Child's Play 2019: Behind The Scenes Drama Explained | MGM And Series Writer Don Mancini Go At It

welcome to the brand-new drama behind the scenes show I'm your host definition and this is where we break down all the backstage battles that happen in your favorite movies this week the knives are out in more ways than one with the childsplay remake causing a lot of fuss amongst fans Chucky has had a pretty crazy career over the last couple of years with each entry in the series becoming more and more satirical but it looks like child's play 2019 is causing a lot of controversy for all the wrong reasons the trouble this time comes with the rights to the series being the main root of the problem for those who don't know child's play has always been a franchise that like Chucky himself has had a bit of a problem with ownership the original film from 1988 was distributed by United Artists however the sequels were put out by Universal who took over the franchise the following year this is why we are seeing a child's play TV show being pushed into production that is completely detached from this remake and is apparently closer to the source material the second big issue comes in the form of longtime series writer Don Mancini who along with the original cast has been tweeting out some rather shade inducing things and Cheney has been with the series through all its ups and downs rises and falls and it's understandable why the doll is so close to his heart man Cheney is currently involved with the TV show and due to this he seems like he's not that approving of the recently released film while span Cheney was originally offered an executive producer credit for the new movie he was also told that he would not be involved and that this attachment to the film would be in name only rumors are currently circulating that man Cheney was initially dismissive of the new form that the doll takes which is an AI run robot instead of a possessed piece of plastic and this is why MGM wished to kind of distance themselves in addition to this Brad D refused voice Chucky since the 80s was told that he would not get to reprise his role with a studio casting Mark Hamill as the character late in production after the other voice actors were not well received in tests screen Dieruff was understandably angry at being cut from one of the parts that he made into a massive success and recently he tweeted out this image which reads don't remake me or else which yeah the guy doesn't look happy that Chucky is getting a remake in addition to this man Cheney has been pretty publicly angry over the entire ordeal and in the build-up to the movie's release he's been urging fans to share pieces slamming the film from The Hollywood Reporter slash film also row an article which said how am I supposed to feel about child's play remake that man Cheney himself declined to executive produce to which man Cheney also shared following this when the first image of the new Chucky was posted and Cheney tweeted out the following which shows that he's not very approving of this new take and is trying to distance himself as much as possible the photo reads I don't know her and the caption is this is all I have to say on that subject which pretty much sums up the entire thing and Cheney later appeared on the Mackerras post mortem podcast and said the following obviously my feelings were hurt I did create the character and nurture the franchise for three decades the studio just wanted our approval which i strenuously denied them it's not just a paycheck it's very personal and MGM is screwing with her so obviously he's not very happy with the entire thing which i think is quite understandable Chucky's basically is his baby and he steered the franchise for the past day yes like imagine if you'd worked on a project that long and someone took it off you and decided to do something that wasn't keeping with the true vision you'd probably be angry as well there's also a subtext to his interviews that man Cheney is mad because his recently written sequels were well received with the last two being branded fresh on Rotten Tomatoes so I think in his head he doesn't really see the need for a remake he is of course head of the TV show – so this is likely bound to cause conflict and will probably have a few shots at the movie in it overall I think it's quite interesting to go through this stuff and obviously I'd love to hear your thoughts on the drama and if you side with man Cheney or if you think that it's okay now for the studio to take the concept and do something new with it comment below and let me know and if you enjoy this video then please like it and make sure you check out my breakdown of the script of midsummer which will be linked at the end it covers the whole movie so it's definitely worth checking out if you want to know more about the film also let me know if you like this new show every time some big drama comes up around a movie's release I'm gonna try and cover it so if you want to see me break down bits of shades then make sure you let me know this 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25 thoughts on “Child's Play 2019: Behind The Scenes Drama Explained | MGM And Series Writer Don Mancini Go At It

  1. So, what are your thoughts on the drama? Do you side with Mancini or do you think it's right that the studio do new things with the property?

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  2. I loved the new child’s play remake and I love the original franchise too I don’t see why he’s making a big deal he still gets to do his version so what’s it matter he was offer a chance to be involved with remake but chose not to so that’s on him don’t make fans choose sides


  4. my thoughts exactly.. its like what i said to a friend. the creator of chucky is an artist and when you put your heart and soul into something that you create and happy and love. and someone else comes by and takes the art to make it there own? it kind of hurts you.. because in some cases its like saying you don't know how to make this franchise work so let me help ya… and to me? as an artist my self? i will not support this piece of crap, even if I'm not a big-time Chucky fan i was a kid when these movies came out, and i find it somewhat disrespectful they did this to something so iconic.. look what happened to the remake of Freddy.. it didn't take off did it? you can disagree with me all you want but this is my opinion.. if you love it good for you.. you can love it all you want. happy for you.

  5. Things that bug me (pay in mind – I haven't seen the movie; nor intend to outside of clips people will no doubt share on Youtube at some point).

    1) The doll is hideous. OG Chucky wasn't exactly pretty, either – but he at least looked like a doll you'd find on toy shelves in the 80s. This re-imagined version looks like a cross between movie Annabelle and a Punchy Puppet; leaving me to wonder what sane person would be cofortable with having something like that in their house.

    2) making Chucky animated/ A.I. from the get go takes away the scare factor; and makes it far more befuddling why the adults wouldn't listen to Andy when he says 'something's wrong with Chucky'. Computers glitch/contarct viruses, etc – why wouldn't you check that out?

    3) Andy's age. A.I or not, what 14 year old boy is going to want a doll in his possession? In reality, he'd be the laughing stock of his peer group for having a doll at his age; no matter how high tech it is.

  6. No, there's nothing wrong with the series as it was, and I was personally offended to hear they made this shit without Mancini's ok and Douriff's too, for that matter. I know it will be shit because it LOOKS like shit, and I won't ever watch it, even when it comes on Netflix.

  7. Maybe if he didn’t turn the series into a shithole after the 2nd one……just sayin

  8. This new show is great! I am definitely looking forward to more shade behind the scenes.

  9. I do enjoy hearing about BTS drama. And I don't blame Mancini for feeling that way.

  10. The new doll just doesn't look right. I prefer the looks of the old doll!

  11. It is kind of depressing to look at the movie release list to be quite honest. Mostly remakes in the can and many more are in production. I am starting to feel a gap between myself and entertainment. These films are no longer relatable and what passes for horror here is just the current iteration of a trite "Scary doll" movie. I've decided that remake is a bad word, it's not a remake: that would take imagination. This is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy and it looks like this clone might have mutated to look less like the original. Big whoop.

  12. Chucky was no more than direct to streaming fare now. Needed a refresh.

  13. I think it's good they remade it without mancini, i understand that he's pissed but I think that every chucky movie after child's play 2 was complete trash and i think the movies got worse and worse so I'm super glad other people took over since i don't think mancini was doing the child's play genre any good, even if he was the original creator, also i think it's a bit childish that him, dourif and tiffany are openly hating the remake on social media, they know exactly that they're getting all the OG chucky fans to hate the remake even more and not give it a chance in the first place, i don't see any good in splitting the child's play community instead of embracing all the attention child's play is getting again lately

  14. Its Sad but the series gone downhill by him so it needed a new take (ehh I found cult meh)
    So I'm neutral about this drama oof

  15. The behind the scenes story is quite unfortunate and sad. That said, I find it amusing that we have a triple animated doll feature coming: Child’s Play remake, The Conjuring 2.5: Annabelle Homecoming, & Toy Story 4. My only disappointment is due to the fact, the studios didn’t think to have a cross-over Toy Brawl for it all! 😆

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