26 thoughts on “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – "Americanah" – International Authors' Stage

  1. Who else feels repulsive whenever she call 'nigeria', a colonial symbol of servitude and extermination of black race especially her Igbo/Biafra people?
    Why can't she stand with her people struggle to be free from Fulani domination?

  2. Hillary Clinton did not acknowledge her husband's son Danny Williams and she called blacks including Chimamanda super predators to mention but a few. Her comments after the elimination of Muarmar Gaddafi( Hillary Clinton ) her comment was: " We came, we saw he was dead, ha ha ha" laughing at the death of Gaddafi. She is living in America. I hope she take time to find out who the Clintons really are.

  3. Skin bleaching, implants, garbage dumps, Mandela. We have different cultures, and only resemble each other, depending on how many other nationalities are in our DNA. I am American first with African, American Indian and Scottish. If you can read or listen, , you can learn so much. I love books also, and i was reading at 4, an teaching at 7. Stop all the lice and maggot infested wigs and hair to make the unnatural braids. No one can talk about any place unless you were born and raised there. I have been keeping journals, since age 15. I married my own brown man.

  4. My woman crush nailed it always dodging up close uncomfortable questions … Well interviewer cant be any better!!! Both women are strong personalities

  5. Lost me on her support for Hillary… someone who would gladly send misses to end your feminist dreams upon which so many of us depend on to hell in yours and my predominantly brown and black countries… That is a serious blind-spot as well as your bedding christianity and Catholicism which by and large institutionalized the gender roles we are working to overcome in Africa as well as this god of violence and death who criminalized black existence. Very problematic positions.

  6. Did anybody get the white Jesus comment? White Jesus out of Africa?

  7. I love Chimamanda so very much … l’m Nigerian and I love the way the story ended with Obinze marrying his true love and happy for Ifemelu..but in typical Nigerian life might not be a likely end.

  8. One of the best interviews with Chimamanda… love you loads

  9. Such an amazing woman🖤I definitely want to hear her E-book.

  10. My GAWD what a stupit woman. "YOu are not even Beyonce?" NO! She is the one BEYONCE looks UP TO! Moron!

  11. Hello. I have an online book club and would like permission to repost this fabulous video.

  12. how old is she?? and if Michelle was more ethic Obama would never have been in office.

  13. this white lady seems to be lesbian look her tongue everytime she mention sex

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