31 thoughts on “Chicago – Poem for the People – 7/21/1970 – Tanglewood (Official)

  1. La hermosa sinfonía de los 70

    Marcó mi vida
    Gracias papá por heredarme este gran grupo de rock progresivo y jazz .
    Terry Kath forever

  2. At the start you can see Robert and Terry smilling at each other because of that horrible clam Lee blew. Trumpet players!

  3. Chicago should of covered Traffic freedom rider Peter Cetera voice would of been perfect for that song

  4. Needed that. For whatever reason I had the song going through my head when I got up yesterday. Had to pull out the album and play the song. Can understand the rest of the day after that, but not before then. Not one I listen to very much off that album. Usually skip straight to the Ballet, then skip "Fancy Colours" and go for "25 or 6 to 4" through "Where Do We Go From Here".  But had "Poem for the People" running through my head when I got up.

  5. If the People only Knew
    If they could Visualize
    Just Open their Eyes
    Even Stop to Think About
    If they could Open their Minds
    They could get Beyond
    The World's a Funny Place You Know
    Most of what Goes On
    Is Rarely Funny
    Rarely Funny

    Would the People Understand
    In all the Whisper Screams
    And the Colorless Dreams
    Would they Finally Comprehend
    If they could Suddenly See
    And Suddenly Feel

    The World's a Funny Place You Know
    Most of what Goes On
    Is Rarely Funny
    Rarely Funny

  6. How great to see and hear this. There's a reason God put these 7 guys together. Will never be anything like it again.

  7. Terry Kaths rhythm playing gets overlooked. Great sense of timing and rhythm.

  8. Saw them in concert three times with the original members FANTASTIC

  9. Stevie Wonder with his "Sir Duke" composition laments the loss of, whilst in turn celebrating the musical contribution to his development given by messrs Basie, Miller, Sachmo and "King of all Sir Duke" Ellington. I wonder just where Lamm and Pankow would sit in all of that? For me, Lamm and Pankow are and were, specifically between the years 1969-1978 simply outstanding in their compositions/arrangements/scores and writing. This, of course could be viewed as simply one subjective individual's viewpoint, i.e. yours truly. Nevertheless, for me, Robert, James and Terry were without equal and I'm truly humbled to have enjoyed listening to their contribution to 20th Century Music. In essence, we could consider ourselves some of the "lucky ones". Lucky, in that through their work, we have witnessed something very, very special, unforgettable and above all timeless….. : )

  10. The more I watch this, the more I realise how very special this song/concert/band really were. 100% incomparable…..

  11. sounds so great LIVE – not too many bands do– even and perhaps, especially well known ones, but Chicago triumphs here.

  12. listen to this CD so incessantly in the last 10 years, am on my third one.  no one like this original line-up..

  13. Great !!!!!!!!!! Rock&roll band w/ horn section / percussion !!!!!!!!

  14. great music & memories for 50 years, solid gold standard of excellence

  15. You can hear influences of Lennon McCartney here… but taken to another level with great horn arrangements and Terrys guitar absolutely the best band of that era… for those who have ears let them hear this is what music is about … melody, harmony, composition, … intelligent design … Bravo guys!

  16. This is how you collapse a melody. Down up downer up downest. Wicked brilliant writing. Kath was such an amazeballs musician. Great band!

  17. Grew up on Chicago and 45 years later still one of the best bands live.

  18. this super rock group lineup is simply Monumental no question about it! congratulations Chicago Transit Authority or just call them "CHICAGO" to finally be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame 2016 after decades of hard work you all put into the Music!!! this is how i will always remember this incredible, amazing, spectacular rock band (in order) Terry Kath (bandleader/guitarist/lead vocals – R.I.P.), Daniel Seraphine (drums), Walter Parazaider (woodwinds/background vocals), James Pankow (trombone/background vocals), Lee Loughnane (trumpet/background vocals), Robert Lamm (keyboards/lead vocals) & Peter Cetera (bass/lead vocals) nuff said! thank you very much (Chicago on MV) for uploading this vault of a jewel video presentation which i will forever cherish till the remainder of my existing life, cheers!

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