42 thoughts on “Chuck Close: Advice to Artists During a Crisis

  1. why would the opening montage of still photos include such a big group of UN-Inspirational people? weird….

  2. I'm a musician,which is an artist,and I feel the same way.Only when too much shit is going on I cant focus on the art.

  3. To sum up what he believes. Those who die, deserve it. Might makes right, and other capitalist propaganda

  4. I think maybe postwar art was particularly inspired for very obvious reasons – the cataclysm drove people deeper.

  5. i know its amazing.. i read one of his interviews and he mentioned that he paints faces but doesnt recognize them

  6. as Chuck also says that many were drawn to the U.S which was considered a 'beacon' and they were fleeing from crisis, from wartorn countries bringing with them baggage of post-traumatic stress that they were able to unpack and channel through the cathartic process of art.

  7. agreed. however his recent work i think wouldnt discount completely. however, it's a bit less interesting if you look at the whole progression. but thats what i look for it's a bit subjective. within the critical environment of art school earlier around 2000 everyone thought he was just great. I remember as a small child being taken to a modern art museum in Minneapolis, and and say one of his photoreal self portraits from the 70s.

  8. Millionaire artist Chuck Close tells the hoi poloi to 'keep at it'. He has done nothing interesting since the 70's.

  9. @KimJongPillTube Besides I can't remember what I wrote originally, thanks for replying though. Have a nice day.

  10. @KimJongPillTube Hah Hah painting does NOT boil down to being about how much work it takes alone, or how illusionistically representational it is or being photo-real. Not it in least. So it DOES have something to do with what you think is "cool," yes, it does very much so OTHERWISE art would be about like the same as just another craft…a craft may be refined and perfected indefinitely, but the greatness of "art" may be that it does something higher than that….

  11. @ippolytos1 Being an incredible painter has nothing to do with what you think is "cool". Have you even SEEN Chuck Close's work? It's astounding.

  12. @ChixRChattel You clearly have no clue what your talking about.

  13. @SubconsciousGatherer He's not a famous and well respected artist for his public speaking. You think Hemmingway was an adept mathemetician? Doubt it.

  14. Chuck is my hero. He is a great, truly great artist who has changed the way we look at art. His art is all about process. Chuck might be one of the six most inventive print makers in art history.

  15. @SubconsciousGatherer No kidding…it makes me sleepy. Was he actually cool in the 60s, what the hell happened? Painting isnt dead just because there isnt anyone famous for developing a new form. We are out there, but because we arent mainstream (or mainstream enough yet) doesnt mean innovators dont fing exist.

  16. surely chuck close is aware of the affect the depression had on the new york school though, surely

  17. If I had a nickel for every "um" and "uh" this guy lets out I would no longer be a starving artist.

  18. so i guess we should work on hip hop since nas thinks that form of art's dead

  19. @nwadgnikaerb couldnt agree more!!! He is the reason i pay so much attention to detail when i draw.

  20. Thats why I support graffiti… It really doesn't matter whether you are in crisis or not… You can make art anywhere anytime that inspires mankind.

  21. Thats why I support graffiti… It really doesnt matter whether you are in crisis or not… You can make art anywhere anytime that inspires mankind.

  22. Oh great! Now everybody marvels over the reemergence of painting. Time to do installations!

  23. What Moby, Alan Moore and others say on here in interviews rings true. If you want to get rich or be famous as an artist…you're probably not going to do well. If you do what you love…what is important to you as art, you will be fine…regardless of who likes it or not…you've done what was real for you.

  24. I think Chuck is relating that the 40's and 50's were his favorite time in art by the work produced, not necessarily the time period itself. I always believed the Abstract Impressionists were an incredibly ballsy group of people, who were going to make this art come hell or high water….and some of them lived long enough to see magnificent rewards for their work, financially and critically. Big ego or not…Chuck is always worth a listen.

  25. @walker44444

    Nonsense. As a general rule, that's simply not true.
    If you happen to be a hack, you've no one but yourself to blame.

  26. Let's not forget the WPA ( works projects administration ) of the New Deal. That's what kept the hot shot artists of the 50's alive and painting in the 30's. So if the 1930's is what one is talking about , the formula is crisis + workfare = opportunity .
    Today young people get a job or live at home etc. Then, they got to paint murals for a salary. Also many artists really live off a teaching job and those are not a plentiful as they were in years past .

  27. he mentions the 40s and 50s as his favorite time in american art, and the depression era 30s as not so great… but remember, the artists who were making all that great work in the 50s grew up in the depression era. so crisis is perfect for maturing young artists… as you say, it will decide who keeps working, and who falls by the wayside…

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