Christian Poetry/ “Revelation 3”

Get ready for what’s about to be said,
Don’t be alarmed if you feel offended, My God says without him you’re dead,
Past conversations never comprehended. Accept him to become a rich man,
Soon to him you’ll need to pay, For he will save you as only he can,
Before your body is put in a grave to lay. He sent his son to die on a cross for all,
Knowing his salvation was needed soon, He knew the human race would fall,
He is the creator of the stars and moon. Come to him and be naked no more,
Don’t wait too long for it will be too late, Now for you he has a special opened door,
And food warmed and ready for your plate. He spits out what is luke warm,
He prefers either cold or hot, He is our mighty strong storm,
We should be like boiling water in a pot. He says to get it together and get it right,
Go back to our old righteous ways, He will be coming like a thief in the night,
No way of knowing how many more days. I don’t want this to become a strife,
Just remember his only son died on a tree, For he wants your name in the book of life,
If you doubt me then just read revelation

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