Chaos Communication Camp 2019 – Kunst, Tech und Staub – WiP 23

Hi and welcome to Work in Progress I’m back from Chaos Communication Camp and I thought I could do a recording outside today Because now I’m used to being outside 😀 Not sure if I got some tan or it’s just dust because it was super hot and dusty But more of that later First I’d like to tell you about my chair Not sure when I stopped with the last video I think I was still in concept phase And now it’s finished and I’m even sitting on it! Is it visible?! Nah, maybe not So, chair is done! Milling was super long and exhausting! Currently the chair looks like this: Veins are only on the seat and backrest I decided to not do this with the legs Because I think it would be too unstable Stability now is quite fine When sitting down or standing up you need to be careful To not put too much weight on the front edge and at Camp I got a little crack But it was easy to fix 🙂 So milling one of those parts was 5-6h The second one I even did a livestream so I could chat with people And I don’t feel so lonely while watching my CNC machine But I had a huge accident :X after about 1h milling I knocked down that LED lamp and it fell down to the seat aaah *waved away bugs* if fell down to the seat where where I had the milling laptop and it fell onto the USB cable what caused some error signals so my milling machine stopped the job /o so that was super annoying and I lost about 1h work time 🙁 so I reset to home positin and started from the beginning So the machine had to run along the same paths it already did So I milled those two parts and also the legs You can find all the files on at Genchair Gen like Generation and Chair like… chair The files are already on Version 1.1 Because I fixed the part that had a crack I made it a bit thicker So next is glueing sanding and oiling That takes forever, becasue the surface is huge So that takes some time but it’s totally worth it The next day I went to camp *drilling noises* Hmm, people are building stuff Hope it’s not too loud So I went to camp the next day also brought the chair with me and a lot of people saw it and asked about it and they really liked it 🙂 So, Camp was a lot of fun! I was at open village there were lot’s of people from Jugend hackt of Wikimedia So all of those Wikipedia/Wikidata peoples Especially the Jugend hackt peepz are super fun to talk to What also was really fun Was searching where my generator was used I found some stuff: Some signs and One of the bikes from has a lasercutted sign that showed the generated rockets And also made all their bike signs with it o/ So lot’s of people found it and likes it! I even got some presents because of it! For example selfmade hot sauces! Can’t wait to try them! I also brought my onewheel with me It’s a bit like an e-skate board And I met another driver! He was a lot more experienced than me! And lot’s of other people wanted to ride it 😀 Over all there are lot’s of crazy vehicles lot’s of hoverboard based cars hoverboards were super popular some years ago like driving chairs driving mate lemonade boxes And there are also railways on the campside! the location is Ziegeleipark Mildenberg and there is a nice railway system! and people bring rail compatible vehicles are you playing? while I do my recording?! well ok.. ‘laughing* So where was I Pen Plotters! Of course I brought mine and plotted at noon on the first days I wondered how I could hand the plots out to people Because the camp is rather large so I put them on a post with a sigh stating they were free to take and a lot people took some 🙂 So it worked really well But what worked even better was Putting up the plotter at night Seems contra productive at first But I have that light board! So I had a really nice campfire feeling because people started sitting around the plotter and we all started talking about genart or penplotters or waited until a new one finished so they could take it and I plotted lot’s of generative rockets but also some beetles So people really liked it! There were also some other plotters! The peepz from….aah… xhain hackspace They brought an old plotter because it had a paper feeder! So it had a box for paper like a printer and it could pull up a4 sheets from there! So one day when I have something fully automated and I need this so badly! So that would be realy handy to have! So there also was arturo from XIL hackspace he built a midTbot which is designed by bart dring it’s super small! it’s sooo cute *:* he built it up at camp and we played around a bit with it I hope my DIY plotter will be similar to this when it’s done.. There we sooo many great projects! and I can’t talk about all of them But what I really liked was World’o’Techno which is a small movale cart and it knows its geo coordinates and it uses lat and lon as a seed to play techno so it plays location based techno 😀 generative techno! it’s so much fun! The cart stands somewhere and you can just gram it and move it as long as you like on top is a cute sticker that says take this art for a walk That was so cute! A similar project was Lyricam I also liked it a lot! It’s a old camera body with a raspberry pi and a camera module it runs onject recognition locally So I take the camera and make a photo and on the backside is a thermal printer which outputs a poem about what the camera recognized That’s so much fun! sometimes it worked really well! so it recognized people or maybe bikes but some stuff was totally off especially glowy stuff at night So blue shining LEDs became stakeboards 😀 But it was so much fun taking that camera and making crazy poems There was lot’s of other stuff to do there were lot’s of workshops and I was in one where you could built a third thumb building it was really fast it consists of a lastercut piece of plastic and a yarn so the yarn goes along your hand to to your shoulders it passes one and is fixed on the other shoulder so with a shrug movement, the thumb closes it was so string that you could lift up a water bottle! That was aewsome! I love cyborgism so an additional thumb was a nice experience and what you can do with it 😀 You also could play a lot with the badge! it’s a smartwatch like device it consists of two boards, a bottom one and a top one they were mix and match 😀 so there were multiple colors for the top board and also for the wrist band you got a bad and did not know which colors you would get but you can trade 😀 building it was super fast: the boards connect with a small connector and it’s fixed with some screws on the bottom the band is fixed with two metal plates and it has tons of sensors! I think I still have not found all 😀 so there is those typical environmental sensors (temp, humiditiy, …) it has a ECG so you can monitor heart rate is this heart rate? there is a infrared LED a lot of other LEDs one row on the top and some between the boards all are RGB while camp there were 6 or 7 firmware updates So you permanently were fiddeling with the updated version 😀 Really fun! I was surprised how small it is compared to a regular smartwatch it’s not that different! because that’s my problem with most smartwatches they are way too large for my wrist so it’s nice to wear So at night is was even cooler than over the day because at night there are all the nice installations and light everywhere the fairy dust (the large rocket) looks awesome there also was a colorful palm tree made of a metal construction I also saw lot’s of infinity mirror sculptures They look awesome! over all there is lot’s of geometrical stuff and it’s super cool to climb up that hill and watch over the colorful camp side there is so much life and party and people talking about Tech and ethics and art Such a lovely event Hopefully I can visit such an event soon The camp happens every 4 years But between is a lot of other stuff the successor to SHA will be in two years and inbetween is also EMF camp in england very 2 years Would love to go there! And now an important announcement! next saturday there is the museum open night and I will be at technology Museum Berlin Will bring my penplotters and will show a bit generative art with them So come round and have a chat! So that’s it for this episode See you nect time. Bye!

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  1. Wenn ich richtig informiert bin hat der x-hain nicht nur den einen Plotter sondern 4 oder 5, die suchen soweit ich weiß auch noch neue Aufgaben bei anderen Leuten. Wenn du also Interesse an so einem Plotter hast kannst du ja mal beim x-hain nachfragen

  2. Da hat die Fräse aber leiden müssen 🙂   Unikatverdächtig. Mit meiner Fräse fahre ich immer nur hin und her 🙂

  3. Ich habe mir die Füße platt gelaufen, aber dein Stiftplotter habe ich leider übersehen. Faszinierend wie groß das Camp war.

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