Clash Royale — Po’s Poem (Zybeze vs. Po)

This is here is a song
for my opponent Po, who was the poor unlucky soul
to be my unworthy foe. First I sent my giant to the
right side of the field, distracted with my witch
and zapped the cards that he revealed. Pushin’ hard
to the right, my giant meat tank–
which is what I’ll send to set up my left side flank. Arrowing your minions
is a special treat. I’ll roast em on the fire
and give my goblins something to eat. Here’s a witch
deal with her children, they’ve a bone to pick with you.
Slice and dice all you want cause she’s always got a fresh brew. Oops there goes your tower
maybe you can still come back. I see you dropped a mini pekka.
Here’s how I ’m gunna try and distract. Even now.
1 to 1. Who’s gunna win?
Nicely placed hog rider my Popo friend. Did you get distracted?
I’m doing some work on your right side tower.
Now you shall taste my Zybeze power. Troops are hittin towers
and towers a shooting troops. Soon will be the hour
where Po finally finishes taking his poop. Zap and gobs,
witch and giant, no seconds left.
You should have been compliant and not held your breath. So, Po was punished
as my army quickly ended this poetic tastle.
With a final zap my giant pulverized his
final king castle. That was fun, Po,
let’s play again, but every time we
battle together I bet you’ll meet a similar end.

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