore and wasting power is one of the big planet warmers. Hey! Who did that!? Hi I’m Gabby Most kids in my class say they want new toys, games and books and things like that but they also think they’ve got a whole bunch of stuff they don’t want anymore. So rather than chuck things into landfill and buy new stuff our group’s organised everybody to bring in something and we’re having a 5 minute free garage sale. An Aussie family of 4 generates nearly 7 tonnes of waste every year. which is a third more than we did 10 years ago. Hey I’m Finn and my group has challenged everyone in the class to bring in the shortest and best joke they know. We have 5 minutes to tell 30 jokes This guy walks into a bar. What do you think he says? Ouch! Why does the ocean roar? You would too if you had crabs on your bottom. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea (eye-deer) It’s been proven that laughter decreases stress, cures sickness and helps people live longer. What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? Why can’t eggs tell each other jokes? What type of monster is a….wait, no, no, got it wrong.. What is the best day to get a tan at the beach? Why did the veggies laugh? What type of cheese does a monster eat? Monsterella! 5 minutes might not sound like much, but it’s roughly 16 hours a year for each person. 4 classes could give nearly 2000 hours a year to changing the world. All in just 5 minutes a day. So what could your class do?

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  1. hey shark….windy here. when coulter grows up he can drive us across the causeway !

  2. I believe at this age it is called "indoctrination", not teaching. Awareness is questioning the status quo, these kids are just being fed a different one.

  3. Great ideas, but why was this film made in such an immature cartoon like way – it's just patronising. I really like what that school is doing. Every school should grow their own food and plant trees 🙂

  4. good job kids!!! i hope more schools initiate this kind of activity to their students :))

  5. Superb way of conservation of our resources… Evrey sckool MUST look forward to do something like this…. Atlast its all about our FUTURE…

  6. I can't wait to share this with the staff in my district. I love that it's so simple and that it doesn't rely on funding or special materials. And it gives the kids complete ownership. Well done!

  7. World…. jsut look at this example… dont fuck little childrens… wake up and start the fucking power Safer mode… the World is gonna End… and the americans are one of the most Evils in the World. [me too… i am pure Evil!] when its done, wake me up and start Building good things (my english is broken guys… sry)

  8. Thanks to all for the comments on the film and for spreading the love. 🙂

  9. omg that is me in that film lol this is so weird and awkies, i really dont want to be in this lol

  10. Wow what a wonerful school , i wish that i will be there, Plz visit my special children school & got wonderful ideas to make ur child intelligent.
    ThanksKingston School For Inclusive Education Abbottabad Pakistan

  11. aww, the poor kid thinks he's so cool looking cause his collar is popped XD
    soo cute

  12. awww, This inspired me to create a video on How to change the world – I Reveal 3 Simple Strategies That Work!.. 

  13. Thanks very much for all the kind comments on the video. I'm glad it lives on and continues to inspire action. Here's the latest video we've made with a group of amazing kids performing challenges and raising money to buy books for kids in Cambodia through Room to Read. The video inspired kids all over Australia to raise $20,000 to build a school library in Siem Reap and, this year, to buy 20,000 books for kids in the developing world: Thanks again. Tristan.

  14. @NFSA Films There is a children's film festival in San Francisco that would like to screen Change the World in 5 Minutes Every Day at School in Jan. They need a high-res video uploaded and two 300 dpi stills. Do you still have those things on file or is there a best person to contact at NFSA to ask? Thanks! Tristan.

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  16. Eat, drink, sleep enough—not so much. These are the keys for a healthy life.

  17. I am french and I look this video in english class for protect the enironement ! WTF

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  19. Hello, I would like to use this video in a pilot for a TV series on sustainable living around the world. It is for non-broadcast and will be used to market the series. Please advise on who I should contact to secure permission. Thank you. Nisha

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  23. really want to change the world?…donate to we support out native pollinators,honeybees,native bees…,ect ect ect …or maybe you want to start one of these crowdfunding things for us….great!

  24. Help my classroom:

  25. It is not about how big the idea is, it is how big you can make your idea with you sweat and blood, amazing video

  26. I can't believe I've come across this after so many years! It's an exceptionally inspiring project & I wish every school adapts this strategy. So simple & yet so effective. Well done!

  27. Hello my name is Vanderlei I would like to see this video with portuguese subtitles would be possible.

  28. Hi! I very like your video ! see please! My country environmental Protection

  29. I know this is an old video, but i really Got inspired. Now i am trying to change the World. Thanks for a great idea !

  30. Wow! No diversity in that school. I'm proud of them… but, how about returning the land to the indigenous people and allowing them to grow their own food. NOw, that would change the world.

  31. Its great that they are planting veges, and happily the rising CO2 in the atmosphere will help the plants flourish.

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