Christina Crawford, Author of "Mommie Dearest", Interview with Bill Boggs

you you and the children welcome to midday here just hear the beginning of a song called bless the beasts and the children today's program is dedicated to a topic that a lot of people run away and hide from it's all over our society and today we're going to talk very directly about it meet some of the people who have done it I'm speaking of child abuse we're going to be meeting just a moment Christina Crawford who was the first adopted child of Joan Crawford who's written an autobiography in which we find out that the great superstar Joan Crawford's star of screen idol of millions beat her children and was in fact the child of using mother also on today's program we're going to meet a couple of young kids who have had very bad experiences with their parents they've been beaten by them we're going to meet members of an organization called parents anonymous parents who admit to having have these having had these uncontrollable urges to beat their children and we're going to meet some professionals in the field some judges and people who are dealing on the front lines of child abuse which is a big problem in our society and again it's it's the thing you don't hear much about in your neighborhood this is the thing you don't read much about on the paper but it really is all over the place our first guest Christina Crawford actually is making quite a stir with her book this is Joan Crawford's first adopted child she adopted four children formerly Christina Crawford was an actress herself she's known on the promotion business and the author of this book just recently out correct yes it's an autobiography a true score story it's called Mommy Dearest and we are not mincing words here Joan Crawford and it was in fact a child abusing parent correct that's right yes before we get into some of the specifics could we maybe look at some pictures of you with your mother maybe a steak I never come to a way to start out we we come up here on on the monitor actually we'll have to switch the monitor around so we can see it first one is up there this is we you when you were how old oh just a few just a few weeks when I was first adopted why did Joan Crawford want to be a mother and she ended up being such a bad mother I don't think she anticipated being a bad mother I think she wanted children desperately she could not have them and she went to an enormous amount of trouble to about them outside of the state of California which did not permit single parents to adopt at that time who were your father says she was married a few times right doing well yes she was married briefly for just a few years to a man by the name of Philip Terry when I was quite young huh in there there's a birthday party for you yes that is it let's dwell on this was this evolved obviously your mother probably had mood swings and changes is there any negative association with this party in your mind no none except that you know that I was not terribly close friends with many of those children anybody famous in this picture we should know about well it's it's a little hard this suit really looks like something oh yes baby Sullivan you can see there oh yeah and most of the people in the picture were children from Hollywood families by that I mean show business families not necessarily all performers but directors producers studio heads that sort of thing that is a picture of me on I believe my fourth birthday and in the book this picture is also in the in the book I said that this was rather definitive of my Hollywood princess phase as a child I think you can see that sure being the daughter of along with queen with the organdy in the the satin ribbons in my hair and the just the sort of general attitude that I had that of a a princess this picture coming up now is in the living room the formal living room you can't see the top painting too well but it's a painting that was one of my mother's favorites actually that was done about 10 years before this photograph was taken did you enjoy having this in this photo we see mimicking your mother tongue exactly I was trained to to be a mirror image of my of my mother we are dressed alike it in mother and daughter outfits which really looked like children's clothes don't they oh yeah I was going to say that I thought again that yet another Halloween costume was appearing on the primer this is the one of the last pictures that my mother and I had taken together it was at a telethon that charity telethon that we were doing and we were having a good time when there were many there were many beautiful years that we had together and I left my mother very much uh there were also many years of tragedy all right let's talk about some of those years some of those years of tragedy right now in this book Mommy Dearest you talked about some things that may be very typical child abuse cases yes you talked about the fact that your mother was an alcoholic yes she was uh progressively more so as time went on and as I got older but my mother is also although she spoke about her own past very very little she was that the stories were always very sketchy and in fact they changed over a period of time so that it was difficult to tell what was indeed reality and what was perhaps yes she what I was going to say is that according to those very sketchy stories she is a self-reported abused child herself so this is something in my previous interviews with child abused people that there is a tendency that if you are beaten as a child that you will then do the same thing as an adult how do you feel about that having been abused yourself do you have any children I have no children of my own my husband's a son my stepson lives with this and I must say it's been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life I have had a unique opportunity and to help raise this phone you don't feel this pattern being impressed imprinted on you then well you see I I do believe that we have choice in the matter and although it's very unfortunate if you grow up in a home where your only role modeling where your only mirror of behavior is that of abuse or a violent temper you tend to think that's the only way to deal with with situations however I am quite honest in the book and also in in public about the fact that at one point in my life in my late 20s I realized that I could make no more progress as a human being toward the kind of life I wanted to live and I went into therapy for a number of years three or four years I'm certain I'm not certain but I would feel that having been in therapy in some way produced whatever kind of person was able to write a book to go all the way back to your childhood let's talk about some of the things that happen for example a weird thing I mean what this is the way child abuse starts a crazy obsession that a parent has in your case John Robert has this obsession with wire coat hangers and then tell us what happens as a result of that to a little five-year-old Christina who was originally Joan Crawford jr. which was your original first name that's correct my name wasn't changed until about a year later when I was legally adopted but as far as the eye eye in the book I called them the night raids they were the best I can describe them as as living nightmares I would be sound asleep in my bed about how old one any any time from oh I would think maybe five on that's so young yes it is um I would be asleep and something would have happened to my mother I cannot tell you what it is because I was both too young and I was asleep to understand what it was that provoked or began these whether it was a combination of alcohol her own terror I don't know her loneliness or frustration I don't know but something would happen to her to set her off and it was always in the middle of the night and I was always asleep this particular night rate as I called it I had made a mistake I had broken one of the rules very rigid rules under which which we live and that rule was that not to put any clothes on wire coat hangers she had covered wooden hangers that we were supposed to put our clothes on and I had not done that and in in one or two instances and she found I think to wire coat hangers in my entire closet and it she focused on that she fixed on that and she ripped the entire closet apart through everything out of the closets threw everything out of the shelves in the middle of the night in the middle of the night pitch black yes and the only light is coming from inside the closet it was walk-in closet and when she had finished with that that actually was what woke me up I heard strange noises sounds and she came out of the closet and yanked me out of bed by my hair and started spanking me and hitting me in the face slapping me across the face and it was it was very difficult for me to understand what had gone wrong but I realized it had something to do with wire coat hangers and she threw me on the floor and then she ripped my bed apart and when she had destroyed everything in my room she simply said clean up your mess and left no I'm wondering even as you sit here now we're praising this story do you feel that you're getting even with your mother that you're now hitting her back by being on television talking about Joan Crawford by writing a book No yes this very sorted part of her private life No although it is revenge isn't it no it is not revenge if this book had been written out of revenge it would not be the book it is and I think when people are able to read the book they will realize that there is an enormous compassion in this book there is an enormous love for my mother and that is actually what kept me going I think if I hadn't loved my mother and if there hadn't been good times between us tender times vulnerable times close moments throughout our entire life I probably would have either died in the process killed myself or certainly never lived to a fruitful adult what what do you say to the people like in yesterday's post you Junior Shepherds come of people who say that your mother isn't here to defend herself anymore right and if you really loved your mother why would you want millions of people to know about a side of her that she tried to keep secret for so long first of all it was no secret in the Hollywood community that as children we were abused we had many servants who tried to intervene on our behalf and they were fired there were numerous of her personal friends of her dates I think even some of her husbands who tried to intervene on our behalf and we're told flat out that it was none of their business but the general area but that's what I'm referring to it was her public image in terms of her profession first of all is preserved forever on film that will never change nothing will ever touch that and that was her real love I mean that that was her that was what she devoted her life to so in that sense it remains untouched she has left a legacy that is extraordinary and my book doesn't touch in any great extent on on her professional career only as it affected our private life as far as the image that she had as a private person her public image as a private person it was largely fabricated and the people most of the people in Hollywood knew it was a fabrication as far as doing this to my mother that is just not the case what I did was take the right to my own life for myself and I wrote my autobiography with a great deal of pain and a great deal of soul-searching and my story is unique I suppose in that it explodes the myth that these kinds of things don't happen among the rich and that's what I start out by saying this problem of child abuse is everywhere in our society we have I'm running like we had to take a break for commercial will continue with Christina Crawford right after this now 38 39 years later comes a book from Christina Crawford it's called a true story Mommy Dearest not a biography about herself her life in the early stages with her mother Joan Crawford and it's probably going to be one of the most talked about what about if he's I'm a suspect of the year other odd things things that are whatever indelibly impressed on on your subconscious I would imagine having to wear the same dress to school for a month for once for four months excuse me what led to that again another what my mother saws disobeying the very rigid and strict rules under which we lived only this time I was in a boarding school and it was very cold one morning and I wore my coat to class and for some reason that angered her because she felt I should take a sweater how did she know though if you're at a boarding school well she was told by the people that at the school and not in terms of having it reported to her but in the course of conversation with the headmistress it came out and she became very enraged about that so she told me that I could wear just my coat to school meaning just my coat over my underwear well of course the people the school wouldn't let me do that so my mother had somebody come to the school while I was in class the next day and they took all my clothes all of them everything and so I had only the dress that I had on and there's only one dress how old were you then Chrissy I was um I would think 12 and other thing I things happen to us regard to food if you didn't finish your food yes at one meal then what happened well what happened was that I really only had one thing I disliked enormous ly and that was very very rare meat and we had half an hour in which to eat our meals at home this is not the boy this is it and if I didn't finish my food with him that allotted the plate into the refrigerator and left there until the next meal and it was brought back and if I didn't eat it then it was taken to the refrigerator and left there until the next meal and that went on for four days once and it had turned green I mean it was absolutely revolting and disgusting I tried to eat it once and I threw up but that was it I just didn't get any other food how did your mother physically abuse you did she hit you with her fists did she hit you she never hit me with life and she never did she hit you with any objects several times yes what objects whatever was at hand um hairbrush hangers household objects the but there's one scene in the book which is quite in quite graphic detail large can of cleanser which exploded eventually and when all over the room and I had to spend the rest of the night cleaning it up the punishments were very very long it isn't that any one of them with few exceptions when I was beaten pretty badly in and of themselves were so so hideous but they had very long duration to them and and she didn't seem too too freaked I mean the punishment was way beyond anything that originally had happened at one point she almost killed you correct when she was strangling you that time yes I believe she did what led to that a a very long series of events over a period of an entire evening where she was very upset and it was at a time in in her life when things were going very badly for her and and her drinking was very serious and which was the one thing I think that the Hollywood community did not recognize that she had such a serious drinking problem for so many years because like some alcoholics she was able to contain it in a certain way but that came out of of some deep hidden anger where we had a direct confrontation and how old were you at the time I was 13 13 years old yes which can be tough age for a mother and daughter anyway very difficult very difficult the teenage years and and you know I I I think it's perhaps simplistic to say that the hardest thing in the world is to be a parent I mean there is no doubt about it it's very difficult particularly if you're a single parent and trying to combine it with a with a career that is so demanding but at that particular time in her life her career was in very poor shape and her alcoholism had increased considerably and all those things combined seemed to make it impossible for her to control her own inner rage and I in most cases was the object of the venting and then this particular case she was literally strangling you but then another person in the room – yeah stop stop you exactly and then the juvenile authorities were called by my mother but they were unable to help me your mother by my mother yes called the juvenile authorities yes because she was aware of her problems no she wanted me to cleared an incorrigible for what reasons uh that is the reason was that she said she couldn't handle me anymore I mean you have to understand this happened all in one going run sir yes so did she beat the other children you were the first of four children and we know it's difficult usually for the first child my brother Chris yes and both you and Chris were left out of your mother's will that's correct do you feel a sense of obvious that no say obviously but do you feel a sense of again revenge and being left out of the will now you're going to at least get some money from all these years of horror I'm going to write this book I'm going to get money sure she left me out of the world but look now look this is what I'm doing because people feel this way I know people feel that way but I don't think they understand either what the relation is well first of all I think you know if you read the book you know that I did everything in my power to show my mother that I loved her that I cared about her and that I wanted to help her we had in the later years of my adult life a very close relationship I was shocked by the will I had not expected well you hadn't really spoken to your mother for what almost the last three years of her life that's quite true but maybe that's the period when you were left out of the will well I don't think so but the will is being contested in the state of New York and unfortunately I'm just not at liberty to discuss the details that's okay I don't know anything about the case but I'm curious if you say one at one point right you had a very close and loving relationship with your mother many points at many points in later years even in the early years well what I wanted to ask was if you didn't speak to her for the last three years of her life wouldn't that be kind of isn't that a clue that they couldn't have been that great a relationship where you would have spoken to her for the last three years in terms of the overall pattern of the relationship I think so many unusual unpredictable things happened that the way I viewed it was that my mother and I were in constant communication we wrote each other she knew about all the changes in my life I had left the acting profession I had gone back to school I had gotten a master's degree I had gotten another job I had gotten married and at each step of the way she knew my progress she wrote me her congratulations and the way I felt was that we had come to she was living in New York by the way I was living in California some 3,000 miles between us and I felt that we had come to a rather peaceful resolution of it if it wasn't other people's concept of an ideal relationship so be it our life had not been other people's concept of an ideal relationship and I accepted that I want to take a break and we'll continue with Christina Croft for this

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  1. This interviewer, or whoever gave him his questions, is a douchebag. He's very clearly trying to push the story against her.

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  3. Christ sake man, get a grip. It wasn’t revenge. Being abused and having a parent playing mind games is awful. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our parents. Writing helps to get the pain out of oneself. I’ve always written diaries talking about how awful my father was. But I loved him and still do. He’s still as manipulating and I still feel anxious around him. I 100% believe Christina. I had a red book, I had to throw it away in my late teens as it upset me reading it so much. An example….100 lines, saying,” I must know what I want for my tea, when asked by my Dad”.

  4. she waits til joan crawford dies and then slams her publicly. what a scumbag.

  5. I admire you Christina you are my real life hero. You’re the reason why I will continue to live my life and fight

  6. The guy interviewing Christina is HORRIBLE! WHAT AN ASS. I mean, what does he know about her life. Making assumptions about why she wrote the book?

  7. Parents often have their favourite, but also a favourite child to pick on which was me; I was beaten by far the most, resented and neglected the most.
    And my parents always dismissed their sexism, their taking sides and worst of all: their abuse and neglect.
    The favoured, youngest sibling to this day paints a rosy picture of our childhood but luckily my older sibling confirmed my stories when our parents tried to claim I was a liar or just imagining things.
    Everything that Christina Crawford tells rings true.

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  10. All a victim wants, is for their story to be heard, their reality to be acknowledged. But no, the interviewer and other child abuse apologists have to insist that this book is written out of revenge.
    It's not about the abuser, people. Why is that so difficult to accept.

  11. The interviewer sucks! Kept cutting her off, sounded smug and insensitive.

  12. For a long time I didn't want to believe her.. "her mum was a Hollywood star for god sake" it was easy to think that she was benefitting from her mother's fame, and that she was bitter about being left out of her mother's will, but now that i'm older and wiser, I have changed my opinion and respect her for having the courage to speak about what happened to her, and opening herself up to be ridiculed and called a liar.. alright she made money from the book, but that does not take away from the fact that she was abused by her mother, who just happened to be "Joan Crawford".

  13. I love the early interviews with Tina. Shes so sweet and innocent. All victim. Her more recent interviews were so bitter. Why? You've lived off a dead woman for 40 years. Be proud.

  14. Even her body language suggests she's genuinely sincere….it wouldn't have sense that she made all up….then the book is quite different than the movie for which she isn't responsible of

  15. We had a very similar childhood my friend.. that book.. my life..

  16. Victim shaming my ass. What a true victim go when parade around with drag queens at a showing of Mommie Dearest? Which he constantly rehash her supposed story with quote on quote new material every 20 years? I smell a rat. What's lacking in her story is consistency. Christina has been playing the victim for over 40 years now because it pays the rent. Read A Child Called It and you will know what abuse is.

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  22. I went thru some of the exact same things as Christina. I also have a narcissist mother who could do no wrong and felt justified by all her actions. No regrets. No guilt. No apologies. I actually sent her this movie Mommie Dearest on Mothers day one year. No card. No note. Never heard a word. I know she got the message tho.

  23. I read Ms. Crawford's book. It did open my eyes to some of the actions of my own parents. Now I will say my parents never abused me to the degree as to the way she mentioned she was treated. My parents for the most part were good parent's, but they WERE NOT PERFECT PARENTS. it did suddenly open my eyes to say to myself when thinking back to some of the specific instances I experienced during my childhood, "Why the H – – L would you ever do that to your kid?"

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