Taxi! these guys are well looking after me,
i’ve got my own london cabby Big Steve in a London cabby cabby Driver don’t look like a
London driver Swedish! Guy looks about 17,
do you have a driving license I think he’s pulling a fast one,
that meter is going up and up.. but, who cares?
they even made me an English pub cause I was complaining,
I was home sick so they made me a pub going there for a pub lunch,
and a nice cold beer Bishop arms! *SINGING! Why would I go anywhere else,
it’s like being in London every body have blonde hair,
blue eyes …and beard and that’s the women..
love it!… Thay are beautiful Hello? Carl, Carl Gustaf (Swedish King)
Why are you ringing me? Oh, you thought it was Stephenie I’m just outside Bishop Arms
love what you have done here! Yes, yes yes! Love what you done with you hair! Don’t worry we will make the north
as big as the south can’t make Saturday yes we are going to a club thanks for your call Gustaf
say hello to the family! you put the phone down first..
I Love you to! bye bye! so we have 100 beers in the fridge
and 25 on tap can I have a pint of beer
and some English fish and chips christmas is coming I’ve decided to read you all a
lovely christmas poem Cold midwinter night is tough, the stars sparkle and gleam. Everybody sleep in solitary farm deep in the midnight hours. The moon wanders its silent banks, snow glows white
on pine and spruce, snow glows white on the roof. Only Santa is awake. I think that went pretty well I hope you enjoyed it
Merry Christmas! my Swedish is really good now!
(The Viking)

100 thoughts on “CLASSIC SWEDISH POEM

  1. @TheLolapmotmai
    I think thath the north of sweden is the greatest place on earth and i cant understand why you whould whanna live annywhere eles . And why the english allways looks down on the sweds i a big ? 4 me .

  2. HEY BIGSTEVE! I've an idea for upcoming videos! Visit a Swedish school and have lessons with a Swedish/English teacher. Ask if they can help you pronounce Swedish words in right Forms, verbs and so on.

  3. @BigSteveFromEngland ey Steve are you still up north or are you going to come drink pints with us down here in Göteborg?

  4. @Frolleswe Then I would recommend "Björkskolan". A very nice christian free-school in Skellefteå.

  5. @Jamezy1991 don't worry im sure nobody even understood your: "of what his swedish" either.. so you're in good company.

  6. dude, you are SO FUCKING ENGLISH! im going to visit london now cuz of you, lets just hope everyone is as friendly and cool as you are 🙂

  7. Hahahahahahahaha yeah that swedish was almost right o.O And yeah the taxidriver do look that "swedish under age" all guys do here! "What are you 30? I thought you was 19!" is a good line to learn before visit sweden XD

  8. Haha im swedish and i could not have understand i word you were saying without the text ;D

  9. Vem är Big Steve? ''Dokumentären ska vara klippt och klar till våren 2012 och tanken är att den inom två-tre år ska nå 15 miljoner människor runt om i världen.''

  10. Go to Gekås/Ullared, biggest store in Scandinavia, perhaps europe. 1 big store that u can buy anything from mopeds to special sausage 😀

  11. That was awesome Big Steve! Some words was a little off but it's fine! …erhmm yes..fine 🙂

  12. haha Bigsteve, u wanna learn swedish from the right person, come to Kungsbacka, Elof Lindälvs gymnsiium and ask fer me, HN, someone will know who i am, if not, ask where class te2k is, atleast until summer, ill help ya get things right and if u want, ill teach ya to speak with an accent 😛 gothenburgish accent of course 🙂

  13. I just love how you can order English fish n' chips in a pub but say that a Swedish pizza got too many calories xD

  14. Imagine going to an English pub in Sweden and meet Big Steve, now how cool wouldn't that be?

  15. I really don't understand what you're doing and why, but I still love your videos !

    Good job !

  16. "Manjo" is supposed to be "måne" (Swedish for "moon")?
    Who would've guessed it? Sounds funny, though.

  17. Jaha, om du är tolv år gammal så förstår jag plötsligt att du har så dålig koll. Då ska jag berätta en sak för dig.
    Kungahuset omsätter, per år, betydligt mer än vad de kostar. Alltså bidrar kungen med väldigt, väldigt mycket mer än vad små barn och kommunister tror.

  18. Don't feed the trolls… Kolla in hans kanal, enough said. Måste dock erkänna att han är jävligt duktig på både Engelska och Svenska för att vara 12, om det nu stämmer dvs.

  19. Hey Steve! Next time, try snus in portion! 😀 I'd be over excited if you answer me, im a big fan, and ilove your videos! Keep it up!
    Please like so Steve can see it, id appretiate so much!

  20. Swedish people is he a tall reading and pronouncing it correctly? >.>

  21. midd manna kool ahard
    stjomol glins os glimma
    ala såda ayenglish gard
    djupot anda midstamma
    manjong vanda sintas ban
    sonaliss vitt palful ulgrand
    sonaliss vitt pol teykan
    istad tomold al vikan.
    so beautiful.

  22. Tack iallafall för att du är en av få som kan vara artig på Youtube 🙂

  23. Da har du nog inte letat tillrackligt langt in 😛
    Man maste ga vilse forst vettu!

  24. You got 3 of the words right. Not bad!
    glimma, sin, vit

    Since it's Christmastime again you should read it again. Now that you're more familiar with swedish, you'll probably do a lot better.

  25. WHen you read the poem it sounded like african mixed with spanish 🙂

  26. haha Never laughed so hard in my life when he started reading

  27. Haha, that's okay, you're a good guy anyways! I actually met you in Umeå during the final game of Brännbollsyran 😀

  28. OMG steve, best stick to Jack n Jill 🙂 hehehehe  Where was that English style pub m8y  ?? 

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