Chasing Home (Visual Poetry from Florence)

Why is it that whenever I’m up north
I feel so drawn to the south and the further south I go the more I long for the north It’s because the grass is always greener
on the other side, you might say But I believe that the concept of wanting what we do not have is oversimplified Couldn’t it be that we are instead
trying to create a bond, a connection to something far from us to avoid losing apart of ourselves A search for roots and meaning fueled by a fear of definitive decisions The worry that a step in one direction means closed doors in the other Leading us to a constant back and forth. A ping-pong ball bouncing between
the various havens within our souls And so we travel restlessly, quietly asking
ourselves the same question over and over again If I leave a part of me in every place I go, where will I ever belong?

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