Childhood – Life With Friends | Spoken Word Poetry

Just when we dived back into the past,
Such images our shadows cast. With puny feet, across the corridor, we rushed
at full pace, Just when for our respective houses, we competed
to win the race. On a sunny afternoon we climbed up a tree, 100 feet
above the ground, trying to touch the sky, With smiling faces, clicking photographs,
we managed to bid goodbye. So slowly.. somehow we managed to grow up with too
much of nostalgia enclasping, It’s on the memories to which we cling. We were together through all the thick and
thin, Every fight that we had to win,
Every ocean that we crossed, To every motion that we lost. That strong affection,
The tenacious understanding,
They knew me better than I knew myself,
They picked me up whenever I fell. The avenue we walked,
The events executed, noble cause accomplished, Our love talks, that garrulous nature,
Their protective stature. Even in those tenebrous moments,
I found them crying with me. Those antique, buoyant houses and tents,
We always danced in glee. They were always the partners in crime,
Someday, it’ll all begin with “Once upon a time…” Those innumerable years of friendship and love, We penetrated through all times- smooth and rough. The instantaneous yarns, loitering through idle corridors, The loony blackboard sketches and the art,
With this plethora of memories we parted ways, promising that we will be together in any

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