CHICKEN GIRLS | Annie & Hayden in “Tuesday” | Ep. 2

( music playing )Thank you, everyone. Why don’t you take five? The team captains need to speak. Privately. Okay, so what’d you think
of my sister? I barely even noticed her. She’s never been as good
as that Ellie girl. Come on,
we need her on the team. That Kayla girl’s
the one that got moves. Okay, so if we take
Kayla and Ellie, that only leaves one more spot. Then it’s between
Quinn and Rhyme. Take your pick. Did you guys notice Henry was
looking at me the whole time? He was? Yeah, well, I mean, actually
he was looking at his phone, but probably at our Snapchats,
I mean, right? Obviously. Okay, everyone, line up. We’d like to welcome
the following new members. Drum roll, please. Kayla Seltzer. Quinn Forrester. And last, but not least… Ellie Mack. Tim:
Hey. I think this is yours. Oh, thanks. Uh, I was just covering
for the tryouts. I’m a writer
for the school newspaper. “Breaking news,
four friends try out and three make the team.” I thought you did
pretty good out there. Oh, I’m Tim Sharp. You know, Kayla’s much older,
cooler cousin. I’m Rhyme. Well, it was nice
meeting you. Hey, where’s your new hoodie? I didn’t make the team. What? I know, it’s a bummer. Hey, have you met this guy
named Tim Sharp? What about him? I just met him,
he was pretty cool. What do you mean cool? I don’t know, nice? What do you mean nice? Since when do you have a problem
with rudimentary words? – What do you mean rudimentary?
– TK. No, like, for real,
I don’t know what that means. I’m not a thesaurus. Do you have, like,
a crush on him or something? No. Cool. Anyway, my sister is having her
birthday party at the arcade. You and your friends
should stop by. I don’t know, what if it’s
like a dance team thing? Then you’ll be with me. Yeah, maybe. ( bell rings )( music playing )Do you think, um… do you think your friends
are cool with me
hanging out with you? Oh, yeah, of course. Quinn can sort of
be intimidating. Yeah, she’s harmless. I will say that it sucks Rhyme’s
not on the team with us though. Look, it’s Henry. Let’s check his Snap. Should we respond? Yeah, let him know
we’re here. Okay, I got dibs on Henry. Now we need to find
someone for you. Have you met TK? – No.
– TK! TK! – What’s up?
– Hey, this is
my friend Kayla… Kayla. I’m Kayla. We met at dance camp
last summer and she’s new
here at school. Cool, nice to meet you. So here’s the deal, Rhyme and TK
are best friends and he’s like a brother
to all of us. What? Don’t put me
in the bro zone. TK and Rhyme hung out all summer
while we were at camp. Oh, are you guys,
like, together? Never really
thought of it that way. I do miss our bike rides
on the beach and laying under
the stars at night. One time she spilled ice cream
in her hair and then bees swarmed her, then she jumped in the pool
with all her clothes on. That’s, uh, very specific. That was probably the best day
of my life. That was the best day
of your life? Birdie: Baby, bro,
will you take a photo for us? Ooh, cute, can you
take one on mine? No. Let her be in it with us. Sorry I’m late, it took me
forever to wrap this. – No big deal.
– Have you guys seen TK? Uh, yeah. He was just here. He’s the one
who told me to come, but it’s almost like
he’s avoiding me. That’s because he, like,
like-likes you. No way! We’re just friends. ( chuckles ) Well, uh…
( clears throat ) …I think I’m gonna go, uh,
play that– that, uh,
game over there, the one where
the hero does the– and the fighting and the pow! – You know…
– Yeah, the one
that Henry’s playing? Oh, is he? Didn’t know. ( music playing ) Ellie:
No way! Do you hear that?♪ Listen up now, listen to me ♪♪ My girls are my fam,
my family ♪
♪ Stronger in numbers,
it’s no wonder ♪
♪ Watch out, world,
watch and you’ll see ♪
♪ There’s no stopping us ♪♪ And I gain ♪♪ Come back,
come back for you ♪
♪ Like a boomerang, hey! ♪♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together,
fly together ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather,
birds of a feather ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together,
fly together ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather,
birds of a feather ♪
( music playing )

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  1. Who Likes 2019, (My Real Name Is Paris Trujillo Aguilar Bryan Is My Brother He Helps My With YouTube)❤💜💙💚💛

  2. It's really crazy how for a show that centers around dance, the dancing is actually worse than the acting…..

  3. "We're just friends!" Yeah… No that's the number 1 sign you aren't…

  4. i thought she didnt have a phone tho ''What im in the bro zone?!?''

  5. Man I miss this so much. I miss Tk so much. Why did tk have to leave. I miss rhyme with Tk. I kinda wish Hayden and Annie was still together. Miss them all together. The song it's always makes me want to dance.

  6. Leave a like if you notice that he can/Hayden was wearing the same shirt from little do you know at the party LOL

  7. none of these girls can dance and i haven't seen one poc yet in this dance team this is WHACk

  8. The story line is pretty good but the acting could use a bit of work

  9. Did you notice berdie phone was not on when they took a picture in the arcade

  10. tbh ellie wasn't really trying in the tryouts, rhyme should have made it instead.

  11. so…these teen girls start dancing and suddenly everybody in the arcade stops what they are doing and looks at them like they just did something revolutionary. And is anyone else bothered by the fact that there are 12 and 13 year old's going to high school.

  12. I relly wish that annie and Hayden well be back I reply ship them two but I gess annie dosent like him and he like asher

  13. did anyone notice 0:37 Henry was talking to Flash but Flash doesn't show up until a few more episodes?

  14. I started watching this some when It first game out wasn’t interested but now it seems more interesting

  15. ok at 0:37 when they showed kids on the bleacher watching tryouts does anyone notice the person that greg/henry is talking to that LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE RUSH/flash but then when hayden/tk is at the pool the guy says that there is a new student starting and its flash so he wasnt there before tryouts so how is he at tryouts sitting next to henry/greg

  16. CJ I know you like boyfriend and girlfriend you should be a cup🤖😻😻😼🙌🏽😼😼😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍓🍓🍓

  17. Annie's voice is so different!! I'm watching all seasons before season 5 comes out

  18. Who else is here after finishing A Girl Named Jo? The fact that this is Allen’s arcade make me feel so emotional lmao

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is the best yet post more like this with party and dance a song you now all you dance not all all you 3 and tk ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you still alive ahhhhhhhhh just love this so much I dance to I pretend I was Rohm

  20. That boy need to get a negative referral and get 13 days of oss he did descent opposer

  21. I love how Ellie yelled to T. K. And then his chips or nuts dropped and then walked quietly to them like nothing happened. It was so funny

  22. Pls can I be a chicken girl….I love your songs so much xx how do you do that front handstand thing

  23. ok let's face it , the acting is kinda bad and cringey but this was filmed when they were kinda young
    the rest of the seasons are really good

  24. I remember watching this show when I was 9 and now I’m 11 and more invested in it.

  25. Hayden and Annie: we’re just friends
    Brent and Eva:we’re just friends
    Lexi and Ben:we’re just friends
    Shawn and Camilla: we’re just friends


  26. I’m dead this is me and my best friend who we didn’t talk for 2 years because there in freaking 7th grade😂😂😂😂😂 awww I miss #hannie these where the good old days 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. honestly, Birdie is right, Kayla was the only one that actually stood out, Ellie was ok, and Rhyme and Quinn were barely even there

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