Hello Friends !!! In today’s moral story kids got a new moral Rather I also got a nice moral. Like and share Show it to mumma Come let us watch todays short movie Yeah, exams are over Aayu from now – No Studies No Homework Just playing We will be friends during vacations Not friends – Brothers and sisters Yes, we will also not quarrel Sister, I don’t quarrel – It comes out automatically. What can I do? Mumma, we are back from school Oh you came Yes – Our exams are over Studies are also over Homework is also over Schools are also over Eams over School vacations Now you will start Playing will start Naughtiness will start Troubling mother will Start Demands from father will Start Yes OK, now change your school dress I will bring lunch Mumma, tomorrow we don’t have school Oh Yes But still you should change the uniform Mumma, shall we stay in school uniform for full day. Oh do you love school uniform? Then you can go to school daily. No No No Go and change dress – I will bring lunch Atleast take your school bags Yes Mumma has to remind for everything You never remember Ok, I will bring lunch Oho, I said eat your lunch Both are busy with Mobile and Tablet Mumma, exams are over – Let us play Yes mumma, let us take a break What? Your schools are over You have not done something great OK OK, we are coming, coming in 2 hours In 2 hours? You have to come in 2 minutes for lunch. Aayu can I watch now? Sister I have to watch cartoon I have to watch a movie Cartoon Movie I will play Mine Mine Look sister, I will clear First 30 mins I watch OK Then again 30 mins I will watch Then again 30 mins I will watch When will my turn come? Tomorrow What will you say tomorrow? Tomorrow But tomorrow never comes Just give me the remote No No – Give Give me Look, nice movie coming for you This is cartoon What are you doing? Mumma, summer vacations started I want to watch a movie. Mumma, my summer vacations also started I have to watch cartoon and mine? My vacations haven’t started? I also have to watch my show Give me the remote No mumma, me me me Please Give me the remote Sister because of you, remote is gone Because of you Atleast my cartoon was better than this Now watch soap opera You watch cartoon You yourself is a cartoon Sister,shall we go to the garden and play a game. Ok Oh, where are you going? To play in garden It is very hot outside – No not in the garden Sit inside Mumma we have to go Sit here I have some work for you. Yes mumma How many hours do you study in school? 6 hours Mumma I only study for 6 mins in school Rest of the time I enjoy in school Oh, remaining time you enjoy Yes Shall I call your school teacher ? No Ok, in school you study for 6 hours In vacations you can study for atleast 3 hrs at home. 3 hours Yes Study in summer vacations Yes As your school reopens, exams will start. No We will not study Mumma summer vacations is for playing for watching TV Playing in garden For eating good food items What about studies? Mumma, we have to finish the home work That’s it – Yes Not studies Ok, then what will you do in vacations? I will sleep Play games Watch TV That’s it Mumma, I will tell now… yes my son What will Aayu do ? He is my good boy What will you do ? Mumma, I will do…. Shall I tell I will only Eat and sleep What? Only eating and sleeping Learn something from him !!! You brother and sister are alike. He is my brother OK You try to understand Mumma, you try to understand. Yes Mumma, what does vacation means? Vacations means holiday Which holiday? School vacations School vacation means vacation from studying. Same thing No it is not same… Only school vacations started You have to study at home. No I will not study – Sister can study. I don’t know Mumma, we studied for whole year. Let us play for 1 and half months Wow sister – Nice acting Thank you You must get Olympic Gold medal. What? Olympic medal is in sports. Not in acting. No issues, you will get award for acting. Thank you You acting is over ? Mine is over Mumma, my performance is remaining. Sister please help. You bring that I will bring that OK What is that & that? Did you understand? No? Please like Oh Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Vacations came – Vacations came Vacations came – Vacations came After so many days For students… 1 and half month Vacations came Vacations came – Vacations came Vacations came – Vacations came Oh mumma Vacations came – Vacations came Oh mumma Vacations came – Vacations came My greetings My greetings Did you liked it? I also want to add a line in this song Yes mumma please start New books came – New boos came OK Read them also No no we are going Where are you going? Sister that is mumma’s room, come here Yes Aayu No one can change them… We are free Free from whom? I will not study These are Aayu’s books I will not You have to study No mumma Please don’t say no These are Pihu’s books No mumma Aayu – Your books I am not doing I am going You should study for 1 hour No questions Who study in summer vacations? Yes sister My friends must be playing now. Who will interfere? Yes sister, who will come – Door Bell – He came….. You came… It is very hot outside Father Hi Oh, your summer vacations started Yes Then you must be enjoying No What happened ? Mummy asked us to study for 3 hours. Hmmm 3 hours No but… Studying They will waste whole day in TV & Mobile If they study for some time Then their summer vacations will not be wasted Otherwise, they will waste (garmi ki chutti ) In watching TV & Mobile But, summer vacations started Yes, I am also not saying to study for whole day. This will help in future It is holiday time Yes Yes it is our holiday time Means for kids Laughing Kids, please understand But, summer vacations are for playing Yes Yes Yes OK for today. But you must study from tomorrow No No Ok Ok take a break We will play today Tomorrow we will discuss Hmmm Ok Madam Ok Yeah Come – Playing Monopoly Game – Madam Can I get tea? Yes, but before that, go and get fresh your mumma give orders to me also Yes Yes getting fresh Ok, you play – I will get fresh Now it is my turn Any work for market? Yes – Bring some fruits Which fruit? Bring some mangoes Kids like mangoes Ok He always favor kids He can also support me. What have you made for dinner? for dinner… Bottle Gourd Bottle gourd !!! What is this? Raw mango I asked for mangoes Yes, I will convert them to mangoes Raw mango to Mango ? I have to use it today Yes today I will convert them to Mango ! Go ahead Not a big deal …. Look here I have bought injection Shop keeper gave me He said that Put this injection… Raw Mango will ripe in 2 hours. But these mangoes will not be healthy Why not? Fruits must get full time to ripe properly. If we will do artificial ripening Then that would not be healthy Correct …. I also said that If kids have got 1 and half month, summer vacations… Break from studies That time is also not for regular studies Think about that Kids follow school schedule for 10 months in 1 year This is a 1.5 months gap for kids. So that they get prepared for next year. Hope you understand Yes very well…. Wow sister, father made mumma understand. Yes, he is smart, because he is my father Mine Yes Oh, both of you are listening to our discussion. Yes Listening to parents discussion, is a bad habit But were discussing on us. So we got interested. Oh, so you got interested on your topic. Laughing Mumma told me that …. Pihu’s handwriting is not good. Correct ? So, Pihu will improve her handwriting. Sure and Aayu…. Hindi Aayu is weak in Hindi Subject Aayu will focus on Hindi OK? By the time summer vacations will end… Aayu will improve hindi & Pihu will improve hand writing Done Aayu wants to learn skating You want to learn skating? Ok, so Aayu will join skating class Where will you join Pihu? Dance Pihu will join dance class Very good Ok and yes – Finish your home work Papa … Hmm We’ll prepare for exams in last 10 days of vacations Yes we will do that See They are my kids High Five Mumma was not able to understand So I gave her this injection. Where did you get the injection? Aayu look your father gave me injection Laughing

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