Chuck Wendig is Totally A Good Writer

once upon a time there is a man called chuck wendig's also known as fuchal chuck fuchal chuck was an sjw on Twitter who wrote books that nobody liked one day fuchal Chuck decided to irrationally attack the greatest book ever written the Lord of the Rings buckle Chuck said loads unpopular opinion shot gun tried to read Lotter a bunch and couldn't get through it world-building is not plot your book shouldn't read like an RPG manual bush it also make me wish someone made your book into an RPG the chosen one is a tired and narcissistic trope let's see your feast scene is too long your world is too white into male and straight – and ironically not fantastic enough what happened in medieval England is not relevant to America the Dragoon lines some are saying but these are not unpopular opinions and I'd posit that to some they are and I shouldn't be commenting much – I don't write or read the genre very often so I'm kind of trampling someone else's territory and while we're at it here are some more unpopular opinions about epic fantasy the bigger the series the likelier it is that it unspools into my new show and footnotes and chaos killing characters is a cheap way of building emotional effect read the expanse instead I think it's less your assumption about the tweet and more talking to me like I don't write genre books and didn't work in the RPG industry for over a decade I wasn't read the thread I was making a list is unpopular opinions about epic fantasy one of those opinions was that I didn't much care for a lot er Christ on a cookie now I love the expanse because it's a great book series it's not a great show fuck the show but I'm also not mentally fucking retarded so I would never in my life compare the expanse to the Lord of the Rings because while I love them both to death one is objectively fucking better while fuchal chuck is a novelist who writes star wars books not the good Star Wars books like the Thrawn Trilogy though he writes the Disney Star Wars books and I thought to myself well fuchal Chuck seems to be a really great writer who has many a sub 3 star review on his books so he must know writing better than jr. are talking and let me tell you buckle Chuck's writing is like nothing I've ever witnessed in my entire fucking life so together let's gather around the online campfire and I shall read to the the deep and epic mythology that is fuchal Chuck's brilliant writing because clearly he knows better than everybody else and before fuchal Chuck tries to get this video taken down for infringing upon the rights of his literary masterpiece I am only reading the excerpt that is publicly available on Amazon so get Chuck to Mister fuchal ahem star wars aftermath book 1 of the aftermath trilogy chuck when dig a long time ago in a galaxy far far away chorus and then Monument Plaza chains rattle as they lash the neck of Emperor Palpatine ropes follow suit – lasso looping around the statues metal the mad cheers of the crowd as they pull and pull and pull disappointed groans as the stone fixture refuses to budge but then someone whips the chains around the back ends of a couple heavy gauge speeders and then engines warble and hum to life – the speeders gun it and again the crowd pulls the sound like a giant bone breaking a fracture appears at the base of the statue more cheering yelling and applause as it comes crashing down the head of the statue snaps off goes rolling and crashing into a fountain dark water splashes the crowd laughs and then the whooping of Klaxons red light strobe three air speeders swooped down from the traffic lanes above Imperial police red and black helmets the glow of their lights reflected back in their helmets there comes no warning no demand to stand down the laser cannons at the fore of each air speeder opened fire red bolts sear the air the crowd is cut apart bodies dropped and stitched with fire but still those gathered are not cowed they are no longer a crowd they are a mob they start picking up hunks of the Palpatine statue and lobbing them up at the air speeders one of the speeders swings to the side to avoid an incoming chunk of stone – and it bumps another speeder interrupting its fire chorus aunty citizens climb up the stone spire behind both speeders – a spire on which are written the Imperial values of order control and the rule of law – and begin jumping on to the police cruisers one helmeted cop is flung from his vehicle the other crawls out onto the hood of his speeder opening fire with a pair of blasters – just as a hunk of stone cracks him in the helmet knocking him to the ground the other two air speeders left higher and keep firing screams and fire and smoke two of those gathered – a father and son row rack and Jack – quick – duck behind the collapse statue the sounds of the battle unfolding right here in Monument Plaza don't end in the distance the sound of more fighting a plume of flames dashes of blaster fire a billboard high up in the sky among the traffic lanes suddenly goes to static the boy is young only 12 standard years not old enough to fight not yet he looks to his father with pleading eyes over the din he yells but the battle station was destroyed dad the battle is over they just watched it only an hour before the supposed end of the Empire the start of something better the confusion in the boys shining eyes is clear he doesn't understand what's happening but roerich does he's heard tales of the Clone Wars – tales spoken by his own father he knows how war goes it's not many Wars but just one drawn out again and again cut up into slices so it seems more manageable for a long time he's told his son not the truth but the idealized hope one day the Empire will fall and things will be different for when you have children but that may still come to pass now a stronger sharper truth is required jack – the battle isn't over the battle is just starting he holds his son close then he puts a hunk of statue in the boy's hand and he picks one up himself part one now Starline streaked across the bright black a ship drops out of hyperspace : uncapitalized a little star hopper a one – person ship favored by many of the less desirable factions out here in the outer rim – the Pirates the bookies the Bounty Hunter's in those with bounties on their heads to hunt this particular ship has seen action : uncapitalized plasma scarring across the wings it up its tailfins semi-colon a crumpled dent in the front end as it was kicked by an imperial walker all the better for the ship to blend in ahead : uncapitalized the planet Akiva a small planet – from here striations of brown and green thick white clouds swirling over its surface the pilot wedge antilles once red leader and now – well now something else a roll without a formal title as yet because things are so new so different so wildly up in the air – sits there and takes a moment it's nice up here quiet no TIE fighters no blasts across the bow of his x-wing no x-wing in fact and no he loves flying while it's nice to be out no Deathstar – and here wedge shutters because he helped take down two of those things some days that fills him with pride other days it's something else something worse like he's drawn back to it the fight still going on all around him but that isn't today today it's quiet wedge likes the quiet he pulls up his data pad scrolls through the list with a tap of the button on the side end of sentence parentheses he has to hit it a few extra times to get it to go – if there's one thing he looks forward to when all this is over it's that maybe they'll start to get new tech somehow this data pad had actual sand in it and that's why the buttons stick and parentheses the list of planets clicks past he's been – let's see five so far florrum Ryloth Hin re abafar raydonia this planet Akiva is the sixth on the list of many to many it was his idea this run somehow the remaining factions of the Empire are still fueling their war effort even months after the destruction of the second battle station wedge had the notion that they must have moved out to the outer rim – study your history and it's easy to see that the seeds of the Empire grew first out here away from the core systems away from the prying eyes of the Republic wedge told Akbar Mon Mothma : could be that they are at it again hiding out there Akbar said it made some sense after all didn't mu stefarr holds some importance to the Imperial leadership rumors said that's where Vader took some of the Jedi long ago torturing them for information before their execution and now Vader's gone Palpatine – almost there wedge thinks – once they find the supply lines that are bolstering the Imperials he'll feel a whole lot better he pulls up the comm tries to open a channel to command and – nothing maybe it's broken it's an old ship wedge fidgets at the side pulls up the personal comm relay that hangs there at his belt – he taps the side of it tries to get a signal once more uncapitalized nothing his heart drops into his belly feels a moment like he's falling because what all this adds up to is : the signals blocked some of the criminal syndicates still operating out there have technology to do that locally – but in the space above the planet no no way only one group has that tech his jaw tightens the bad feeling in the well of his gut is swiftly justified as ahead a Star Destroyer punctures space with a knife tip as it drops out of hyperspace wedge fires up the engines I have to get out of here a second Star Destroyer slides in next to the first the panel's across the star hoppers – begin blinking red they see him what to do what did Han always say just fly casual the ship is disguised as it is for a reason : it looks like it could belong to any – – bit smuggler out here on the fringe a Kiva is a hotbed of criminal activity chorus on satrap governors various syndicates competing for resources and opportunities a well – known black market – once decades ago the Trade Federation had a droid manufacturing facility here which means if you want some off – the – books droid you can come here to buy one the Rebel Alliance procured many of its droids right here as a matter of fact new dilemma no capitalized what now fly down to the planet to do aerial recon as was the original plan – or plot a course back to chandrila something's up two destroyers appearing out of nowhere blocked comes that's not nothing it means I found what I'm looking for maybe even something much better that means : capitalized time to plot a course out of here that'll take a few minutes though – heading inward from the outer rim isn't as easy as taking a long stride from here to there it's a dangerous jump endless variables await : uncapitalized nebula clouds asteroid fields floating bands of star junk from various skirmishes and battles last thing wedge wants to do is pilot around the edge of a black hole earth through the center of a star going supernova the calm crackles they're hailing him the crisp Imperial voice comes across the channel thesis dad the sort of vigilance you have entered imperial space to which wedge thinks this isn't Imperial space what's going on here identify yourself fear Lance's through him sharp and bright as an electric shock this isn't his realm talking lying a scoundrel like solo could convince a Jawa to buy a bag of sand wedge is a pilot but it's not like they didn't plan for this Calrissian worked on the story he clears his throat hits the button – this is Jeff Hasan piloting an H eh – 87 star hopper uncapitalized the rover he transmits his data card sending over credentials a pause identified the nature of your visit like cargo what cargo the stock answer is uncapitalized droid components but that may not fly here he thinks quickly – akiva hot wet mostly jungle dehumidifier parts pause in excruciating one the nav computer runs through its calculations almost there a different voice comes through the tinny speaker a woman's voice got some steel in it less crisp nothing lilting this is someone with some Authority – or at least someone who thinks she possesses it she says Jeff had nine patent no before that you think they're never gonna end yes that checks out Calrissian knows Hassan the smuggler – sorry legitimate pilot in business man – did work smuggling goods to help Lando build Cloud City and he is indeed Devereaux nyan you got it wedge says another pause the computer is done with its calculations another 10 seconds at most numbers crunching flickering on the screen funny the woman says I records indicate that Geoff Hassan died in imperial custody please let us correct our records the hyperspace computer finishes its calculations he pushes the thruster forward with the heel of his hand – but the ship only shudders then the star hopper trembles again and begins to drift forward toward the pair of Star Destroyers it means they've engaged the tractor beams he turns on the weapon controls if he's gonna get out of this it's now or never

36 thoughts on “Chuck Wendig is Totally A Good Writer

  1. "The greatest book ever written" i thought you were gonna say the bible lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. To be fair Aftermath is quite fucking boring. Not only to read, but it is probably the most boring audio book I have ever listened to. And I didn't get very far due to it being so boring and random.

  3. The Expanse was made by a guy was having a RPG DND with his friends. Literally, the entire story is based on what happens throughout their game.
    You're trying to say…
    That's better than LOTRs?

    Dude is a pseudo intellectual.

  4. "Chosen one trope is tired and over done"?

    Which chosen one? Frodo? His fellowship breaks apart early on, and He fails in the end. Not very chosen, is it?

  5. The expanse TV series is rubbish?? HahahahaHahahaha yeah sure but you are spot on about 98 percent of all other shit ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž pass given

  6. Wow, how am i JUST hearing about this channel. I absolutely cannot stand Chucks way of writing. This was literally the first Star Wars book I had to stop reading. I could not get passed how God awful this was. The showing not telling, the grammar, the incomplete sentences, the forced story lines, the twitter talk. It was like reading the first draft of bad screenplay.

    I add this gem from the book ""the tie fighter wibbles and wobbles in the air and it zigzags herkily jerkily out of sight". WTF is that?

    You sir, just got a subscribe for life for pointing out this nonsensical bullshite.

  7. I swear to god if I hear the word "dash" one more time I'm gonna shit.

  8. Talk about dead, mechanic and boring writing… it sounds like when Ron Swanson give his famous โ€œonly facts speechesโ€.. except those are better written I guess..

    Btw, I love you Wolf, never stop being you

  9. The first half of Fellowship can and probably should be skipped entirely. Literally nothing between Shire and Rivendell either won't be caught up with at Rivendell or at the Council, and the reader gets caught up on all the plot and character before they depart as the fellowship. I shouldn't be 30 fucking thousand words into the story and reading about having carrot stew with the neighbors!

  10. I don't see how "your world is too white and male and straight" is valid criticism for a work of fiction. Shouldn't the structure of the story and, among others, the lack of consequences of a character's choice be valid criticism of work of fiction?
    Having said this, I haven't watched all the video. I just had to pause and comment, because I thought the aforemention quote was nonsense.

  11. Wow I listened to the audio book and since they added sound effects and stuff, I never realized it was this stilted


  13. The saddest thing is that a past version of myself would have considered this good writing. A past version of me would have complained in a long comment tirade about how it's great writing. I'm glad I've moved past that point in my life, but I wonder if maybe I'm not like that currently to some degree. It worries me, as it should worry this man Wendig. I only wish he could have put more time and effort into his craft.

  14. He does realize that Tolkien is the one that modernized the genre right? Like all the other RPGs and series and modern tropes (note not the older tropes) came AFTER Tolkien largely BECAUSE of Tolkien. Seems to me someone is jealous.

  15. Holy shit. That really was terrible. I'd rather staple my own scrotum to a surly badger than read one of that guys books.

  16. Star wars writer says world building is not plot thats why star wars sucks now.

  17. Did anyone else get the idea that some of the comments Wendig made in this criticism of Tolkien read like he was trying to also poke at Martin? Maybe I'm reading too much into it but if I'm right it implies some very negative things about Mr. Wendig that of the two authors whose work he's trying cut down one of them is dead and the other he refused to dump on directly.

  18. Boy, you even think about attacking LOTR then you are definitely asking for trouble. You're entitled to your opinion but God-damn if you can't even match up half as much or less with your own shit then you can only prepare to be shat upon like this vid.

  19. Wow…
    This book—its the worst thing I've ever read—a sigh of disappointment.
    Many fan fictions are better. For fuck's sake.

    D A S H

  20. Tolkien can still get his stories published more than 40 years after his death, and they're still better than anything Chuck has written.

  21. aftermath was one of the first books of this style of writing I read/listened… always present always now and things listed as thoughts of the character … I hate it in my guts! how was the saying if you ALWAYS scream when you are talking … it loses his meaning…

  22. Chuck Wendig is getting a lot of flak here but there is one definite good thing this guy is doing.

    He's showing all of us who want to have their stories made, myself included, how not to go about it.

  23. Iโ€™d rather have to read a romantic novel written by a middle schooler than this trash

  24. Thank you Wolf for Fuckle Chuck that is some horrendous writing

  25. This writing sounds like a poorly written screenplay. It's legit just summing up what happens with no flare or soul. Color me surprised that somebody who takes issue with a classic which created the tropes being trope-laden…is a vacuous fucking writer.

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