Christian Story Press Looking to Make an Eternal Impact (Videos & Writers & Musicians)

hey what's up guys it's BJ here I'm looking for a Christian story testimonies Christian stories and realized testimony so if you're interested click the link below the video to apply for our Christian story press video testimony projects and also Christian story press writing projects where you have an opportunity to share your story whether through a video or writing and become an author for Christmas story press at Amazon so it's a great opportunity because once you become an author I mean that's a lot of people's dreams and for me for work I'm a publisher for different publishing brands like how expert short story press but now you know being a born-again believer I want to use the skillsets that I've learned over the years as a online publisher and publish real life Christian stories and real life born-again testimonies to ultimately make an eternal impact in the world to save souls for God his kingdom and his glory so if you resonate with this message click the link below the video apply to our Christian story press projects thank you for watching this video I appreciate you I'll talk to you soon take care

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