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– Seth Ramdas? Yes.
– Your child is in our custody. If I don’t receive Rs.5 lakhs
by this evening.. ..then your kid will be bumped off. Listen to your kid. Speak.
– Father! Father! He’s asking for Rs.5 lakhs!
– Give it to him. Do you agree?
– Yes, I do. Follow them! Amarchand,’re after my cap
and I’m after you. Hands up! Such wastage of bullets
during an economic crisis! Even kids are
expensive these days and.. struck a deal
for just Rs.5 lakhs! How do you know that?
– Your 20p coin revealed it to me. Fool! Atleast you should’ve
thought twice before using a pco. May I..
– Hands up! I just wanted a cigarette. I’ll help you. Here, smoke as much as you want. You won’t get one in jail.
– Thank you. The cigarette case is very beautiful. Is it gold?
– Keep it if you like. It’s of no use to me anymore. Shall I keep it?
– Yes! Thank you. – Inspector,
your watch is a cheap one. Here, take this. It’s made of gold. Keep it. It’s of no use to me anymore. Shall I keep this too?
– Yes! Thank you.
– Inspector! There’s Rs.5 lakhs cash
in this. Keep this too. What use is it to me now? Shall I keep it?
– Yes! With the high cost of
living these days your salary.. ..can hardly help you. Here.
– Thank you. Amarchand, don’t worry. No trouble shall befall you now. Thank you, inspector. At the very first sight I
knew that you’re a smart man. Thank you very much.
– Listen! Amarchand, this is
between the two of us. Don’t tell anybody about this.
– No. Promise?
– Promise! You’re stupid, Amarchand! You wanted to buy me off? We cops aren’t for sale! We don’t value money.. ..but our duty and our uniform alone. Pick up that attaché! Move! Coming, dear! What’s it?
– Hurry up, dad. I’ve to go to school. C’mon! Move aside. Very good! Thank you. Sheetal,
I’ll be back by evening. Bye
– bye, mummy. Look at him salute!
– He’s my son after all! Policemen salute with their caps on. Sir! What’s it?
– There’s a letter for you. Your child has been kidnapped. If you produce evidences
against the criminal.. ..then your child will be killed. Who gave you the letter?
Who was that man? I don’t know. Hello!
– It’s me. Where’s Munna?
– Munna’s not at home. He didn’t even turn
up for lunch today. Lodge a complaint at the
police station immediately. But why?
– I’ll tell you later. ‘If you produce
evidences against the criminal.. ..then your child will be killed.’ May Inspector Kumar be summoned! I’ll speak only the truth.. ..and nothing but the truth. Milord, before I
present the evidences. I’d like to tell
something to the court. Permission.
– Milord.. ..a criminal mingles with the
upper class of the society.. ..posing to be a noble man. But in reality, he’s steals
the peace of mind of parents. His greed for wealth has made
so many of them wail in grief! Milord, there’s no
greater sin on earth.. ..than separating a
child from his parents. Even my child has
been kidnapped today. And I’ve been threatened.. ..that if I produce
evidence in court against him.. ..then my child would be killed. But maybe he fails to realise.. ..that to save the lives of
the children of this country.. I can sacrifice not just
one but all my children. Milord, here’s the tape
with the criminal’s voice. These are the photos
that were taken on the spot. And here’s the threat
letter that I received just now. Keeping the crimes of
the accused in mind.. ..then court sentences the
accused to life imprisonment. You?! I never knew that you
were such a lowly man. Weren’t you ashamed.. kidnap children
despite being a father yourself? When he grows up.. learn that his father
is a thief and a kidnapper.. Then how’ll he dare to face the world? Where’s my child? Your child.. paying the price for your duty. Driver, Take the child home. Stop! I’ll shoot you if you even
dare to touch the child! Beware! Drop the knife! Drop it! Hands up! Beware! Move back! Munna, come to me! Leave me! Let go! Help! Help! Help! Leave me! For god’s sake! Help
me for god’s sake! They’ll kill the child. Save him. Give back the kid.
– Who are you? Whoever I am, I’m sure
that you are a bunch of fools. Before you snatch
her child from a lady.. should gag her mouth
to keep her from shouting. Else someone or the other
would come to her rescue. Just like me. C’mon now! Hey mister! Mind your business! If you try to take the
child you’ll get shot. That’ll be a mistake. How’ll an innocent
woman procure a pistol? It’s a fake. It won’t fire. See for yourself! See! Don’t move! Fooled once again? The lesson here is that
don’t trust a stranger so easily. This is a real pistol. Attacking from behind
is a very old trick. It’s very popular. You all
should think of something new. Handover the child! Hand him over! Get lost! Thank you.
– Why were they after your kid? This isn’t my kid.
– Not yours? No. It’s inspector Kumar’s child. Inspector Kumar’s child?!
– Yes. These men were my
husband’s accomplices. And they wanted to kill this child. Are you Amarchand’s wife? Yes. Despite knowing that
inspector Kumar got him sentenced.. wanted to rescue his child? Yes. What’s the innocent
child’s fault in this? You’re right. You’re a great lady. Look! Danger’s still
lurking out there. I’ll accompany you.
– Listen. I’ve left my child alone at home. Can you please take
this kid back home? Me?
– Yes. I shall always be grateful to you. Give him to me. Hey Shankar! You’re passing by
without stopping for a drink! Have you quit drinking? No, I haven’t but I don’t
want to drink with this child. I’ll give you a solution to that. Give me the child.
I’ll sit outside with it. You can go in and have a quick drink. No, pal. Let it be. Not today.
– C’mon, don’t refuse. How’ll you spend the
night without drinking? Give me the kid, c’mon. C’mon, no problem. Go on! Sit here. – Of course,
I will sit right here. Great. Go on, have a drink. Kid, what’s your name? How are you, Gajanan?
– I’m fine. Give me a large peg. John! You?! You’re back from jail? I’m back, man.
– I’m glad. I’m back with a
missing arm because of you. But it was your fault. When you knew that the cops are near.. ..then you should have surrendered. The cops fired at you
it hit your arm and you lost it. You don’t accept your mistake! You informed the police. I shall never forget that, Shankar. It’s a false accusation. It was your mistake. You burnt damp wood instead
of coal for brewing liquor. You shouldn’t have done so. It gave rise to smoke.. ..and when the cops saw the
smoke rising, they smelt a rat. I’ve been brewing liquor
for 20 years now, man. They didn’t see the smoke in
all these years until that day. I lost one arm but the
other’s still strong. I’ll kill you! You informer! Hey John! What are you doing? C’mon, enjoy your drink!
– John, forget it. Forget it, have a drink.
– Yes. I won’t drink with him.
– Ok, fine. ‘Have a seat, Haria.’ ‘Between us..
– Weird! ‘ John! Come here, John. You’re leaving early today. I won’t drink with
that traitor Shankar. Don’t drink with Shankar. Sit here. Sit. I’ll get you a drink here.
You can sit here and drink it. Hurry up, man.
– Sit. What a cute kid! Yours?
– No, Shankar’s. John! John! Shankar, you deprived me of an arm. And I took away your sole support. What have you done, John! It’s Munna’s birthday today. Who knows where he might be! Memories become old.. ..but even after ages,
they’re remain in the mind. Daddy.. I’m sure that we’ll
find brother one day. Yes, son. The world lives on hope. Aren’t you ashamed
of being illiterate? I’m but I can’t help it. Why don’t you join a school
and learn to read and write? I can, sir, but there’s a problem.
– What? Jailor.. ..suppose I get educated
there are two possibilities. Either I might get a
job or I might not. It’s good if I get a job,
then it’s good if I don’t.. ..then I’ll end up on the footpath. That gives rise to two possibilities. Either I’ll sleep
peacefully or I won’t. If I don’t sleep it’s
good else if I sleep.. ..then there are two possibilities. Either I’ll dream or I won’t.
If I dream it’s good.. ..if I don’t then I
won’t see my dream girl. Two possibilities are there, if
she does come, then it’s good. If she doesn’t then I’ll fall sick. If I fall sick then
there are two possibilities. Either I go to the
hospital or I don’t. If I don’t go, then I’ll die.. ..and if I do then there
are two possibilities. Either I’ll get free
treatment or I won’t. If I do get free treatment,
then it’s good. If I don’t.. ..then I’ll need money.
And if I need money.. ..then there’s only one way out. And ultimately I’ll
have to come back to you. You tell me.. ..if I have to come back to
you even after being educated. Oh shut up! Constable! Get a painkiller! But jailor, I don’t have a headache. Shut up! I said, get out from here!
– Ok. Bye, sir. It’s sad that.. keeping coming back
here despite being a girl. You’re being released from
this jail for the 4th time. Jail? Sir.. You’re calling this
good hotel, a jail? Timely food, timely sleep,
waking up on time. Comfortable life! What’s lacking here? All the three needs of
life are available here. Food, clothing and shelter.
– Get out! Sir, kindly spare
some money. Sir, please! Sir, spare a penny. Sorry, sir. Sorry! I was in a hurry, had to catch a bus.
– Forgive me. Mother, take this. Your
first income for the day. Take this. Thief! Thief!
– Live long, dear! Thief! I’m dead meat! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! “Calling me a thief,
people defame me.” “Calling me a thief,
people defame me.” “Who isn’t a thief here?
Everybody steals!” “They do so stealthily..” “They do so stealthily
and I do so openly!” “To steal is my job, O friends!
To steal is my job.” “To steal is my job, O friends!
To steal is my job.” “One stole the heart and.. ..the other stole wealth.” “One stole the heart and.. ..the other stole wealth.” “Both showed of their expertise.” “You can’t do without stealing..” “You can’t do without stealing.” “Don’t blame it on me!” “To steal is my job.
To steal is my job.” “To steal is my job.
To steal is my job.” “This world is very deceiving.” “Don’t take anybody to be innocent.” “This world is very deceiving.” “Don’t take anybody to be innocent.” “Upon getting a chance,
men shall make their moves.” “The doer.. does away..” “The doer does away
with what he intends to.” “To steal is my job, O friends!
To steal is my job.” “To steal is my job, O friends!
To steal is my job.” “When in jail, I thought
that it’s wrong to steal.” “When in jail, I thought
that it’s wrong to steal.” “When I came out, I saw that
it’s what everybody does.” “He does the same.” “So does he!” “He does the same.
– So does he!” “All are a slave to this.” “To steal is my job.
To steal is my job.” “To steal is my job.
To steal is my job.” Your parents have named you wrongly. Your name’s Sharmili
but you’re shameless. You aren’t any less either. Every time you visit the
prison and return healthier. Even you look prettier
when you return from jail. The food is very
good in jail these days. That’s true. There are a lot of scam these days. Hey pal, have you started work? Bhola. I’ve quit this business. What? Yes. It’s good that you’ve quit. The risks outweigh the
gains in this business. Even I’ve quit. O god, give us the strength.. embark on a
righteous path in life. O god, help us.. ..two strayed beings to move
towards goodness and light. Hey you! Come back
to the darkness now. No, I won’t.
– Ok. Is this all that you earned today? You’re cheating me, Bhola. C’mon! Give it to me. – Not me,
you’re the one who’s cheating. Remember Sharmili, we’re
equal partners in this business. Half yours and half mine. Handover my wallet,
you stole it just now. Oh! That was your wallet? Yes, it was mine.
– I forgot! Hand it over!
– Here. Let’s split the loot now.
– Sit. This is yours and this is mine. Two for you.. ..two for me.
– Look Bhola, be honest. You’ll never find a
partner as honest as me. Only in business. What did you think? I’d marry a thief like you?! Here. Tomorrow..
same place, same time. Father!
– You’re back.. Dear! Where do you go missing? You know very well
that I’ve none except you. Where had you been?
– Father. My job is such. What do I do? They had sent me to
Indore for 3 months. I’m crippled. So unfortunate.. ..that God has burdened you with me. Parents are never a burden. Father, don’t think so. Have faith in god. He’ll surely heal your legs one day.
– O dear! One for me too. Bhola, my son!
– Hey uncle John! Welcome home! Welcome home! Sit down. Sit down. When did you come out of prison?
– Just now. For the eighth time! You’re crying for being
in jail for eight years. Look at me! I spent 15 years
in jail. One after the other. I spent 15 years. Work with your heart and soul.
– Uncle John, I do work with my heart and soul. But the cops also watch me
with their heart and soul. Greetings, sir.
– What for? You’ve been handcuffed.
– Handcuffed?! Your marriage has been fixed.
– Marriage? My marriage?
– Yes! Who did so?
– Not me Ask your father. Why do
you scold me? Greetings, sir! I hate this habit of his! Shyam, this isn’t about marriage. It was just a joke. Actually, the dept is.. ..pleased with your service
and has given you a promotion. Henceforth, you’re a sub-Inspector.
– Thank you, sir. Seek your mother’s blessings Live long, dear! Good luck! Shyam! The lights have
gone out! Check! Go. What’s that noise? What happened?!
– They took.. What did they take? – They took
away everything, including jewelry. No.7?! What does it mean? Who can dare to do this? Cheers! No.7!
– Hail! No.7!
– Hail! Friends.. ..we’ve gained Rs.18 lakhs
in the last ten burglaries. And nine lakhs are your share in that. Shetty, distribute the
money among our partners. Sir, I fail to understand one thing. Why did you choose no.7
among all the numbers? Don’t ever to ask me
this question again! Bhola, the house looks loaded. To hell with the house. I hope the vault is loaded. Yes, but I wonder
where the money is kept. In the bathroom. In the bathroom?!
– Yes. I’ve heard that.. people keep their
money in the bathroom. C’mon! What happened?! How’s this possible? Police!
– We’re done for! Run! We’re saved! As I said earlier, our
small steals are better. Had we been caught today.. ..then we’d have ended
up in prison for life. Oh! Had we been successful then.. ..there would’ve been
no struggle in future. Men should take risks.
– Keep the risks to yourself. Bhola, what are you doing? On selling this we’ll
atleast manage one meal. Are you crazy to sell
this for a meal? Let it be. Bhola, what are you doing? Bhola, make it fast!
– Stay quiet! I’ll get nervous! It’s very heavy! – There must
be 10 bundles of 500 rupees. And what if it’s 100 rupees?
– Shut up! Bhola, I’ve never even
dreamt of such a huge amount. C’mon, make it fast! Oh! Seems like some waste papers. There’s no money in here,
not even a paisa. Our fortune is disgraceful! Seems like someone
has written a novel.. Theft is my job! It’s of no use to us! Throw it away! Bhola, give it a thought! If
it has been kept so safely.. ..then it must be having some value. Maybe it’s of some use to us!
– What kind of use?! ..It’s nonsense!
– Bhola keep it with yourself! C’mon!
– C’mon! Oh no! Watch it!
– I’m fine. It’s ok. Did you see a thief getting away?
– Yes, he went this way! No, Sir, he went this way! I know it for sure, he went this way! No, Sir, he went this way! Here!
– There! Here! – There! Here!
– No! Constable, don’t trust females,
believe me.. ..he went that way. That way! Why did you misguide the constable? He belongs to our community!
It’s our duty to save him. He even helped us before
going by leaving this! Bhola! You’re amazing! Hey, take off your hand! Come, here’s your parcel! Whatever be the complaint,
the world ain’t a bad place! No place is bad till
the time we’re together! When there is alcohol, meat,
females around.. ..even hell becomes heaven. What are you doing? Let go of me! Leave me! I’ll pay! Leave me! 1
– 2- 3. No! No! No! Waiter. Why did you throw that
decent man out of here? Sir, he didn’t pay his bill! Yes sir, this is our custom. Those who don’t pay the bills,
aren’t allowed out on foot.. ..we throw them out. Bhola! You have the wallet, don’t you? Yes, don’t worry. Enjoy the meal! Waiter! Get me the order. Hello sir! Did you
get hold of the thief? No, brother! He escaped! Who can escape you? He’ll be caught in a day or two. Join us on the table! Share
our food! Come, constable! Food? – Yes. Come over!
– Please come. You people take care of us inside!
– Inside? She meant to say that you
people serve to protect us! Give us a chance you serve you once! Waiter, get a plate! Will you drink? Brother, how can I
drink with my uniform on? Why don’t you take it off?
– Take it off? Even bureaucrats are stripped
of their uniforms these days. Have a drink.
– No.. I’m on duty. I don’t drink! Have some chicken.
– Chicken? – Yes. Mutton chops! Mutton chops?
– Have the mutton chops. Here’s some rice and lentils. Thanks a lot, sir. Here. Waiter! – Yes, sir!
– Get the bill! – Yes, sir! Where did you get this wallet from?
– This wallet is mine! No, brother! This wallet is mine! That thief picked my pocket! He picked your pocket?
– Yes, but where did you get it from? From your pocket!
– My pocket? He meant to say that he
it was a stroke of luck! It was lying on the road.
– Thanks a lot! You’re a very decent man!
– The food was great! Thanks a lot. Hey constable!
– Yes, sir. The Constable took the wallet. Waiter, throw me out of here. Hey! Show him the way out of here! 1
– 2- 3! 1!
– Help! – 2! – Help! – 3! Sharmili! Sharmili! Alas! He killed! A
helpless got killed! He killed my wife! What happened?
– He drove like a blindman! He runs over the poor. It’s your wife’s mistake! I’ve been driving for years,
I’ve never run over anybody. Even my wife never
got ran over by a car. Brothers! My brothers! Look, how these rich
men run over the poor.. ..and feign innocence.
How can we be at fault? Look at his guts!
Look at the injustice! What?! Uncle, call the police! You’ll have to be witnesses.
I’m ruined! Why are you creating a ruckus?
Why call the police? I’ll call a reputed
doctor and cure your wife.. ..and bear all the expenses!
– Expenses? Yes.
– Expenses? Did you see how smartly
these people try to bribe us.. ..but times have changed, we
won’t keep quiet. Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up! Wait! Hold on! He’s a decent man! Must’ve gone wrong! Sir, you’re ready to
bear the expenses, right? I’m ready to do anything that you say Take your wife and
let’s get out of here! I’m done for!
– Oh my wife! Lend a hand! C’mon! Lift her up! Open the door, fast!
– Open it! – Hurry! Bhola, I’m leaving! What happened?
– You look ahead! Don’t waste your youth on me! Take the money that he
gives and get married. Bhola!
– Sharmili! Bhola!
– Sharmili! Stop the car! My wife’s dead! What happened?
– Sir, my better half died! What are you saying?
– My Sharmili left this world! Let me check!
– Don’t touch! Sharmili! You took away my wife from me!
You made me a widow! I’ll take revenge. I’ll get you executed! Turn
the car to the police station! No, no.. Brother, the one
destined to leave has left! Why are you dragging me
into all this? Think calmly! Me or you? You killed her!
You’ll be hanged! You think calmly of what to do. But what witness do you
hold regarding this murder? So many people have witnessed it.. ..all of them will stand against you. Her stomach bears the
imprint of your car. I’m gone! What will you get from executing me? I’ll get you married elsewhere!
– Oh my God! Sharmili! Did you hear? Sir wants to get me
married elsewhere! Sharmili! Where will I get a
better girl than you? I can’t even fulfil your last wish. Even if he gives me 50,000 rupees.. ..I won’t get married elsewhere. Sir, head to the police station. Hey, what kind of a man are you? Dear, won’t you fulfil
your wife’s last wish? Do you know.. ..that the soul wanders if
it’s last wish is not fulfilled. It becomes a ghost!
– What? You mean to say that her soul
will never attain peace? – No. Sharmili! I won’t let this happen! I’ll get married! Sir, I’ll accept
50,000 rupees from you! I can’t see your spirit
wandering in the jail! – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! But what will we do of her? We need to think!
– Shall we burn her? No! We need to bury her! Yes, but where? There’s a place. A ruin near Borivali. Sir, you head there fast. Get a coffin! See to it that no one takes note! Be quick. There’s a problem! You
didn’t tell me the size! I brought it in my size.
– It’s ok. Keep walking backwards. Backwards..
– Backwards.. Place it there. Oh my god..
– Don’t touch her! Nobody shall touch my
wife even after her death! I’m sorry.
– Take this. Start digging out there,
under the tree! But how do I do it?
This is the first time! This is the first time
that my wife has died! Someone will see us here!
Go! Go! Go! Fast! Dig! Shut up and leave! Go! Go on quietly! Hurry! Whose voice was this?!
– It’s sharmili’s. Sharmili?
– She’s turned into a ghost! So soon? But it’s not
even 10 in the night! Work gets done early these days. Have you dug out there?
– Yes, I have! – C’mon! How has she become so light? A poor soul becomes light
after death, sir! – C’mon! It’s done! It’s done! The money.
– Oh the money.. money.. Here, this is a thousand. The remaining 49,000? I don’t roam around
with such a huge sum! Come here tomorrow.. ..I’ll give you the card..
Come and take the balance. Sir, a case of losing wife
and money won’t occur, right? Don’t you trust me? Come home, now! I’ll give it!
– Come! – Okay, come! Make it soon!
– C’mon! Sir, you leave for now! I’ll
collect the money tomorrow. Why?
– Didn’t you hear.. ..Sharmili’s soul calling out?
Her ghost is wandering about. She has died for the first time!
– Then? I’ll sit here, light a candle.. ..chant hymns and
spend time. You leave! I am going. I am going. Goodbye sir! You were trying to leave without me. Your timing is always bad!
What if he had smelt a rat? Even his father won’t
be able to guess it! We’ve got a nice catch this time! We’ve trapped a big fish!
– I feel the same! Will he pay you? Yes, of course! C’mon, let’s go. Hey, give me my share!
– You saw it?! Of course! We’ve just started business. That’s it!
– Hey! Okay! Here’s your 500. 3.. 4..
– Hey! But, sir..
– Greetings! Greetings! Sir, someone has come to meet you! Don’t you see that I’m busy? Sir, he says that he’s
been called personally by you. He’s from Borivali! What his name?
– The ‘grave’ guy! Oh! Call him soon! Call him soon! Go there. Go there. Come in! Come, Mr. ‘Grave guy’! Please be seated!
– My name’s not ‘grave guy’ but Bhola. Mr. Bhola! You must’ve had tea, right?
– No, I haven’t! I’ll have some now.
Little water, more milk.. ..and lots of sugar! With 2 toast and butter! Ok. Got the order, go
get it! Get it soon! Listen, you go to Mr.
Mehta and get Rs.49,000. From which account?
– Driving account! Driving?
– Yes, driving. Go! Hurry up! One minute! Listen, I want to have a
private talk with him. Can you.. Sir, I can’t come everyday! I
want my royalty credit today! What are you talking about? We’ve printed Ramayan, did
Valmiki come for royalty credit? Did Vyas come for the
royalty credit of Bhagavadgita? Did Kalidas come for the
royalty credit of Shakuntala? Mr. Chandidas, how could
you come for it? – Look sir.. didn’t have an
agreement with any of them.. ..but you have one with me! And I can make you pay
this money in the court. Why are you getting angry? Sit! Sit! How much does your royalty
credit amount to? – 75,000. Oh gosh! Look, can’t
give your 75,000 now! Will 74,000 work? Okay, go ahead!
– Okay, hold on! Mehtaji! He’s angry, pay
him his royalty credit! Yes, royalty account. Yes, thank you. You can collect your cheque!
– Thank you! Oh my god!
– What’s it? Sir, what do you do?
– Haven’t you heard of us? Pravin Chandra Shah! I’m the topmost publisher!
I print books, stories! Is it? You publish books? You even pay for it?
– Yes, I do! Didn’t you see it? I paid right in front of you.
– Oh sir! Shake hands!
– Why? – C’mon, shake hands! Sir, the money.
– Here is the money! I’ll be back.
– Atleast take your money. I’ll be back in a minute!
– Take your money. I’ll be back soon! File, where’s it?
– What?! The file.. that we stole..
– Why, what happened? I’ll tell you later. Where
is the file? – But the money.. To hell with the money,
where’s the file? – In the hotel. Hotel. No, they threw
the file out with us. We had buried it in the grave. Come! Sir, I’m back. Sir, I’m back! Oh! Here’s your money. Where were you? Don’t show me your
face ever again! Get lost! I’ll get lost! Just do me a favour before that!
– What kind of favour? I’ve written a story! Print it! You think I’m mad to print your story? Have the reputed writers died
that I have to print your story? If I have to, then I’ll
print Gulshan Nanda’s story. Atleast, they can
make a movie out of it! Think about it, sir! I
talk of your interest. If you don’t print it then,
maybe you’ll incur a loss! You dare to threaten our boss! Sir, he’s threatening you! I won’t print it! What will you do? Borivali!
– I won’t print! The ruins.
– Even then I won’t print! The girl!
– I’ll never print it! Hang to death! Hang to death? I’ll print it!
– Boss.. One lakh advance! I won’t give it! Take, 99,000. Ninety – nine thousand.
– Give it. Tell Mehtaji to get Rs.99,000 in cash. Sir, atleast read it once. My move backfired. Did you get the money?
– Yes. Yes, a huge amount.
– How much is it? One and a half lacs. One and a half lacs? Bhola, I’ve never seen
so much money in my life! So have I! What is my share? 75,000! 75,000? Sharmili! Sharmili! Bhola, say it once again. How much? 75,000!
– Wrong! Hey, 50,000 yours,
50,000 and the rest is mine! Who are you?
– I’m doubt! Doubt? – I know a little bit
of what happened at Borivali! What? I said I know a little bit
of what happened at Borivali! What did you see?
– Empty coffin.. ..fake burial and lot of deception! Hence, I suggest that
you share the booty. Get out of here else
you’ll get beaten up! Do you see this? It’s made up of iron! Even handcuffs are made of iron! Blackmailing, section 384.. offence punishable for 5 years. Anyways, I’ll leave.. How far is it?
– What? The police station? Never mind, I’ll find the way. Hey, wait! We agree! Can’t you
take less, say 25,000? If you act stubborn then I
shall demand for a lac! – Lac? 1.25 lacs!
– Okay! God! gave me so much but why
did you send a partner along? Come. Father! Father, our
days of sorrow are over. We’ll have everything now. A new house, cars,
servants, everything! Look at this! This, this and this!
– So much of money! Where did you get it from?
– We won a lottery! Father, fortune has favoured us! Now, most reputed
doctors shall heal your legs. We will bear all the expenses, father! Father!
– Bless you, dear! What! So many copies got sold today? You want more?
– Yes, sir. – Of course. Of course! I’ll send it across. 5000 copies ordered by
National book house. Hello, Ajmer book house! You want 10,000 copies?! Pravin?
– Yes?! – Find the writer! Let’s throw a party! A
grand cocktail party! We’ll call the press! Hold a
press conference! Go find him! Right away!
– Find him! Have you read this
book ‘Chori Mera Kaam’? Yes, father. I think no other book till.. has covered crime so perfectly! The author of this book is a genius! There many methods of
escaping law even after crimes! I’m amazed! No criminal can get caught
after implementing his tricks! That is the reason
why I have called you! Even No.7 hasn’t
been caught till date! What do you mean? Maybe No.7 and the
author of this book are one. What? A minimum distance of 7 metres.. ..a bit of light with darkness.. ..partially hiding his face,
without uttering a word.. ..the criminal can wear a
mask and trap anybody he wants. ‘Chori Mera Kaam’, author, Bholanath. Applause! Ladies and Gentlemen.. This is the author of
the book ‘Chori Mera Kaam’. Mr. Bholabhai.. I mean, Mr. Bholanath. He looks more of a
fighter than a writer. But believe me, in India.. ..there never has been a
writer like him till date.. ..nor is there one,
nor will there be any. You can field your questions now. Click his photo. Mr. Bholanath, where did you
get the inspiration from.. write this book? I’ve never been
injected by anybody till date! What?!
– Look at my physique! Look at my muscles. Where did you get to learn
these new methods of crime? I haven’t learnt any!
– What? – You haven’t learnt?! Mr. Bholanath, you
must’ve studied criminal law? What? – Criminal law
means the law of crimes. What’s the need to study? It’s my job! Your job?
– What do you mean? You must’ve met theives,
smugglers, etc? No, I have just met
one person, Mr. Pravin. Why are you lying? You just came to me with
a file and I printed it. That’s all I know! Mr. Bholanath, have you
written this book to aid the police.. ..or to encourage the criminals? Which road? What road? What?! The path tread by great
men is always the right one. A police and a
criminal share the same path. Because the police has to
retrace the path of a criminal. Who are you? Inspector Shyam, I’m his secretary! Secretary?
– Yes, secretary. I had met you in Borivali, remember? Yes, Borivali! Borivali!
– Secretary! Secretary! Mr. Bholanath is a genius. It’s not easy to understand him! Because I’ve spent my life
with him, I understand him well. Now you can ask what you want. Mr. Bholanath, have you
experienced a prison life? Experience? I’ve been
there numerous times! I even had a fight with
the jailor, last time! What?
– He means to say that.. order to gain experience,
he’s been to the jail.. well as messed with the police!
– Oh I see! Write it down!
– I have a query! On page 36 of your novel,
you have mentioned.. ..that if the thief covers
his face with another’s mask.. ..then he can escape easily,
is it true? Mask? What is that?
– The mask.. You’ve read it wrong!
– He means, you read the wrong verse. You read the 136th verse. In
the 165th verse, it’s written.. ..that it’s possible to
trap somebody wearing a mask. This is good news! This means that, Mr. Bholanath.. ..must be knowing people who
make good masks. – Yes, I do! Yes, he does..
– But you won’t tell! Yes, I won’t tell!
– Because it’s his secret! Yes, cigarette!
– Secret! Glad to meet you, sir.
And you too, sir. Your friend is here, talk to her. Hey!
– That’s alright. Do you wish to know
anything more about the mask? No, I’ve learnt a lot! Thanks a lot! Pravin, this garland is yours. Get down!
– Why don’t you help? Get down. What are you doing here? You’re having a gala time
and I can’t even take a look?! If he comes to know that
you’re alive and present here.. ..then everything
will be ruined. Go now! Bhola, you look great in a suit! If somebody gets to know,
it’ll create problems. Go! Go from here. Autograph please!
– Your autograph. Yes! You imprint your thumb?! I always imprint my thumb!
– Why? I told you that none can
understand him. You won’t either. He wants his admirers to
have a genuine sign of him. Signatures can be faked, isn’t it? Yes!
– But thumb prints can never change! Yes!
– Go on! Go on! Very sweet! Ladies and Gentlemen.. ..please gather around here.
There’s good news. Even you come along, Mr.
Pravin. There’s good news. You must be pleased to
hear that Mr. Pravin.. ..has promised an
advance of Rs.1 lac.. ..Rs.2 lacs to Mr. Bholanath
for his next book. Mr. Secretary.. I made no such promise. Tell him it was a mistake.
– Sorry, ladies and gentlemen.. ..he has not promised Rs.2 lacs.. ..instead decided to give Rs.2.5 lacs. No, I haven’t decided upon anything. I haven’t decided upon anything,
brothers and sisters. Sir, you decided in front of me!
– When? Borivali! I won’t give! Graveyard!
– I’ll never give! Girl!
– I won’t! Hang to death! No. Think about it, sir.
Think about it. People are watching. Fine. But I won’t give 2.5 lacs..
– Then? I’ll give 2 lacs and 49,000.
– One thousand less? Agreed! What is all this Borivali,
graveyard, girl, hang to death? Secretary! Secretary!
– Yes. I’ll tell you, sir! These are the titles for
Bholanath’s upcoming books. And Rs.2.49 lacs is the
advance for his royalty! Will you give the cheque?
– Yes, thank you. You write so well! It
feels like kissing your palms. Go ahead, kiss it! Your imagination is so good! Are you imagination personified?
– No! I wish I had been so!
– Why? I’d have been with you. Among your upcoming novels,
I love the name ‘Girl’. Girl? Even I love it! Why don’t you come
over for dinner tomorrow? We can talk comfortably then. Certainly! I understand!
I’ll come for sure. Do not get any presents!
– I won’t! I won’t! Who was that girl?
– Who? The one you were giggling with. That girl! She’s very nice. Sometimes warm, sometimes soft..
electrifying yet gentle.. She was the heart
– throb of millions there.. ..but she didn’t budge to anyone,
kept talking to me! She has called me over
for dinner tomorrow! You’re lying! I know that you don’t
socialise without a reason. The world is bound by reason. I have earned a lot now,
wish to get settled.. ..and our relationship
is only till business. Business! Business! Business! That’s all you know! Have you ever thought of
anything beyond it? – Me? Trade is not only for
money but also for love! But when did you even have a heart? Sharmili!
– Don’t you dare call me! It’s all over between us henceforth! I only trade with hearty
people not money- minded! Sharmili!
– Let go of me! Find yourself an
electrifying yet warm companion. Sharmili! So, you are alive? Well, who are you? Oh! You forgot me so early? You drama of dying
beneath my car was quite good. Dying beneath your car?
What are you saying? You both are really smart! I’ll send the both of you to jail. Both? Whom are you talking about?
– Don’t lie! You considered, Pravin to be a fool? You have earned a lot from me!
You have robbed me enough! Your.. whoever he is to you! He’s buried your coffin with my money. Grave? Oh! So, you have
killed my twin sister? Twin sister? How is it possible? Why not? Me and my
sister have similar faces. Haven’t you watched Seeta And Geeta?
– Seeta and Geeta? You mean double role?
– Yes. I’ve come all the way
from Goa in search of her. Tell me, where is she? What have you done to her?
Where have you buried her? Tell me, answer me! You murderer! I swear on my dead sister
that I’ll not spare you. C’mon, walk to the police station. I’ll have you jailed!
You killed my sister! I’ll hang you to death. Police! Police! My sister! My sister! Please don’t call the police! I’ll pay you 25,000 rupees. 25,000 only? Is my
sister’s life so cheap? I need 50,000.
– 50,000? Settle down to 49,000. You look like a decent man. Okay, shall I take it?
– Here, I don’t have it now. Here, take this card and
come to my office tomorrow. I’ll give it to you.
– I’ll reach at 10 in the morning! Keep the cash ready!
– Okay! Bundles of hundreds!
– Okay! I’m done for! You’re done for, Mr. Pravin! Earlier I had to pay one,
now it’s two! Switch off the lights. No! It’s sheer nonsense. All of you take this
from here and leave. Sir, I had told you this earlier!
It’s impossible! ‘Mr. Bholanath must be
knowing a reputed mask- maker.’ I know.
– Yes, but he won’t tell you! ‘ He won’t tell you
because it’s his secret. Shetty, go and bring the
author and his secretary! Let’s eat something.
– C’mon! Three burgers!
– Hurry up! Hurry up and eat. We’ll have ice cream after that. “The onset of the
monsoons brings joy.” Sir, can you act as that
girl’s husband? – What? For 50 rupees. Okay, take 100! Okay? Here, and this is for you. Hey, run both of you!
Her husband is here! Run!
– What the hell, man! “Why are you behind me?” “Why are you behind me?” “I find you everywhere I go!” “I understood your smartness!” “I understood your smartness!” “You’re a very clever girl.” “Sometimes, you act noble.
Sometimes, you throw tantrums.” “I’ve understood what
you seek from me! – What?” “Heart! Heart! Heart! Keep it!” “Heart?” “Keep, keep, keep
your heart to yourself!” “Keep, keep, keep
your heart to yourself!” “I’ve many like you
buzzing around me!” “I’m not what you think!” “I’m not what you think!” “Why do you stay around?
Why do you revive the wound?” “I understand what you seek from me.
– What?” “Heart! Heart! Heart! Keep it!” “This had to happen.” “Since you made your
presence in my dreams.” “This had to happen.” “Since you made your
presence in my dreams.” “The one who loves me in her dreams.” “But fights when I’m present.” “But fights when I’m present.” “Don’t keep begging! Your
orders won’t work here.” “You won’t get it!
– What?” “Heart! Heart! Heart! Here, take it” “Why are you behind me?” “Why are you behind me?” “I find you everywhere I go!” “I understood your smartness!” “You’re a very clever girl.” “Sometimes, you act noble.
Sometimes, you throw tantrums.” “I’ve understood what
you seek from me! – What?” “Heart! Heart! Heart! Keep it!” “If you really want to
give away your heart.” “Then learn to love.” “If you really want to
give away your heart.” “Then learn to love.” “Learn to live with that love.” “Learn to die with it!” “Learn to die with it!” “Is it?
– Yes.” “Teach me to die with love.
Teach me to live with love.” “Teach me sooner. Make
me understand it sooner.” “Will you understand?
– Yes, I will! – Will you learn?” “Yes, I will!
– Do not love anybody else.” “I won’t.
– Do not go crazy for someone else.” “I won’t.
– Do as I say!” “I will!” “I’ll give you the key!” “I’ll tell you a thing
straight from my heart.” “Will you remember it?
– What?” “Heart! Heart! Heart! Keep it!” “Poor me, so helpless..” What is it, man? What are you doing? What are you doing? 4,5,6,7,8..
– What are you counting? I’m counting my heartbeats! I’m scared. You’re driving very fast. It’s not! It’s just running
at 40 km/h. – 40 mph? – Yes. Tell me when it speeds,
my heart is a little weak! Okay, we’ll tell you. C’mon! Have we come near the seashore! I can smell the trees! Are we in a jungle? It’s a stone. Where are you taking me? Mr. Bholanath, your secretary is here. Mr. Bholanath, are you
present here too!? – Yes, I’m here. Your eyes must be covered like mine! My hands are tied up too! Shankar sir, save me
from these people! What happened?
– They’ve grilled me a lot. Just answer their questions. Definitely. Who wants to question me?
– Me. Ask. The question is that, is it true.. ..that you remember all
that Mr. Bholenath forgets? Look, I’m his secretary.. I ought to
remember all that he forgets! What is the name of that mask- maker?! What sort of misbehaviour is this?!
– There’s a reason to it! Didn’t you ask me the
same query a few days.. ..back posing as a priest? Yes, you’re right!
You’re very intelligent! You didn’t answer me then!
But now you have to! What’s his name? – Look, I’ve
forgotten the answer to this. Rest all I remember.
– Oh! Don’t forget, Shankar sir! I forgot, they reminded me. Recollect and tell them the answer.. ..else you’ll be tortured like I was!
– Is it? Oh!
– Can you identify this? This seems to be a real pistol.
– Yes, you’re right! If you both don’t answer me.. ..then you’ll can forget the world! Take it off! I’ll tell you! That man’s name is.. The telephone’s ringing!
– Damn the telephone! Do you stay here? Mind your business! Tell me the name of that man! That man’s name is Shambu.
– Shambu! What’s his address? This is a twisted question, listen! Do you know Borivali station?
– Yes. There’s a waste disposal area. There’s a temple behind it,
a dog will bark there. Don’t be afraid, keep going! Near it is a graveyard, don’t
go there. It’s not time yet! There’s a peepal tree over
there climb the tree. – Shut up! You’re not getting my point!
If you climb that peepal tree.. ..then can you get a
better view of the road. Do one thing.. ..send me and Mr. Bholanath,
we’ll go and find him. Do you think I’m a fool?
You want to escape? Your people shall follow us,
how will we escape then? Okay, take them with you! If they don’t find him,
shoot them right there! This is where Shambu can be found. Yes, of course. This seems to be a rich man’s house. Shambu is a rich man.
– No, this is Pravin’s house! No, this is Shambu’s house! Oh yes! This is Shambu’s house! Shambu!
– Please come. Give it to me! I’ll drink some milk.
– You’re a great man, brother Pravin! Brother Pravin?! Atleast, don’t call me a
brother now! Call me Pravin! It’s nine! Police! Hide! Hide, take this! Hide! Hurry! You hide behind the cupboard!
C’mon, make it soon! I’m done for! Sir! Sir, there’s nothing in my house. Sir, I’m a nice man! You won’t find even an
empty whisky bottle.. ..nor milk bottle.
– Is your name Shambu? What?
– Shambu! Shambu! You’ve been mistaken,
I’m not Shambu but Pravin! All of you leave! Why are you getting afraid! Be honest! Brother Shambu!
– Bhola, why this untimely arrival? You all leave for now!
Meet me tomorrow. We’ll come tomorrow.. ..but then these two
people need you badly. Brother Shambu!
– What are you saying? You’re calling me with
wrong names! I’m Pravin! Why are you scared, Shambu?
They haven’t come for a raid. They’re our friends! You
tell them your real name. Why are you kidding? Aren’t you the Shambu from Borivali?
– No, I’m Pravin! Aren’t you the Shambu from the
graveyard? – No, I’m Pravin! Aren’t you the Shambu who
dealt that girl? – No, I’m Pravin! You’re the Pravin who’s going
to be hanged to death! – No! Yes, hanged to death! Isn’t it? I’m Shambu! Hey! You.. Leave me. Oh my God, I’m done for. Oh! It’s you Pravin sir!
– Yes, tell them about me! Do you know him?
– Yes, he’s Pravin. Look there. I understood! What did you understand? Tell us also! Seeta and Geeta! One girl with two faces
two girls with one face! Dead one alive and the alive is dead. There’s no corpse?!
– There’s no corpse! There’s no corpse! Why have you brought
us to this graveyard? Have you forgotten
the Borivali incident? Borivali! But sir, to pay us, you.. here.. In the ruins, at night.. It’s black money after all! And there’s another job, Bhola. Sister, this is the
place where his wife.. ..and your sister were buried! Won’t you like to meet your sister?
– Huh? Why are you talking nonsense?
Hand over the money! No, I want to pay the
price for my faults. I’ve got you both here so.. ..that you both can see
her for one last time. I’ll hand over the corpse to
the police and hang to death! Let’s dig the grave!
– What’s the need for that, sir? If you want to pay the price for all.. ..that you did then we’ll
hang you to death! – No. ..we have to dig the grave out!
– No. I won’t let my
sister’s grave be dug out! Digging out someone’s grave is bad!
– Yes! No, sister! You don’t understand! Keeping the grave empty is worse! Pravin sir! Brother,
what are you doing? You both have robbed
me enough of my money! I’ve become fat?
I won’t spare the two of you! Dig out the grave!
– But.. Hurry up and dig! I’m digging it out, sir!
We’ll have to dig it out! Keep the pistol away. C’mon! Make it fast! Sir, you’ll be
responsible for this bad deed! The dead’s soul shall
never forgive you! – Shut up! Dig the grave! Brother Bhola! Days and nights keep
alternating their length. The thief is ultimately caught! Dig it out! Remember, if I
don’t get a body from here.. ..then I shall bury two
corpses before I return! Sir! I’m very thirsty! Yes, very thirsty! We’ll drink some water
and be right back! – Wait! Thirsty? You’ll even feel hungry now! Are you trying to make a
fool out of me? Dig it. Else I’ll shoot you! Bhola, we’re killed! Let’s see. “Come in my boundary once!” “Come in my boundary once!” “Come in my boundary once!” Make it fast! “Come in my boundary once!” “Come in my boundary once!” “Come in my boundary once!” Here, sir! This is it. Now open it and see! Yes sir, let us go now! No, you’ll open it!
– No! No sir! It’s a bad deed! No, you’ll open it! No sir!
– Open it! What is this, Pravin?! Come sir, let’s take the
corpse to the police station! No, I don’t want to
be hanged to death! But you wanted to pay the
price for your bad deeds. No, I don’t want to! I’ll send you your money home. I’ll send you your money at home. Where did this corpse come from? Don’t know where it came from!
– I placed it there! Bholanath! Leaving the grave
empty was a big mistake.. ..which brilliant
writers like you don’t do! And a brilliant writer
like you should’ve known.. ..that it’s not a corpse but
a doll, look at it carefully! Had I not placed this doll here.. ..then your sir
would’ve buried you both here. Thank you, Shankar sir!
– Thanks a lot! What are you thanking me for?
I did all this for myself! Had your earning be cut.. ..where would I have
got my share from? You really are a genius! Atleast, you didn’t
call me a blackmailer. Tell me one thing, Shankar sir. What do you do in this
graveyard every night? I stay here.
– Here! Why? To experience the
darkness of this world! Every crime takes place here,
in this darkness.. ..away from the city,
especially in such places. Murder, smuggling, rape.. ..and all sorts of crime,
how they do it and why? The crimes that they
shouldn’t be committing. That’s the reason I stay here. This is my hobby! Many even call me insane. Anyways, I’ll leave for now! Will see you later
to collect the share! Bury the coffin! C’mon, let’s leave! What is it? Give us a clue. I’m leaving!
– Are you going to Shimla? No!
– Kashmir? – No! Where are you going? I’m going to a place
where Lord Rama resides. He resides up there!
– Not him. Rest! Rest? Rest? What about our salary?
– What about the company? Let it burn to ashes! Welcome, Mr. Bholanath.
Be seated please. You’ve written such a wonderful book! As a remembrance, please sign here. Sign. Yes, sign here. Sir, that.. You don’t wish to sign here? No.. – You can’t sign because
you’re illiterate! Uneducated! How did you publish this
book In your name then? You stole it! You have no evidence to prove it.
– Evidence? Your past record is evidence enough. You were raised on the streets. You’ve lived on the footpaths. And you’ve lived your life
like a worm in a gutter. You’ve been a criminal
since childhood. Lock him up! You’re right, sir. ..that I’ve been
raised on the streets.. I’ve lived my life like
the worms in the gutters. You know all about me ..except why I turned to crime.
– Why? Because I had to face hatred
and shame since childhood. Sir.. ..every man needs support to survive. Had I received that support, then.. I’d have been an
inspector like your son, sir. If your son had to live
a life like me, then.. Forgive me, but he too
would’ve been a criminal. Shut up! Shyam! Let him go. You can go. Hello! Yes? Mr. Raja? Don’t worry. The security
arrangements have been made. And I’ll be personally present there.. ..during the jewellery auction. You’re welcome. I think the auction
should be started now. You’re right. Ladies and gentlemen! Sires! Madams! See! Select! Million dollar
goods at throwaway prices! Look at this! A diamond necklace! World’s most
brilliant diamond necklace. Let’s have the first bid!
A diamond necklace! 1 lakh!
– 1 lakh! A diamond necklace..
– 110,000! 110,000! C’mon bid! Bid! 120,000!
– 125,000! 125,000.
– Bid quickly. A diamond necklace for 130,000. 130,000.
– 140,000. Come on, come on. 140,000. 175,000. – World’s most
brilliant diamond necklace. 190,000! Bid! C’mon bid! 300,000!
– 300,000! 300,000! One. 300,000! Two. 325,000!
– 325,000? Come on, come on. 375,000 only.
– 400,000. 400,000!
– A diamond necklace. – 425,00 425,000. Jewels cheaper than glass. Who said 500,000?
– Who said 600,000? Only 500,000 for
these goods? Bid higher. 700,000! 700,001, 700,002.. 700,003. What will happen to us, Commissioner? Don’t worry at all! All
ends have been secured. Please relax and be seated! Nobody will move from their place. Anybody who tries to
go out shall be shot. Inspector Shyam!
– Yes, sir. Make sure that none leave
the auditorium. – Yes, sir. Secure all ends. Inspector Khan! Check what’s wrong.
– Yes, sir. Hurry it up! Kumar, what are you doing?
– Sir.. ..he’s doing the right thing. If all the jewellery
is kept in one box.. ..then it’d be much easier
to guard them. Come see. C’mon! Quick! Quick! Quick! Kumar, what are you doing? Where are you taking the jewellery? Who’s this guy? Your father is no.7.
– What are you saying?! Follow him! Didn’t I fool all of you!
– Sir, you?! Not only you all.. ..the entire city including
the police dept was fooled. Bring out the bag. Be careful! The loot is big!
– Don’t worry, sir. C’mon, man! Suresh! You!
– Yes. I should thank you. You made such a
beautiful mask of Kumar.. ..that everybody was fooled. Tell me, name your price?
– Fie upon you! You threatened to kill my daughter.. ..and forced me to do this job. I swear on God.. ..I’ll reveal the truth
the day I get out of here. You’ll never leave this place! Kumar, when you leave this place..’d find the world
to have changed for you. The police force.. ..the society, even your son
would think of you to be no.7. Just like how I rotted
in jail as prisoner no.7.. ..similarly, you too shall
suffer all your life as no.7. And this would be my revenge! Doctor, when will he
regain consciousness? By tomorrow night. Baljit!
– Yes, sir. Dump him on the beach
before he regains his senses. Yes, sir. Here’s it, sir.
– Thank you. Thank you. Neither do you have
a wife nor children. Neither do you have any vices.. ..nor do you drink foreign liquor. Then what do you do
with so much money? I enjoy Laxmibai’s plays.
I admire her beauty. Money comes with great difficulty.. ..but sneaks out before you realise. You know nothing about me. I drink toddy. It’s not toddy,
it’s country whisky. Get me a soda. “Life is..” John! John, wait! Wait, John! John! Where’s the kid? Tell me!
– I won’t! You won’t?
– No! Do whatever you want.
I won’t tell you. Even if you hack off my other arm,
I’m not going to tell you. I took my revenge. John, it wasn’t my child. It belonged to somebody else. Taxi! To Parel! Uncle John.. Mr. Shankar speaking the truth? Yes, dear. He’s right. I wanted to avenge Shankar.
I committed a grave mistake. I ruined your life, son. I’m sorry, son. I’m very sorry. Uncle John, what do I have to say! Your mistake has destroyed me! My father and brother
are police officers. And I’m.. ..a petty thief. A criminal who has
served time in prison. If they come to know of this.. ..they’d regret finding me
more than having lost me. It’s futile to attempt escape!
You’re under arrest. I’m sorry sir. Excuse me, sir! Bhola, did you see
somebody running this way? I didn’t see anybody. Secure this area from
all sides. Hurry up! Inspector, whom are you searching? A notorious criminal.
– Who’s he? He’s the one. But.. he’s your father. It’s my duty to arrest a criminal,
whoever he is. Constable, check there! Shyam, did you nab the criminal? Not yet, sir. But
he’s in this locality. We’ve secured it from
all sides. He can’t escape. Good. We’ve searched this side,
no sign of the criminal. What?! We’ve searched here, the
criminal’s not to be found. How’s this possible? I’ll tell you. You’ve helped your father escape. What are you saying, sir?
Do you suspect me? Ties of the blood are very strong,
inspector Shyam. – Sir.. ..I’ve told you earlier.. ..too that if I don’t arrest
the criminal in seven days’.. ..time then I shall resign. This is the last
night of your promise. There’s still time for daybreak, sir. I’ll prove that.. ..ties of the blood aren’t
stronger than the sense of duty. Wish you all the luck! C’mon! The cops have left,
you can come out now. Careful. Thanks a lot.
– But where are you going? The cops are after you.
Come along with me. It’s ok. I’ve important
work to do. Thank you. But.. listen! Hello! Police station? The criminal you’re searching.. ..for is hiding in the
building being made at Juhu beach. Yes? No. What have you done?!
– Didn’t you hear? If my son doesn’t arrest me today.. ..then he’ll have to
resign tomorrow morning. Tonight is my son’s night of test. And no father can let
such a night turn gory. Check upstairs! Check there! You can’t arrest me. No son can arrest his father. Shyam, these tears in
your eyes are proof.. ..that you can’t arrest me.
You can’t handcuff me. Duty holds no meaning
over the ties of blood. No! You’re right Bhola.. ..the man who can
sacrifice a son for his duty.. ..and to save one’s
honour gives himself up. Such a man can never be a criminal. The court sentences the
accused to life imprisonment. The country where officers like you.. ..hold the lamp of law and duty. The darkness of crime and
injustice can never engulf it. Wait! Bhola! Bhola!
– Sharmili? I found out just now
that father has disappeared? How did he disappear?
– I don’t know. They’ve searched for him everywhere. No sign of him yet. C’mon! Hurry up!
– C’mon! I’ve been trying to contact
you since the past ten days. But neither could I
find you, nor your father. I’ll report to the police. But how could he go away?
He couldn’t even walk. All his belongings are lying here. The police doubt that
Shambhu might’ve been kidnapped. Shambhu? Who’s Shambhu? My father. Your father. What was his profession? He used to make paper
and rubber toys? – Yes. He used to make masks of any
face given to him?! – Yes. He was killed in a motor accident.
– No, he survived. He was badly injured. The doctors had given
up but God saved him. The picture’s clear now. Wear the mask of someone’s face. At least a distance of 7 ft. Dimmed lights, covered face.. ..then anybody can be
fooled and trapped falsely. Mr. Shankar, what are you saying? This is written in
page no.165 of the book. Which book?
– Chori Mera Kaam. The criminal got that
idea because of the book. Your father was jailed because of it. And because of that,
your father was kidnapped. It’s my fault. Your fault?! Yes, because I wrote the book. You wrote the book?! But you.. why didn’t you ever tell me? Because I tried to
publish that book, none agreed. You prevented my efforts.. ..from going to waste
by publishing that book. That’s why I keeping quiet. I thought that even
though you got the credit.. ..people atleast accepted my work. My lifetime dream was fulfilled. I never thought that
somebody could misuse the book. But who could be the one
who has misused the book? No.7.
– No.7? Neither have you seen him, nor have I. But I’m sure that he’s the man
who picked up the two of us. Stop it! Stop it! Enough! This was the place where
they had blindfolded me. Sharmili, blindfold me.. ..and you drive, I’ll
show you the way. C’mon! What happened? You’ll show us the way
with your eyes blindfolded?! That’s because they
transported me in this manner. But if you can guide us blindfolded.. ..then why not with your eyes open? Don’t argue, just do
as I say. Blindfold me. And listen, don’t ask
questions while driving. And drive at a steady speed of 40. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11..
– What are you counting? 12.. 15..
– Are you sick? – Quiet! 16.. I’ll tell you later. 51.. 52.. 53.. 54.. a left turn is
around the corner. 59.. Yes!
– Turn! 73.. 74.. 75.. 76.. Drive at 60mph. 206.. 207.. 208..
A right turn’s up ahead 211.. 212.. 213.. It’s there!
– Turn! 217.. 218.. 219.. A left coming up?
– Yes. 526.. 527.. 528.. A road
will be coming up ahead. 530.. 531..
– I can’t see any road. – Just turn! 533.. 534.. But there’s no road.
– Just turn when I tell you to! I can’t see any road ahead.
– 535.. Be ready to take a turn. 535.. 536.. 500.. 500.. It’s a dead end.
– Take a turn on 542.. 542.. Is there a road?
– Yes. That’s the reason I
insisted on a blindfold. Even I’d have been
fooled with open eyes. But are you sure
that this is the place? Are there huge boulders
and bushes in front? – Yes. Is there a beach behind it?
– Yes. Is there a hutment on the left?
– Yes. A telephone pole next to it?
– Yes. This is the place. Undo the blindfold. Mr. Shankar, tell me something. Such an infamous man, No.7,
and he lives in such a shanty? Even I don’t understand
this but I know I’m not wrong. Help! Help! I’ll show you. Help! Help! Tie her up. Leave her. Rescue me from him. Hit him harder. Save me from these goons. Hit him! Don’t leave him.
– He’s tough let’s run away. Run, run! Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am! Come to your senses!
Come to your senses! He’s completely trapped. Who were they? They were my partners, and
they wanted to kill me. – Why? So that they don’t have to
pay me my share. – What share? Two men from America have come down. They’ve lakhs of rupees with them. I told my partners about this. We laid a plan to loot them. But my partners intended evil.. ..hence they wanted to kill me. If you help me, then we can
get the money before them. Half yours and half mine. But..
– You’re brave and intelligent. And I’m confident that
we’ll make a nice team. But how’ll we go about this job? Leave that to me. I know the weaknesses of
that guy and his old secretary. I’m not bad either. You’re.. you’re very beautiful. But you’ve to act as my pimp.
– Pimp? I’m ready to be anything for you. Not now, after we accomplish our goal. Mr. Shankar, why are you drinking? What else do you expect
from me? My friend has left.. ..and you shaved off my moustache. Mr. Shankar, fake
moustaches don’t stick to real ones. That’s why I shaved off
your moustache. One minute. Excellent! Mr. Shankar, you’re drunk! I love Sharmili a lot.. ..don’t make her do anything wrong. I’ll try!
– Try? Which whisky is this?
Old monk or Old mul? It’s Old mal.
– Mal.. mul? Hello.
– Who are you? The one who was supposed to
get this angel here is drunk.. ..hence, I’ve brought her here. What fairy is this?
A red one or a white one? You call this
disgusting creature an angel? Look Mr. Pimp, and my sir have
been around the world. She’s no fairy! Lacks the charm! Take her away!
– Take her away! Hey, what is this?
– What are you doing? What are you doing?! Not in front of the oldie.
– Not in front of the kid. Don’t see! Who are you? “I.. I..” “I.. I..” “I’m the seed of a sour grape.” “I’m the seed of a sour grape.” “I unite the hearts.” “My love is crazy.” “My love is crazy.” “I’ll embrace the
one who comforts me!” “I’ll embrace the
one who comforts me!” “What is your say?”
– Mine? Not yours, mine! “I’m ready to comfort you.” “Yes, comfort you.” “I won’t let love drive you crazy.” “Drive you crazy!” “I’m a grape, you’re the vine.
We shall come together.” “I’m a grape, you’re the vine.
We shall come together.” “The world shall watch as
we play the game of love.” “My promises.. my promises are true.” “My intentions.. my
intentions aren’t false.” “You raisin! You dare
pretend to be a grape.” “This is my right.” “What?!
– My right.” “Your rule shan’t work here.
Shan’t work here.” “She’s the heart and I’m the soul.” “She’s beauty and I’m youth
personified. She’s my love.” “Look at yourself and look at her.” “She’s an angel and you’re a pumpkin.” “She’s an angel and you’re a pumpkin.” “Oh yeah!
– Get lost!” “Oh yeah!
– Get lost!” “Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!” “Give up this fight..” “Give up this fight,
I’ve come to make love.” “We’re ready too.” “We’re ready too.” “I’ll embrace the
one who comforts me!” “You decide, whom you shall support?” “What is your say?” Mine? Or my dad’s? Hey you! Dad’s son?! No.. he’s your son. “Beauty desires youth.. youth!” “Beauty desires youth.. youth!” “It’s an old belief. Old!” “Why such ignorance at this age?
– What?!” “I’m shocked to see it.” “These are not just mere words,
I can force my will.” “Don’t come in my way.
– I’m telling you to move away.” “Don’t come in my way.
– I’m telling you to move away.” “Hey old pigeon!
– What’s it, sonny?” “Hey old pigeon!
– What’s it, sonny?” “If I show my strength..
– I’ll knock out your senses!” “I’ll show you stars in broad
daylight! – I’ll send you to hell!” “Look at your face.
– Look at your state.” “I’ve played a lot of games.
– I’ve my own bag of tricks.” “I’ve played a lot of games.
– I’ve my own bag of tricks.” “You might be having,
but the world knows me.” “The world knows me.. the world.” “I’m a veteran lover. A veteran!” “There’s no control
over your belly. Control!” “So what if I’ve a huge belly,
I also have a manly chest.” “I have a manly chest.” “My chest.. my chest..
manly.. manly..” “..manly..” “..manly..” What’s this?
This pittance and this letter. ‘I had sent you people to India.. that you can buy the
princely jewelleries at any cost.’ But there’s no sign of it yet. The price of antique jewels is
increasing rapidly in our country. I grant you three days more. Else I’d have to come down personally. John. What’s this written? Antique jewellery. Theft. You won’t understand. I’ve work. I’ll leave now.
I’ll meet you later. This money!
– Keep it. Keep anything else that you find. Did he get the letter?
– Yes. He took it along. Good. We’ll meet No.7 very soon. Did he hurt you badly? Even this has been damaged. Oh God! You’d have cracked
your skull without this. What are we going to do here? You’ll know very soon. Sir! Father! You?! You’ll know of our plans
over time, Shyam. – Huh? I’ll explain. No.7 would’ve relaxed after my arrest. Now it’d be easier for us to nab him. But the evidences against father.. Do you think of the
police dept. To be so stupid.. to doubt such an
experienced an able officer so easily? Kumar, your son is as honest as you. He’ll reach great heights!
– Thank you. Shyam, remember one thing. Nobody should get a whiff of this. Not even your mother.
– Yes sir. C’mon! We shot this film when you
were being tried in court. We tried our best to
ensure that nobody is missed. Did anybody suspect being videoed? No, the camera was well hidden. What are these two doing here? Did you check on them?
– Yes. One is Bholanath.
– I know. He’s a petty thief. Has been jailed many a times. He’s illiterate but
somehow manages to write books. And the other guy is Shankar. He doesn’t have a criminal record. Where were they that night? That night, I checked on them.
They were in their own homes. Cut! Light on! Replay that part. What happened, father? Didn’t you notice anything?
– No. Even I’ve seen this film many times.. ..I never found anything wrong.
– But I did. Start! Stop frame! Zoom forward! See! Why is D’Souza
happy about my sentence? Do you suspect him?
He’s an old servant of yours. My old servant shouldn’t be
happy about my imprisonment. That’s why I found something fishy. You’re right. Shyam!
– Yes, sir. Keep an eye on D’Souza.
– Yes, sir. Any details about this man?
– No. The enquiry is on but no leads yet.
– Why? He didn’t belong to this place. Who knows about his death?
– Nobody. We haven’t told anybody yet. We’ll have to bring him back to life.
– Huh?! Yes, he has to be
brought back to life. I’ll be right there. Mom! Mom! Who had called?
– It was a call from the hospital. The man whom No.7
had shot has survived. He’ll give his statement
by next morning. – Really? His statement can prove
dad’s innocence. – Really?! I’m going to the hospital.
– Have your food. No, mom. I don’t have the time.
– Sir, you proceed. I’ll bring your meal there.
– Ok. I’ll make the arrangements. Did you let D’Souza know?
– Yes. Any reactions?
– Yes. He’s bringing my food
to the hospital. – Good. Inspector Shyam.. I assure you that.. ..this man will be
consciousness by tomorrow morning.. ..and he’ll be able to
give his statement. – Good. Thank you, doctor.
– It’s all right. Keep it there. Hello!
– Boss, D’Souza speaking. Shetty is alive. What are you blabbering?!
– I’m telling the truth, boss. I saw him in the police
hospital with my own eyes. He’ll regain
consciousness by tomorrow morning. He’ll blabber everything
about you to the cops. Call me up in an hour. So you’re No.7’s accomplice!
– Sir! Who’s he? Where does he stay?
– Answer or else.. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you.. Sir.. ..he’s dead. But he did our job before dying. He passed on the message
to No.7 on our behalf. Tighten the security
around the hospital. – Yes, sir. Take care of the body.
– Sir! Sir, any news on Shera? Every goon knows
that he’s in town. Come. If Shetty gives a
statement tomorrow morning.. ..then we’ll all be dead meat! We’ve to finish him off tonight. Tell me! Who amongst
you will do this job? Who amongst you? So I’ll have to do this job myself? Sir, this is a very risky job.
You shouldn’t be doing this. We should get an outsider to do this. There’s news that Shera’s in town.
– Who’s Shera? The infamous dacoit from Pratapgarh. The one who killed
seven people in Fatehpur.. ..and escaped from the
clutches of the cops. None except him can do this job. Do you know him?
– No. But I know that money is his weakness. Don’t worry about the money.
Give him his price. But the job should
be done tonight. Go. Rs.5 on the queen! Can you tell me where Shera lives? Excuse me, sir. Can you
tell me where Shera lives? Speak softly! He lives right here.
– Here? Yes. Flee from here or
else you’ll end up like this. Did you fight him?
– No. I just saluted him with my left hand. He broke it in one blow. Who are you? Money.
– How much? Rs.25000!
– Job? A murder. It’ll be done. Address? The man’s in the police hospital.
– It can’t be done. It’s a difficult job.
– Even for Shera? I want 50000!
– Agreed! Just kill him or do
you want the corpse too? I want the corpse too. 10000 more.
– I agree. Be here tomorrow morning. This is very urgent.
Has to be done right now. Advance! Dump his corpse carefully. Ensure that he doesn’t
ever come back again. Don’t worry. Shera’s kill
never springs back to life. Touch the corpse after you pay up. The money?
– Money, come with me. You cheat! – No, I’m not cheating.
The money’s inside. Inside. Go on! So, you’re Shera? Shera, we’re impressed with your job. You killed that man
despite such tight security.. ..and you also managed
to bring the corpse. You’re wonderful! My expertise is unquestionable. The wonder is that
I’m beyond comparison. That’s wonderful too! Shera, I had thought that
Shera’s a notorious murderer. But you turned out to be a poet too. I’m a killer, I’m a poet too.. I’m multifaceted. What
have you assumed me to be? Well said! Kudos, Shera. I needed a colourful
personality like you. Friends? Bring some whisky for Shera.
– A full bottle! Congratulations, sir!
– What for? We’ll get the price we want
for our jewellery. Look at this. Have you met this party personally? I had been there just now.
– Wonderful! When good fortune comes, it
comes from all directions. Fix up a meeting with the
party within 2- 4 days. – Ok, sir. Hasten it up a bit, sir. Why?
– Sell whatever you have. Who knows whether this world
might exist tomorrow, or not. Whether the earth and the
skies would exist tomorrow or not. What do you mean? Can you tell me.. ..where the Asst.
Commissioner Mr. Kumar is these days? In jail. I’ve ensured his
imprisonment personally. Maybe you didn’t read
the evening newspaper. My god! Kumar has escaped from prison! He’s a dangerous man, sir. He might appear before you any moment. He’ll never stop chasing you. Fix the deal today itself. Yes! Let’s fix the deal today. Bring that guy.
– Ok. Don’t worry, sir. Shera’s with you. Here, wipe the sweat off your brows! I’m telling the truth.
I made Kumar’s mask. But why?
– Hadn’t I done so.. ..then Amarchand
would’ve killed my daughter. Now, I get it.
– But who are you? I’m your friend. Can you tell me where
they store their loot? I don’t know.. ..but there’s a door in front.. I’ve often seen Amarchand
go in through that door. Ok. Keep this to yourself. This place is good, isn’t it? It looks like heaven to me.
– How can this be heaven? Fairies live in heaven. Do they look like
fairies to you? With guns! A river of milk.. a river
of honey.. don’t you know.. This is our boss. And sir, this is the
buyer for the jewellery. I’m glad to meet you. You won’t believe it, but I’m gladder. Thank you.
– Sir, I want to ask you something. These pillars in various colours..
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Five pillars..
– And there are guns too! Why have you turned this battlefield. For security reasons. Our security?
– Yes. We’ve to make a big deal.
– Yes, yes. But this deal can’t be made.
– Why? I mean, our sir is a colourful man. He doesn’t make deals
without celebration and spirits! Arrange for fairies please.
– What? If you can’t do it, then tell
him to do it. That’s his job. I’m ready to bear the expenses. Shut up!
– Shut up?! Then this deal is impossible.
– No way! Let’s go, sir.
– Come on. Where do you go? You can’t count money without trading. Where will you escape to,
without making a deal? He’s reciting poetry. Sir, who’s this black poet? He’s not a black poet, he’s my lion. Lion? A lion has a
golden moustache whereas.. ..his moustache is black.
What can he do? He’s Shera! He can
do what others can’t. Then he’s useful to us.
– Yes, shall I ask him? Yes, ask him. Can you do what your boss can’t?
– Yes. Can you arrange for
fairies and mermaids.. ..I mean, can you arrange for a girl? You dare thrash him! How dare you beat my secretary?! Young man, do you want
a fairy or a monkey? No, sir. I don’t need anything. Do you agree to the deal?
– Yes. Give me the money.
– Wait. Show me your goods first.
– Why? Don’t you believe us?
– No, I don’t. Bag.
– Sir.. The oldie’s right. Take with
one hand, give with the other. Get the jewellery.
– Heard him, get the goods. Ranjeet. Get the jewellery. Open it. Amarchand, with the
cunning you sent me to jail. I’m back by the same means. The jewellery is with me. And I’m near you, wearing
the mask of one of your men. Your time’s up now! Yours, Kumar. That’s bad! What do we do now?
I’ll be ruined, Shera. I don’t understand how
Kumar managed to come here. Maybe one of your own men is with him. Why did you have to bring so deal? Help me out, Shera! I
trust you completely. Don’t worry, sir. Kumar can’t harm you as
long as Shera’s alive. Close all the doors! Nobody moves! Friends or enemies.. ..none can escape Shera! “Nobody has escaped my eyes.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.” “Neither will you!” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.
Neither will you!” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “There’s such
strength in these hands..” “There’s such
strength in these hands..” “When folded they embody respect.” “When they join, it’s love.” “When they come down, it’s calamity.” “I’ll crush him..” “I’ll crush the one
who clashes against me.” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.
Neither will you!” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “The gamester shall
play such a game..” “The gamester shall
play such a game..” “Today, a hunter shall hunt.” “Somebody’s going to find it tough.” “Prepare to die!” “I’ve laid such a trap..” “I’ve laid a trap that it’s
impossible for him to escape.” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.” “Nobody has escaped my eyes.
Neither will you!” “O the one who fools me,
you’ll be fooled today.” “I’ve recognised him.” “I’ve recognised him.
I’ve discovered his secret.” “My name is Shera, the enemy is mine.” “He’s an old pal of mine.” “He’s an old pal of mine.
He’s a crazy man.” “I shall show you
today how I seek revenge.” “I move mountains.” “I douse raging flames.” “I’ll expose this fraud.” “He’s none but..” “He’s none but.. me! Me! Me!” Dare anybody move from their place! Else I’ll shoot your boss. Amarchand.. ..I had told you that your time’s up. Your masks have caused
enough losses for the people. But your game’s up now. Tell your men not to move. And accompany me quietly. Kumar, do you remember? You’d got me
punished once earlier too. And due to you.. ..I became prisoner
No.7 from Amarchand. But maybe you’ve forgotten.. big a price you
had to pay for that. You had lost your son. But there’s still enough time. Strike a deal with me.. ..else you might have
to pay a bigger price. You haven’t understood
Kumar in all these years. Neither has Kumar
ever traded his duty.. ..nor will he ever do that. Kumar, every man commits a mistake. I made a mistake by
taking you to be Shera. But you committed an
even bigger mistake.. letting out the news
of your escape from jail. Because I immediately
arranged for my safety. Now you decide what you want. Do you want to trade your duty
or the death of another son? Father! Don’t bother about me, father. An honourable death is better
than to live a shameful life. Here it is, sir.
– Thank you! You’ve done a wonderful job. You’ve done something which
I could’ve never imagined. Both the father and the
son are in my custody now. I’ll give you the
jewellery at half the price now. That’s fine, sir. But he
should be punished first. Give me the pistol. Beat me! Beat me! You’ve
to die. Shameless fellow! You want to lose your son
for your duty? Crazy fellow! The age of such
fanatics has long passed. It’s the age of such lowly men!
– What?! No.. no.. he means, men like us..
– Like the two of us. Those who know to make deals.
– Yes, that’s right. Did you hear, Kumar? And you.. ..don’t know to keep
pace with the times. Sir, time knows to keep pace
with us. Shall I kill him? – No! I’ll kill him with my
own hands. Take him away. Where are you taking him, sir? Where the road leads
to another world. – Ok. We’ll accompany you
on that road. C’mon! Hey! That’s a tiger. A wild one. You were going to take
us to another world. This is the road to that. Through this tiger’s cage. Ashok! Sir, we can’t go along
with you to the other world. Why can’t we? We’ve promised him. We can’t leave him.
– Ok, so we won’t spare him? C’mon, sir.
– C’mon! Oh shut up! Mr. Kumar.. Ashok’s hungry
since the past two days. And he only prefers human meat. Maybe you don’t know that
human meat is very tasty. You don’t need to add salt to it.
– Throw him in! Why only him? Not his son? Yes, his son too.
– Throw the both of them inside. Wait! Wait! Sir, they’ll be devoured by the tiger. What about our jewellery?
We came here to strike a deal. Oh! I’d forgotten about it. Kumar, tell me, where have
you hidden the jewellery. Sir, this isn’t your job.
You’re a noble man. I’ll make him talk.
– Yes, sir. You’re a noble man. Please move back by
seven steps! All of you! Move back!
– Move back! Give me this. Take this.
– Give it to me. Move back else you’ll get hurt. Move back! Now tell me, where’s the jewellery?! Else I’ll smash you to pulp
and stuff you in the cage. Move back! Move back! Move back!
– We’re villains. We kill the enemy very cunningly. Understood? Prepare to die! One.. two.. three! Its tastes worse than urine! Who are you?
– Shankar, recognise me. What are you doing here? The same that you are doing.
– Then do it purposefully. You! – Your.. Leave me! His death
is writ in my hands. Go and handle them! Who’s it?
– Mr. Shankar, it’s me. Bhola. You’re covered with mud,
how do I recognise you? Go freshen up, quickly. He’s not our man. Beat him! Beat him too! Beat him! Beat him! It’s difficult to
fight so many people. I’ll free the tiger.
Secure yourselves. What have you done, Mr. Kumar? You locked up that
mule in the tiger’s cage! He’ll die of the stench! Mr. Shankar.. ..let him remain locked
there till the cops arrive. Okay. What happened, Amarchand Rathod? You’ve ended up in prison once again. You considered yourself too smart.. wearing Mr. Kumar’s mask? But there’s someone smarter than you. Let alone this son, you
couldn’t even kill his elder son. He’s still alive. What are you saying?
What are you saying? Mr. Shankar, you had promised. What had you promised?
– Mr. Shankar! Promises can break but
not the ties of blood. What do you mean? I’m atoning for the sin
I committed 20 years ago. Mr. Kumar, Bhola is your son. Hands up! Both of you move, this side.
And you two, move there. Turnaround! Hurry up! Kumar, fate took
another unexpected turn. Your entire family’s
death is written in my hands. You’re the only father in this world.. ..who’d see both his sons
dying in front of his eyes. First.. I’ll kill that son of yours.. ..whom you’ve been yearning
for since the past 20 years. Him! Wait! Parvati! You?!
– Yes, me?! What do I see? You’re
shooting your own son? What are you saying?
– I’m right. This is our son. No, this is Kumar’s son. No, this is the very son.. ..whom I took along when I
separated from you 20 years ago. But.. Mother! He’s my father? Mother, why didn’t you tell me? I got carried away by
the words of these brutes.. ..and was about to send
my father to the gallows! Amarchand! She’s lying.
This is Kumar’s son. Brute! Scoundrel! You were about to get my
father killed for just Rs.5000! Go away from here! I don’t
need your money anymore. My father’s a millionaire. Go away! Son..
– Father, forgive me. Forgive me. Amarchand, it doesn’t
take time for fate to turn. My body has no place for the
blood of a lowly man like you. Mr. Kumar, Bhola is your son. Go, claim your rightful asset. Parvati, where’s my son? Your son is an engineer. I can’t tell you
anything more than that. Let’s go Inspector. You’re a great lady, Parvati. We’ll be grateful to
you all our lives. Mr. Kumar, Parvati has worked wonders! Along with your son you’ve got
a beautiful daughter- in- law. Bye! Bye! “Do visit my village at least once.” Greetings! Greetings! I had a good time. I’ve rested enough! Nobody to pester me for money.. ..and nobody to call up and harass. When things turn bad, I’ll
come back here for three months. See you! See you! Praveen! You?! Constable, open the door.
Let me go inside. I don’t want to leave.
Let go of my hand. I don’t want to leave.
– You don’t have to go inside. We’ll return your Rs.5 lakhs.
– Yes we will. I don’t want the money,
just let me go back in. No, we’ll return you the Rs.5 lakhs. I don’t want Rs.5 lakhs!
– You’ll have to accept it. I won’t take it.
– Borivali. I won’t take it at all.
– Ruins. I won’t take it at all.
– Girl. I won’t take it at all.
– Gallows! Gallows? I will take it. But I won’t take Rs.5 lakhs.
– Then? Rs.499000.

33 thoughts on “Chori Mera Kaam – Hindi Full Movie – Shashi Kapoor | Zeenat Aman – Bollywood Movie With Eng Subs

  1. I would love to watch this movie or any of your other ones, but alas without English subtitles I can't follow along or understand a thing.

  2. This is one of my favourite movies from childhood. I wanted to see this movie again so much, but couldn't find anywhere.
    Thanks for uploading.

  3. nicc direction nicc movie n suprrb background music n songs by babla & kalyanji Anand ji

  4. Overall Rating 6 Stars out of 10 – Above Average
    The film is a crime comedy drama with some good songs.

  5. Awesome movie. Just remember my childhood. Though I'm a 80's boy but then there is only one tv chanell called DD1. Every saturday & sunday we saw various classic movies from that era. Thanks for uploading the movie & help me to relive those days again.

  6. Thanks Shemaroo, but your HD movie video of this movie, starts abruptly with Pran's song!! Pls correct.

  7. 5 class main tha tb dekhi thi
    aaj 49 ka ho gya dusri baar drkh rhe hai
    Bachpan ki yaaden tazza

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