Christopher Michael – “Poetic Prayer/Feeling Her” @WANPOETRY

– [Christopher Michael] Hootie-hoo! – [Audience] Hootie-Hoo! – [Christopher Michael] The
typical tongue tends to tie trying to translate the thoughts that
diverts twixt my temples. Poems so poetically
powerful they pop pimples. Dialogues so delightfully
dynamic it deepens dimples, it’s simple. Cautiously I creep through the crowd, quietly contemplate the
course that captures their collective conscious. So I can concoct, create, and come up with new colorful communication
creations so complicated they cause the crown of
your cranium to convulse. Sending cerebral signals
on with metaphoric messages through membranes
make you salivate to no end, till eventually, you know
you just won’t be right till you’re forced to stand up and say, “yo, read that last line, one more again.” I’m feeling the facts. I’m feeling the fact that the
father forged the feminine figure that freed
fella’s from frustration, but the temptation to
touch this tantalizing tart starts my stomach to a stuntsa. I can’t stand it, I came to get these nasty narrations, these naughty notations
that navigate my neurons. Her body’s to blame, but like moths to the flame my mind migrates to the
marriage of this minty, magnificent, mocha complexion. Her physical perfection
demands my affection. Behold this beauty that bounds by my eye. My dane is drogled- My bane is bra- My brain is boggled by
the bounty of her breasts, I’m blessed just to be by her. And if the bounty of her
breasts weren’t enough, you wouldn’t believe the bricks you could bounce off her booty. Boing! Pure beauty. Look I’m serious about the
sexy stuff, the sultry siren, even her sweat is sweet. I think if I think another
thought about those thick thighs, oh my oh my, why she so fine, why she so fine? This hormone high is hell on my health, hips highlighted by Heaven’s hands, and have you seen her hair? Even her hands are heavenly, My heart’s going to halt, I can’t handle this. Oh, hell! Have you seen her toenails? Perfectly painted, first time I saw them – damn near fainted. Even the way she licks her luscious lips leaves you longing to love her right. She’s tight, she’d fight. Just to spend one night loving her right. So I step to her, I gave her an opulent offering
of all I had to offer. She responded with a offering of her hand. And in response to her rudeness, I said, “Excuse me miss, I didn’t
mean to bother you, have a good day.” Brothers, sons, young men: every smile is not an invitation. (audience cheers) Allow her to walk the streets in peace. All right! My name is Christopher Michael. How ya’ll doing tonight? All right, so I wanted to bring out my CDs I call them my Christopher Diaz’s. (audience laughter)

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