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Beverly Cleary turns 100 is sponsored by Kindle inspiring the love of reading it is a 39 we're back with a woman who probably played a big role in your child definitely Beverly Cleary one of America's most cherished authors is marking a big milestone and Jenna Bush Hager got to spend time with her recently good morning I sure did and in full disclosure I'm in love with her Beverly turns a hundred next month but as they say age is just a number that's something I definitely found true when I was lucky enough to chat with this literary legend haha I get to ride the bus to school today all by myself Ramona bribed to a day that would begin with a bus wreck just like them make you feel a long way from home but not long enough she hoped to make her feel carsick iconic children's author Beverly Clary has enchanted kids for generations creating beloved characters like Ramona Quimby Ralph that legendary mouse on the motorcycle and Henry Huggins her first published in 1955 now 99 years young still witty as ever you're about to turn 100 yes are you excited well I didn't do it on purpose can you believe it no I can't I remember a very earnest conversation my best friend and I had when we were against freshman in high school about how long we wanted to live and we decided that 80 was a cutoff date for such a prolific writer her love affair with books started reluctantly growing up in rural Oregon she didn't learn to read until the second grade only to find stories that didn't interest her much so many books in those days back in the 1920s had been published in England and the children had nannies and pony carts and they seemed like a bunch of sissy she eventually became a school librarian and found that like her many kids just didn't relate to the books they had I read that a little boy came up to you and said where are the books about kids like us he didn't say it so nicely he said where are the books about kids like us so she decided to write them herself more than 40 books and all which kids like these at New York City's Churchill school have come to love how many of you have read Beverly Cleary did you love them yes here it is Ramona the pest what's your favorite beverly cleary mouse on the motorcycle because I love mice Panzers like any kind of rodent can you believe that some of these books are nearly 50 years old does that surprise you if you could say anything to Beverly Clary who wrote these books does anybody have anything they'd want to say I would say thank you they kind of inspired me to go out and read more and I'm thank her so much for that and it's not just kids who have been influenced by her stories these books are so wonderful when you're a kid and when you're 51 years old they still matter to you Beverly you were my inspiration when I started to write all those years ago you remain my inspiration today it's not the acclaim the dozens of awards nor the 75 million books sold in 25 languages that make Beverly Clary happiest what are you most proud of the fact the children love my books 60 years of work and a storybook life with more chapters still to come what are you looking forward to at my age well I'll leave that up to you do you not love her lovely so did you guys grow up reading your books yes mouse and the motorcycle if they weren't around in my early childhood but they got there yeah team Ramona me too I love it okay so to celebrate beverly cleary is a hundredth birthday our sponsor Amazon actually gave away Kindles loaded with books for families in Maryland ensuring that yet another generation of young readers will get to enjoy her story's idea right 100 I wish we had a cake I love her she's sharp too for more of your interview we can actually tell you to go online also if you want to share some of your favorite children's books with our parenting team today doc hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusives

23 thoughts on “Children’s Author Beverly Cleary On Turning 100: ‘I Didn't Do It On Purpose’ | TODAY

  1. I grew up with the Ramona series and loved it! Bless Beverly's heart! ❤❤

  2. i randomly happened to remember this author and wowie today's her birthday! what a coincidence

  3. I think I had Ms. Cleary for the 1st Grade at Westside Elementary School in Sun Prairie Wisconsin!! Can anyone clarify.

  4. She's still here 102 and counting…and many more to come. Love her:))

  5. Absolutely love her books to this very day! I'm glad to see she's still going strong!

  6. My teacher named her son after Henry Huggins (I think that’s how you spell it)

  7. What on earth happened to Jenna Bush at .32? Lousy editing on Today's part. That smile came off her face way too soon.

  8. It's great she is still alive but that is so crazy she is 102 and still living! I loved the Ramona books as a kid and I love that she is still alive and well.

  9. Loved her books. So vivid and relevant to kids, even today! I fondly remember reading about Ramona and Beezus growing up.

  10. I hope Hollywood will bring more of her books to the big screen like "Emily's Runaway Imagination" and 'Henry and the Paper Route".

  11. My mom and teacher read these books when they were little and my age and now I am reading them!

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