Christian Spoken Word Poem BLESSINGS performed by Anna Szabo at Urban Grind Atlanta Open Mic Night

Blessings are those special people, things, or events to be grateful
for. Some blessings help us get to a place that’s
better than where we were before. Some blessings are unnoticeable, like unlimited
clean drinking water. Others are very obvious because to us personally
they truly matter. There are also blessings that, at first sight,
appear to be a curse. Those are hard to recognize and wholeheartedly
appreciate, of course. That’s where faith comes into play: in wonderful
blessings we must believe! If we train our mind to seek blessings, a
joyful life we can live. Blessings are everywhere – all we need is
to intentionally look. Finding blessings in everything is not a skill
taught at school, from a book. Finding blessings on purpose has to be our
own habit every day. It will become easier with time, the more
attention to blessings we intentionally pay. Count your blessings, appreciate how unique
they are! Feel grateful, and you will undoubtedly reach
for your special star.

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