Children's Book Author Talks About Immigrant Children

I'm new here by an Sibley O'Brien over the years as I was doing school presentations creating books often featured featuring an immigrant children I noticed that there was a missing piece that somehow there was this sense that immigrant children arrived as blank slates so I wanted to show that children who come from someplace else to someplace new bring with them full complete rich lives in which they've already accomplished so much they know so much they have such rich culture and community experience they're not blank slates who need to become like us in the new place they bring their own richness I felt that it was really important to show that fullness that richness that they came from so that was kind of a starting point we were born in you number two I like the way to the bank many of the children remembered a time when they were new even if it was just changing schools it was very interesting to see how some of them said it when you're new the feeling is happiness or excitement but then when they stumbled into talking about their own experience they would remember and say I feel scared I felt shy I think that it's a it's a pretty universal human experience that the kids can tap into if they remember any time when they entered a situation for the first time my mission is to show that immigrant children are whole and full and complete and rich and complex and have so many gifts to offer already and then they come here and they have to start over and once again create a full life for themselves

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  1. The boy is from the country I am from. I also live in a different country not in Korea.

  2. This looks like a beautiful story. Very needed. Thank you for writing it! "Full, complete, rich lives."

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