Chapter 9 Video 7: Boinc make project -climateathome

This video follows the Chapter_9-video_1. It shows how to create a project in BOINC server. Firstly, we need to create an user and database for BOINC application. In this case, we create user ‘boincadm’ with password ‘boincadm’. Then we should modify /etc/group file to add user ‘www-data’ to ‘boinc’ group. With the modification, users could access the project website through web browsers. Then change to use boincadm account and go to its home folder. then go to ‘~/boinc/tools’ folder to make project. Run ‘./make_project’ command to make project. So far, the project (‘climateathome’ project in this case) has been created successfully. Then we should use root account to add settings in ‘climateathome.httpd.conf’ to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf Then restart the apache2 and we can access the project via web browsers.

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