Chet Baker — Chet On Poetry (1989) full Album

but now it has happened no use in talking the silence between me and you has never had meaning it was love it that was all it was asked but now it has happened no words for the 4-time the desperation has made me the same has made me another who looks at the shape of a fish grow giant on the side of his bowl who walks on the terrace observing foliage from above who hears the snapping of plastic that wraps like cellophane bare branches of climbers you don't know and I who descend the stairs neither I am the same I am another the party has never begun party is never easy they don't put childish why don't put out the courier's never be [Applause] the party has never the tires never veer I put in my hair the one I the body the party is never be good the party is never bigger the party's over the party has never been the party is never bigger with weapons and lurched that perjurers with what weapons and loves blood that part [Applause] what happens and rubs blood that part was what to do weapons and much blood that like to proceed and the future ones and all that up to a certain point cities repast by rain against crooked tablets of sky grass skulls a mobile in the summer and dogs of gray partitions with the horn and Silas through the sudden visions of wind does theme but it's mysterious overture and empty wagons his eyes you see whose cold and white loyalty people in group of inflation he was in terms more than be divided and nothing pre-human more unbearable for your shows did you sell [Applause] the woman have you heard to in group of inflation tyonne's anyone this game always Oh [Applause] [Applause] you all those blue almost did you and geez Oh Oh that you promised with you – you guys are flooding was this disaster became me it named me as a fool almost touching it there's a part of me that's true Boulder's means that you promised with your I see Oh almost you Oh take me where I have already been bent over water outside the deserted mill invaded by brushwood make again that fire hold in the right hand the silks the Velvets of rhymes you for tomato Bassano just our top he no soul aqua foreign desert to Molina inversion the roving Frank Oracle for coup attempt a modem on the set a veloute the mature cheetah

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