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[Music] choice is it really or is it silly to say that a choice is given when no voice is given to the one whose life is taken away no not silly tragic a tragedy of epic proportions where epic distortions have led to an epidemic of Holocaust abortions murder yes I said the word it isn’t easy to hear but it needs to be heard so it needs to be said because blood has been shed because babies are dead so I will not opt for a soft word instead choice yes choices are made some choose to silence babies heartbeats with violence and hit men called doctors choose to get paid now here’s where it gets dramatic where I get labeled right-wing extremists a religious fanatic but let me be emphatic I’ll take any name as long as I proclaim Christ and save babies from being sacrificed while I’m at it that would make me ecstatic so go ahead and Ain your verbal automatic and fire away and get erratic to me that will not be in the least bit problematic but here is where the problem lies it’s where Christians choose to compromise it’s where we choose to cover up our eyes while baby after baby dies it’s where sinners are sinking into hell and we have saving truths we choose to refuse to tell that’s the reality that’s the current mentality some offer baby girls and boys to an idol called choice in the name of convenience and individuality while Christians refrain as sinners perish and vain and babies are slain through legalized medical brutality so where is the hope for the Christian who’s failed to take a stand he still extends his nail-pierced hand so for the sake of his glory and the sake of his fame let him fan your flickering flame and casting aside the fear and the shame repent and obey and speak truth in his name so where is the hope for the sinner there is faith and repentance because God can wipe away your sentence because he chose to send his son the one he chose to sacrifice in the sinner’s place so he can give sinner’s grace because there is no sin without war within that his redeeming blood cannot erase he can impute to sinners his righteous perfection through his death and glorious resurrection so don’t let it get distorted you can be forgiven even if you’ve aborted that’s the truth don’t ignore if your heart is contrite you’ll make it right and restore it choice some will make the choice to arise to open their eyes to see through the lies to turn from foolish to wise choice some will make the choice to refuse to reject truth and good news to still stumble and snooze and they’ll have a whole lot to lose choice what will you choose you

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  1. I think this is very good spoken word but in some cases women are raped and get children from it or have children too young and aren't able to take care of them. Putting them in the foster system or adoption agencies but those are very often extremely bad, abusive, and sometimes worse than death.

  2. I love your message fellow poet! Thank you for speaking up for the unborn.

  3. Males should have nothing to say with what happens to a women's body.

  4. Nice however in India there are billions everywhere who still die  for food 
    Reason has to be a decision when there is not balance of conscience and thus
    if you forsake reason and true decision based in reality . The reality becomes the
    poem you write you allow babies to die. Reasons need reason and talk need
    conscience in reality.

  5. I've seen what some women go through before and after abortions. Before as in them deciphering whether they will go through it or not. Its a pretty horrific sight. Which is why I am a pro-life activist and I go to a bunch of pro life rallies. Im currently apart of America's most popular pro-life group and I am very proud of it! Thank you for creating this poem. It was beautiful!

  6. Powerful!!! Well done. I just have one issue… how can you speak against abortion while wearing the shoes of a HUGE pro-abortion company??? Nike gives lots of money to multiple pro-abortion agencies as well as many other anti-Christian causes. 🙁

  7. Sweet truth that the majority of Americans reject. Could this immorality explain the insane level of evil happening in our nation? The Godly beauty shown @ 1:57 – 2:00 & @ 3:17 – 3:20 & 3:53 – 3: 57 is to behold for your benefit. Good job Emeal Zwayne.

  8. I love this!! THANK YOU! I wrote a poem on this topic, called My Condolences. The video's on my channel, check it out!

    God bless you!!

  9. Ok please can someone answer this question for me? Why is it that God made himself known in the past, but now you hear nothing or if we do hear about someone saying they talked to God we think he is mentally ill? What people in the Bronze Age thought that was a regular thing, God talking to people?

  10. "If abortion were about women's rights then what were mine?" — Gianna Jessen (Abortion Survivor)

  11. Beautiful message but you have to listen through to the end! It is all about not being afraid of life, and living Life to the fullest. I am inspired to say God is forgiveness.

  12. Glad to know that a MAN doesn't agree with choice. Of course he doesn't. It doesn't affect him so he can say whatever the hell he wants. Its disgusting that men want to make choices with our own bodies. They do it so effortlessly because they can not relate. ..and to all of you women asking for forgiveness, it is not needed. Jesus loves all the little children and does not want them to suffer…that includes YOU. If you were not ready to give your body up then Jesus understands why you would want to discard of a zygote…because it is better for both you and the zygote. You won't have to go through the pain and struggle and the baby won't have to live a life that wasn't ready for it, or was born out of rape/ incest, or born addicted to drugs, etc. Its okay, ladies. It is our bodies and we do not need forgiven for doing what was best for everyone. That is not a sin.

  13. Let's get women back in the kitchen! am I right fam? Women are dumb and should not be able to choose what to do with their bodies and the cells within it.

  14. "Why did you forsaken me ?" " I do not know when the day of judgment is " Jesus is een prophet. Not God. Nor thé son. And If jesus is the son. Theb who's the father of adem. And if Eve is made by Adam just like jesus from God. Does this meab adam is the father of eve and does this make god the mother ? No it is not. God. The one and only has no wife nor children. He is the creator and we are his creation. SURAT AL IKHALS

  15. I am a pro-life atheist. Christian is not the definition of morality, and christians do not own pro life views. Anyone can.

  16. a person saying that its murder if you aborted a baby is completely and utterly stupid. when you say "she aborted her baby" you are wrong. The "baby" isnt a baby at all its not even alive in the first month of pregnancy. Why would a woman keep something that she wouldnt want inside of her or just doesnt want a child and/or doesnt think shes ready for one. Now lets touch up on the teen pregnancy. Yes she should be more careful when it comes to using condoms but as i mentioned theyre TEENS. And the problem with teen pregnancy is that if she does abort it the society will call it murder and if she has the baby the rest of the society will judge her for being too young. And what if she was raped would she have to keep the baby of some dispicably disgusting person she doesnt even know and be punished for the truble he caused. This video disgusts me.

  17. what if a woman is raped? forced to be impregnated by a man she has no correspondence to? against her will?

    imagine. you are a woman. you are out one night, alone. a tall man, obviously much stronger than you, approaches you. he tried to make conversation. "sorry, but i have to get home" you say. he asks why. you tell him it's late. this angers him. he pushes you down the dark alleyway you just walked past, removes your clothing as you struggle to break free. "stop! please!" you say "NO!". at this point, you are completely undressed. you can already feel the bruises on your arms and shoulders where he grabbed you. he just raped you. against your will. you said no. he had no consent.

    a month goes past and you are still feeling sick to the stomach at the thought of this man. another month goes past, and another, and the nauseous feeling is becoming stronger. every morning, you are in the bathroom, kneeling beside the toilet, throwing up the water you had for breakfast because you still can't eat because you feel so. damn. bad.

    your period hasn't come for the past 2 months. you decide to buy a pregnancy test. you get home, open it, run to the the bathroom and use it. you squeeze your eyes shut as hard as you possibly can and pray that it isn't positive. your hear a beep. "please," you whisper to yourself "please, not me". you look down. it's positive. you fall to the ground, balling your eyes out. you're pregnant.

    3 months have passed since then. there is a child growing inside of you. a child who you can't look after. who you don't want. who's father is addicted to heroine and has impregnated 14 girls. there is nothing you can do. abortion is not an option. you're 17 years old and pregnant with a baby girl. a baby girl who was never meant to happen.

    this is the reality for millions of women. for some, abortion is not an option, when it should be. it's 2017 for goodness sake. so many women are raped and forced to raise a child they are not physically, mentally or emotionally able to raise.

    "the baby doesn't have a choice" you say?

    of course it doesn't. it's a fetus. it is not yet possible for this child to make decisions, so it's time to stop using this "child doesn't have a choice" nonsense.

    abortion is ok.

  18. also a thank you to all the men who feel like they have the right to speak up on something they can never experience. (FYI that was sarcasm and pretty much every women who has to make the choice to keep the fetus or have an abortion would like you to shut up)

  19. abortion is not something to be ashamed of, and if you believe in God's ultimate plan then you'll know God planned the abortion because he has made all decisions before we can

  20. choice is solely for the woman to make so u fuckers better stop pressuring women to make a choice based on your opinion that don't take into account individual situations that you cannot judge on

  21. fun fact: one of the main teachings of Christianity is not judging others, which is something you have seen to have forgotten, and by pushing the "choice" to keep the baby (I put it in speech marks because forcing anyone isn't allowing them to really make a choice, is it? no, didn't think so) you are judging her situation as if it were your own life to judge on

  22. fun fact: abortion is illegal after the baby can survive outside the womb, and technically that's when it is considered a human, so aborting a fetus before 6 months isn't murder…. It's about as murderous as tripping over your laces bc you forgot to tie them up is abusive towards yourself

  23. You are so absolutely stupid how could anyone think the way you do if you are EVER thinking of an abortion than 1 it was never alive and 2 you would've given it a horrible life anyway

  24. everything said in this is 100% however what is your opinion if the person aborting the child is only 15 and was raped, how bout then, or would the woman be forced to keep the child as well or it would be considered killing it?

  25. Lmao I came here for some inspiration thinking it’ll help me get through finals week. It was working until the dude who’ll never give birth to a baby brought up how wrong abortion is 😂 god, I just need some motivation smh

  26. Love it. I do spoken word often regarding faith. I appreciate this piece. It does need to be said. I agree. Thank you for having the courage to say this.

  27. Actually most laws give you a small time frame where you may abort a FETUS. You are not aborting an actual human at this point because they are not at all developed. The FETUS is just a bunch of cells when you abort.

  28. 495 dislikes must be the Christians that are being convicted or the actual murdering moms that are being convicted if you come to Jesus he will forgive you come to Jesus

  29. I am absolutely agreeing with you. I love children and they are growing up into adults denying life. Sad.

  30. I'm not religious or a fan of his voice, but I don't condone murder either.

    Murder isn't a choice, it's a crime.

    If you don't want kids, DONT F$&@ing F$&@!!!

  31. I dont get the big deal of abortions, the said women that gets an abortion grows the baby its not like another person grew it in their womb and your murdering it
    its the mothers chose if they want to have to or not also what if your an athiest?

  32. I disagree with the entire reason for this speech. Regardless, I find it admirable that he uses poetry to talk about such a polarized topic.

  33. You spoke your point of view well. Even if people believe in different points of view it's comforting when they can explain why with their heart and show that they have genuine reasoning. When truth seems blurred we can at least align ourselves with authenticity. I enjoyed listening to your words.

  34. I’m listening to u and its been just one minute and i am impressed……. great job…. awsm work….. 👏🏻 wow 👍🏻

  35. Thank you E.Z!!! The Lord is indeed a God abounding in hope!!! Romans 15v13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

  36. how many people have committed murder in there hearts and have yet to repent. i believe we have all broken all the commands of God and we need to show extraordinary compassion on those who have had abortions and remember we are all guilty of murder. yes abortion needs to stop as do all other crimes against God especially by those professing to be christian

  37. A faith that is quiet in the face of oppression is no faith at all
    Thank you for speaking out brother.
    God bless

  38. I could understand all the other points in this poem such as searching your moral compass on issues. But as soon as he brought Christianity into it I completely switched off. It's not that im an atheist I appreciate some of the moral values of Buddhism, Daoism, stoicism, as well as some of Christianity. But to live a life like he suggests as 2:50 by "repenting and obeyinging" all the time I would miss out on time to enjoy the life I'm living now. If you lived how he suggests living its a life of dept and sacrifice whereas you can just as easily choose to believe any of the guiding thought that paint a more happy and liberated picture. In the end the only real answer to why we are here is still being solved. So in the meantime choose an idea that you can enjoy your time on earth.

  39. No, I should have the CHOICE as a woman to have a abortion if I feel it’s needed and you have no right as a man who will never have to make one of the hardest CHOICES in your life which is aborting your unborn child. EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOSE TO ABORT HER BABY!!! MY BODY MY RULES I DONT CARE WHAT YOU OR TRUMP OR JESUS SAYS.

  40. Christians trying to justify the slaughter of the innocents in the comments, absolutely disguisting.

  41. Eww. The indignation in this piece is so overt and corny I thought it was satire at first. Trust a man to have such a strong stance on women’s choices. Come at me again when men can experience firsthand all the mind-boggling complexities that pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood bring. You can be pro-life if you want, but unless you are forced to live someone else’s life, you have no say in what others do with their bodies. 🙄


  43. This is one of the BEST things I've ever heard regarding abortion. WOW Thank you!!

  44. The child has no foult of his Owen, he need to be loved more,
    killing a baby born from a rape it’s worst, its an omicide, nothing else.

  45. 1st law of thermodynamics says; "matter cannot be created nor destroyed"
    "that which is born of the spirit is spirit and that which is born of the flesh is flesh; the flesh profits nothing it is the spirit that gives life"….Jesus Christ…John chapter 3 and 6 nkjv

  46. I have a few problems with this. First I will start with a question; are you pro-birth or pro-life? Do you want to force children into a life of poverty where ths mother is incapable to care for the child? Where the child is going to die suffering? Abortion is not killing 'babies', as you put it. A baby is a living human who can survive without any support. There's a reason why there's term limits on abortion. If you are so disillusioned that you think you can use an idol that many, many people don't believe in, an idol that has a phenomenal amount of flaws in it, to tell woman what they need to do, than you, kind sir, are in the wrong. You have no right to tell other people what to do. There's a reason why there's seperation between church and state, and that reason is because people like you try to force your opinions onto other people. Opinions, not facts

  47. Very powerful! Thank you for your words on this subject. I can relate to both sides of the issue so I believe I've been forgiven and also note that making that Choice was not an easy one. Thank God for redemption!

  48. abortions is evil it is killing it is murder it causes so much depression its aimed at so many people lets choose the right thing for babies to live

  49. I had watched this this morning- the morning of the March for Life, and I went to visit the High Risk Pregnancy women at the hospital with my therapy dog. The amazing way God works is that one of the rooms I went in to, the woman had a JESUS shirt on, and 16 years ago she had her baby and gave her up in love for adoption. Now she is fighting for the life of this pregnancy, and I just happened to have my Bible study leader put her on our prayer list three weeks ago. I had been praying for her these three weeks, and just yesterday, she was moved to the hospital I visit and I get to meet the one I have been praying for. She is also a dog sitter and loves the dogs, so I just wanted to cry tears of joy that God is sovereign over every little detail. Prayer works!

  50. THERE IS HOPE! Phil.1:6 KJV promises, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you (in the womb) will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” – the day of the resurrection (Rapture). “For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus (including the souls of aborted babies) will God bring with him” (1Thess4:14KJV)

  51. Powerful Brother. Truth Be Told and proclaimed. Made me Cry. Praying for the Voiceless and all those whom are lost in SIN.

  52. Christians don’t give up and allow yourself to get tired, listen to this and be inspired. Maybe it’s not your style but it’s just another way of presenting truth to leaders who would distort our youth. Teaching them that’s it’s ok to have sex and just throw it away. Don’t hide behind rape or distortion, we’re talking about late-term abortion. It’s my body you say so go away, but the life that’s inside has its own price to pay. The pain that baby felt will one day be known when judgement-time comes around God’s throne. Yes there’s forgiveness for those with repentance, but for those who lie and justify they’ll be no place to hide from the baby’s cry. Jesus loves all the little children!

  53. What body part kicks you? what part of a woman's , or a man's, body ever had to removed in order that their body could remain alive? What healthy organ ever needed removal to sustain life? What body part naturally ejects itself?

  54. Remember what Moses said:

    Today I set before you blessing and a curse, life and death. So chose life!

  55. freedom of speech people should believe in god abortions are filthy and baby killers ppl who have abortions are a disgrace to women

  56. Choice – a wonderful thing when used in love.
    Powerful creation. My stuff here at" https://matrixmoments.com

  57. A fetus is not a baby it doesn't have a brain yet, its just a bunch of cells without any consciousness. But its ok, when your 14 year old daughter tells you that she is pregnant because she has been raped don't let her have an abortion, Jesus would be disappointed.

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