Chinese Poetry Then and Now – Dian Li

A thousand mountains no signs of birds in
fight 10,000 pass no trace of human tracks in a longboat the old man in a
rain hat and storm coat fishing along in the cold river snow now I just recited
for you a poem written by Liu Zongyuan a Tang poet beautiful isn’t it?
Now if you like poetry this is one of the poems that I’m gonna cover in the
upcoming Humanities Seminar: Chinese Poetry: Then and Now. So what is this new seminar all about? Well it’s about writing China through poetry for the
last 3,000 years well China has pride itself as the land of poetry for good
reasons because poetry is not only the earliest and the continuous form of
writing in this country it also has been a defining feature in the life of
Chinese elite and educated from their participating in the famous civil
service exams and to their performing rituals on official and leisurely occasions
it is my belief to understand China holistically and historically the place
to do that is poetry I promise you this will be a feast of poetry
experience a poetic bliss full of language exactitude perfections
transcendence of daily living and extraordinary moments of enlightenment
of all kind so please join me in this unique adventure into poetry.

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