Christmas with Bubba J | JEFF DUNHAM

(applause) – How ya doin’ Bubba J? – I’m doin’ pretty good (laughs) – What you been doin’ today? – Same thing I do every weekend, just watchin’ NASCAR and drinkin’ beer. (audience cheers) – Bubba J I understand you’ve
been writing Santa a letter. – Yeah I done it on the computer. – Ah, did you mail it to him? – No
– Why? – My computer won’t fit in the mailbox. Walter’s right you are a dumbass (laughs). – You know Bubba J I took
the opportunity of printing your letter for you.
– Uh-huh. – And I noticed when I printed it the ink was kinda weird. – Uh that’s because I was
runnin’ outta ink so I mixed it with beer. – You mixed beer with the ink? – Yeah and if you smell
that thing when you’re readin’ it you get a contact drunk. (laughter and applause) – I learned that from guitar guy. (cheering) – Beernog. – Beernog how do you make beernog? – Uh well you take a
big ole bowl of eggnog and you pour it down the sink, and then you drink a beer. (laughter) – Well Bubba J I’m very
interested in what you wrote so could you read the letter? – Yeah sure okay
– Alright. (laughter) – Bubba J – Hang on I ain’t done yet. – Bubba J
– I ain’t done yet, – Bubba J, – What, don’t yell at me
you scare me when you yell. You remind me of that
judge on American Idol. – Simon.
– Paula. – What I meant was could you
read the letter out loud? – Duh, okay you didn’t say that. – Alright go ahead. – Okay (clears throat), dear Santa hi it’s me
Bubba J (laughs) that’s me. Remember I was the guy
last Christmas who lit the fireplace just as you
came down the chimney. (laughter) Sorry about your suit and your ass. Next time you should wear
a NASCAR suit (laughs), see it don’t burn. He needs fire retardant tidy whities. – You lit Santa on fire? – No the damn fireplace did. – And what happened? – Whoosh, he burst into flames like Marilyn Manson at a Baptist revival. (laughter and applause) – Bubba J that’s awful. – That’s why I’m still in therapy, it was hard to hear Santa go from ho ho ho to ho ho holy sh(beep). – Why didn’t you grab the
nearest liquid and put him out? – That woulda been a waste of beer. – What about water? – We don’t drink that crap. – So how’d you put him out? – (laughs) I peed on him. (laughter and applause) Yeah I’ve added a new step to that list. – What list? – Stop drop and quit rollin’
around so I can piss on you. – Was anything else
goin’ on during all this? – Yeah my dumbass brother was singing ♪ On the first day of
Christmas Santa was on fire ♪ ♪ And Bubba was a-whizzin’ on his head. ♪ ♪ On the second day of Christmas, ♪ ♪ Santa said to me (muffled yelling). ♪ See his face was all
wrapped up in gauze (laughs) – Bubba J this is terrible. – Well it seemed like it at the time, next day it was funnier than hell. We peed on ourselves laughin’ about it. – Was there anything going
on outside that night? – Outside?
– Yeah. – My cousin Elroy shot Santa’s lead deer. – What? – Well it’s not too
often you see a 12 point buck standing on your freakin’ roof. We ate good for a month. – Did you write more? – Yeah let me see, okay. Also Santa, in place of cookies this year, we’re leaving you deer jerky. Guess where that came from ha ha. The end signed Bubba J. P.S. Just to make sure you know, we moved, not too far the parkin’ brake came loose. (applause) Now we live at 6738.2 (laughs). – So Bubba J after all this are you gonna ask Santa for anything for Christmas? – A beer. – You can ask him for
somethin’ bigger than that. – A beer truck. (cheering.

100 thoughts on “Christmas with Bubba J | JEFF DUNHAM

  1. Jeff: you know Bubba J I took the opportunity of printing it out for ya
    Bubba J: uh huh
    Jeff: I noticed that I ink was kinda weird
    Bubba J: uh that's because I was running out of ink and mixed it with beer
    Jeff: You mixed beer with ink?
    Bubba J: Yea when you smell that thing when your eaten it you get contact drunk hahahahah I learned that from guitar guy

  2. Bubba j looks creepy☹️😢😢😢😣😭😭😣🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. Hold on aint done yet.. Hold aint done yet.. What.. U scare me wen yell

  4. Did you light Santa on fire! No the fireplace did! Did you use beer to put him out? No. Why? that would be a waste of beer. How did you put the fire on him out? I peed on him. XD XD XD

  5. Baba J: “You remind me of that judge on American Idol”
    Jeff: chuckles “Simon”
    Baba J: “Paula” XD

  6. buck stops with this shotgun lol should have been a line in this ha

  7. I thought that it would be impossible for Jeff Dunham to do a comedy routine that I didn't think was funny.
    I was wrong.

  8. Who ever disliked this video do NOT know what comedy is.


  9. On the first day of christmss santa was on fire… And a Bubba was wizzin on his head

  10. Bru wth am I watchin I’m high affff this funny thoe 😂😭💯

  11. " stop, drop, and quit rollin around so I can piss on ya! "

  12. " stop, drop, and quit rolling around so I can pee on you"

  13. The amount of clapping for things that aren’t really jokes concerns me

  14. You take a big bowl of egg nog and you pure it down sink and then drink beef

  15. Is bubba j related to dgar bergens puppet Mortimer snerd? They look the same so I'm wondering if Theresa connection of any kind or is this model of puppet just a commonly used 'look'?

  16. I'll never understand why people who comment feel the need to quote what was already said in the performance. Somebody explain the point of that to me – please,

  17. It’s been years since I saw this video. I’m so glad I got recommended Jeff Dunham by YouTube so I could go find his old stuff.

    I still remember these jokes. “Ho Ho HolyShit!”

  18. Recipe for beer nog:
    You take a big ol' bowl o' eggnog and you pour it down the sink, and then you can drink a beer 🙂

  19. “Are you going to ask Santa for anything this Christmas?”
    “A beer!”
    “You can ask for something bigger than that.”
    ”Beer Truck”

  20. The funniest part was when he said “it was hard to her Santa go from ho ho ho to ho ho holy shit 😱🤤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Thats why I'm still in therapy!
    It was hard to hear Santa go from ho ho ho to ho ho holy sh*t!

  22. “On the first day of christmas Santa was on fire and buba was a wizzin on his head”

  23. Is anyone going to the jeff dunham seriously tour like for yes comment if not

  24. “Watching NASCAR & drinking beer!!” I freaking love you Bubba!! I wonder who his favorite driver is. Mine are Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, & Dale Jr.

  25. Hey hey Jeff Dunham! Hilarious post Sir. Bubba J is one of your best puppets. Truly funny routine. Great for the holidays. Shalom Y'all! from Kentucky.

  26. Your gonna ask santa anything for christmas?
    Bubba J: a beer.
    Jeff: anything bigger than that?
    me: a beer barrel?

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