Children’s poems in English “Eric the weary bee” (read by the author)

Eric The Weary Bee Eric the bee came to me one sunny afternoon and asked me if I’d let him eat some
honey from my spoon I’ve been buzzing merrily, collecting nectar up, said he Then lost my way, Oh silly me I’m such a weary little bee I’m tired, depressed, I’ve lost my zest, I want to find my nest to rest I want to find my nest to rest Have you some food? Honey’s best be buzzed and flapped, but couldn’t fly and let
out an almighty sigh he looked up at its human host as I
drank tea and munched on toast if, for you, I do this thing, I said will you
not up and sting me somewhere that I least expect Like on my bum, or knee or neck? eric said he’d ever do a thing like that
to me or you and if I helped a bee this day he’d just say thanks and fly away okay said I and grabbed a pot of honey and put quite a lot upon a spoon and offered
it I hope it makes him strong and fit as he ate the Golden food I watched his
mood and attitude and as he took the last bit in beheld
him buzzing with a grin you are so kind he said besotted normally we just got swatted off if he flew, a blissful bee to find
his nest in family Next morning there outside the door 10 honey
pots sat on the floor a great surprise I do declare from
whence they came I know not where a curious and strange affair, who could
have left that honey there?

19 thoughts on “Children’s poems in English “Eric the weary bee” (read by the author)

  1. This is great! (Eric the bee) You kinda sound like another youtuber his name is Stampylongnose

  2. Hi Steve, loved the story and adorable Eric the weary bee!  Love poetry…beautiful narration!  Thanks for posting…MB:)

  3. It's pretty good with the voices , England accent, and the story is pretty good for kids to follow

  4. Im a Mature man and I love these stories I'm a black man too so I'm going to subscribe you

  5. A brilliant poem we have the books! Steve reads it best! my toddler said!

  6. That was really funny and I cant wait until you make a mover poem because this one was so good

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