Class 11th English poem o gentlemen

O GENTLEMEN O gentlemen,
It is your blood or theirs, It is the human blood after all. War may go on in the East or the West,
it will bleed the peace of world, after all. Bombs may fall on homes or on outskirts They
wound the spirit of life after all. Our crops may burn or theirs,
The famine will humans, after all. Tanks may move forward or recede
They tear open the Earth after all. Be it the victory of war or the mourning of
defeat, Life sheds tears on death after all. So, O gentlemen! It is better to end the war. In the courtyards, yours and ours,
It is better to keep the candles burning

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  2. Show different picture or videos to make the concept of the poem clear to the veiwers😊

  3. Thankyou so much for making these type of videos..they help me so much! I really thank yoi

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