Class Activity Idea Planes

hi everybody remember these isn’t it always fun to fly paper planes well that’s just what we’re going to do in class today fly paper planes you don’t believe me but I am serious you will be flying paper planes along with your friends and these planes will carry your ideas so let’s call them idea planes it’s simple but it’s still a great way to discover your own ability to come up with new ideas you think you cannot come up with ideas right well today you might surprise yourself so how do we do this first let’s prepare for the activity you might want to pick up a few sheets of paper and pens for your team to use during this activity and remember the teams you had formed at the beginning of this course get back into those teams find a nice spot in class for your team to do this activity form a circle with your team members you may choose to stand or sit but all that matters is that you are all together as a team in a circle well what next at the end of this video I’m going to give you a choice of a few topics for you to think about and come up with new ideas on once the topics are announced you will select a topic from the list next one of you will write your idea for solving the topic chosen on a sheet of paper then fold it into an airplane and fly it to the participant in your own team the person who receives the paper plane has to write his or her idea on the same sheet and now fly it to another person in the team write crazy ideas creative ideas this is not the time to be shy just enjoy yourself where don’t take more than a minute to write your idea for the next 15 minutes continue this madness write your idea on a paper clean fly to another person on the team and so on if your paper becomes full of ideas take another paper and start again great your ideas fly the new idea of plane amongst your team members like before after 15 minutes your instructor will tell you to stop you can stop there look at all the ideas together as a team read them aloud to each other laugh share them and have fun all send what are the topics now I have 5 topics for you to choose from they may seem a bit crazy to you but nevertheless there are some real problems and people are waiting for you to help solve them topic 1 what is your idea to help people who are lazy to chew their food topic 2 what can you do to stop people who jump the queue topic 3 how can you sleep in class but seem like you’re awake topic 4 how to stop your miserly neighbor from reading your newspaper before you do topic 5 how to recover a long-forgotten loan from your friend let’s get into action then go ahead choose your topic set wings to your ideas fly your idea planes

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