Climate Change Explained

This is a simple explanation of Climate Change,
based on an article in the New York Times. The average temperature on the surface of
the planet has already increased 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, which may not seem
like much, but think about it this way, the heat from human emissions is roughly equal
to 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding across the planet every single day. Future generations are in big trouble. But
for now it will continue to get warmer and storms will grow more intense, with longer
periods of drought in between. But longer-term, if emissions continue to
rise unchecked, the climate disasters will be so severe they will destabilize entire
nations, send millions of refugees across borders, cause widespread extinction of most
species on Earth, and melt the polar ice caps, leaving most of the world’s coastal cities
several feet underwater. All this could take centuries, but something
like the sudden collapse of agriculture would trigger immediate chaos in society. Best case is we get our act together and begin
to rapidly bring emission levels down; meanwhile, Earth turns out to be less sensitive to greenhouse
gases than we currently believe, plants and animals adapt quickly, and major technological
breakthroughs help society limit emissions and adjust to climate change. But, these are all the opposite of what we’re
actually seeing, so the only thing in our control is to limit emissions using all available
tools and best behaviors currently at our disposal. Worst case, the collapse of food production
causes spiraling prices and — as our capitalist utopia breaks down — billions starve as our
world gets violent and messy real quick–kind of like a zombie apocalypse, but with extreme
hunger spreading chaos instead. So, yeah, still just like a zombie apocalypse. This
would be coupled with the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, leading to rapidly rising seas
that would force us to abandon many of our greatest cities and all of the social and
scientific progress that we were making within them. Adding insult to injury is the fact
that many of the emissions were emitted while building these now abandoned, underwater metropolises. If emissions continue unchecked, we’re looking
at a total rise of between 80 to 160 feet, which would occur if all the ice in the polls
melted. So the oceans will rise, the real question is how fast? Scientists only have
Earth’s history to base their predictions on, which suggests that the rate has occasionally
hit 1 foot per decade…so we’ll have to adapt to an altered coastline sooner or later,
but probably much sooner than later. Because… Computer forecasts only give us a range of
future possibilities, the most important evidence comes from the study of past climate conditions
which clearly show that every time the amount of carbon dioxide in the air rises, the Earth
warms up, ice melts, and the ocean rises. What’s important to remember here is that
we are in uncharted territory–humans are pumping carbon dioxide into the air far faster
than nature ever has before us. Scientists have been publishing strong evidence
that warming is making drought and heat waves more frequent, causing heavier rainstorms,
and more severe coastal flooding. But while the Internet has made us all more aware of
weather disasters in distant countries, it’s hard to prove these are all directly made
worse by climate change, although they probably are. Canada and Russia both have vast, frozen lands,
and could see some economic benefits from a warmer climate. Putin and the Russians,
therefore, have been reluctant to make ambitious climate commitments. But expect that to change
as these countries realize they will be swamped by millions of refugees from less fortunate
nations. Libertarians and other political conservatives
do not like the policies proposed to fight climate change and have chosen to try and
block them by actively undermining the science. This effort has been funded by the oil and
coal industry, who favor making money above all else. As more resources are devoted to solving the
problem, our chances at big technological breakthroughs are improving, but we still
should be spending about three-times as much money as we currently are on these efforts
according to several in-depth reports. You can reduce your carbon footprint by doing
things like plugging leaks in your home insulation, installing a smart thermostat, taking public
transit, taking less airplane trips, buying an electric car, and putting solar panels
on your roof. A big one is eating less meat. But what’s really needed is for you to speak
up and exercise your rights as a citizen, because strong, collective action through
state and national policies is how we’ll make the most impact. Considering that we’ve been ignoring scientists’
warnings since the 80’s to limit emissions, we’re pretty late in the game. But we’ve
finally reached a moment where nearly every country in the world agrees this is a huge
problem, and seem ready to commit to taking at least some kind of action. Leading corporations
will continue to make bold promises to do their part, low-emission technologies will
improve, and many states and cities will go much further than any goals set by their national
governments. The United States, the world’s biggest economy, is finally starting to move
aggressively, and China, the world’s largest emitter, is beginning to recognize that it
needs to do the same, as many of its megacities cities will be underwater if the seas rise
too high. But it’s up to us, the ordinary citizens, to continue demanding our political
leaders tackle climate change, the hardest problem that humanity has ever faced. So like and share this video to help it spread.
A special thanks to Justin Gillis of the New York Times for putting together the original
article, which is linked in the more info section below. Until next time, thanks for watching TDC,
I’m Bryce Plank.

100 thoughts on “Climate Change Explained

  1. This all started for the money but look where the money got us now

  2. R.I.P use humans and animals in the next 100 years 🥺🙏🏻

  3. Nonbelievers of the Truth Book (Bible) is saying that global warming is happening and not realizing that judgement of the Lord Jesus Christ is coming upon the world soon. Since He is a consuming fire! And fire melts everything!

    Remember God's days are like a thousand years to God. Cause He is giving the nonbelievers to have a chance to repent and turn to Him. Yet many still believes He is not of true love and mercy.

    But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.-2 Peter 3:8

    Fire spreads ahead of Him and burns up all all His foes.-Psalm 97:3

    Then the man of the lawlessness will be revealed, but the Lord Jesus will kill him with the breath of His mouth and destroy him by the splendor of his coming.-2 Thessalonians 2:8

    For our God is a consuming fire.-Hebrews 12:29

    Don't wait till it is too late. The decieving spirit of antichrist are here to destroy you with lies and once you are caught in its web of deceit it will hard to untangle yourself out of that. So seek truth by calling for help from Jesus and He will set you free and show you the truth of everything that you need to know. Shalom

  4. CO2 causes mild warming and a large increase in plant growth. It is an immense benefit to the planet, and we should produce more.

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  6. If we don't resolve this all now , we only have 12 more years left on Earth

  7. I really wonder how is it that 120 molecules of CO2 out of 1,000,000 molecules of air can have such devastating efects.
    If it is true that the Earth is warming, certainly is not only becsuse of CO2.

  8. The Earth is better off with humankind being wiped off its surface. We have done nothing but selfishly destroy the environment be it out of greed or laziness, elected idiots to run the world and have led to great mass extinctions of different species through the ages either through hunting or throwing the Eco system into disarray with deforestation and what not. We have done far more damage than any other natural disasters that hit the earth, and at a much faster rate too.

    To Paraphrase Agent Smith from the Matrix movie, we ARE like a Virus, we don't form a balanced symbiotic relationship with anything in nature like other creatures do, but instead we just assimilate and drain and plunder resources till there's nothing left. I'm pretty sure balance will be restored to the planet once our kind is gone.


  10. I am probably one of the only ones that believe that humanity will collapse later this century because of the rising global population, sea levels, need for more resources to support more humans, running out of resources, and possibly a World War III.

  11. Some of the most effective things you can do as a person to combat climate change:

    Have fewer / 0 children
    Not using a private car / or using electric cars instead
    Not flying
    Ditching animal products
    Ditching plastic / single use items / processed foods / the fast paced lifestyle
    Using less electricity
    Plant trees

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  15. and meanwhile, if we did that?

  16. “Libertarians & other political conservatives” opposed to policies proposed to combat climate change??? Seems to be mainly Conservatives who are against them, since they don’t want to pay for anything that they think doesn’t directly benefit them & are trying to deny the existence of climate change. Although I think humans in general are pretty resistant to actually changing anything until they’re forced to, even those who recognise there is a problem & actually want to fix it.

  17. Sad that the US has done a 180 since this video was released & you praised them for finally making an effort, thanks to a corrupt POTUS & predominant political party who are beholden to oil, gas & other fossil fuel companies. And ironic (but fortunate) that China has become the world leader in renewable energy technology in that same time frame. We can’t wait for someone else to start doing something, but WE as individuals have to start doing something NOW. Every effort we make is better than nothing being done.

  18. Even if you can’t afford to make your home solar or buy an energy efficient car, there are many things we can all do on an individual level that WILL help. Eg reduce our electricity consumption. Use bicycles or foot power as much as possible instead of vehicles, otherwise use public transport & if you have to use a car, carpool & make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible, decrease waste & increase recycling, demand packaging be reduced & use shops that refill rather than buy products in disposable packaging. Buy in bulk. Don’t leave taps running while you brush your teeth or are soaping up in the shower, fix water leaks & other things that cause inefficient use/waste of resources. Unplug appliances when not using them, use brooms & dustpans instead of vacuum cleaners, pick up rubbish when you walk & ensure anything recyclable goes to recycling, plant trees & as many plants as possible in your house & garden, particularly those that benefit bees, birds & other creatures. Lobby your politicians for them to implement climate change initiatives & to ban corporate money from politics, vote for politicians that believe in climate change & plan to help fix things, educate other people, particularly those who are lying to themselves or are just ignorant or uneducated & lead by example. There are thousands of websites & books that can give you more ideas on what you can do that won’t cost you much, if any money. You might think that you as one person can’t do anything, but whatever you do is contributing either to the problem or the cure. And 100,000 or 1 million or 1 billion individuals doing something to help adds up to a whole lot of people helping to undo or slow down the damage

  19. Matthew 16: 2 "He answered them : When evening comes, you say. It will be fine weather, because the sky is red, and early in the morning you say, It will be stormy today it will be stormy today, because the sky is red and threatening"

  20. John 3 : 8 " The wind blows where it will and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes and whither it goes."

  21. All hocus pocus.invented by the rich elite to take the last cent from the poor.not scientifically proven nonsense

  22. Thank you. “We need a change of heart, a reframing of all our conceptions and a new orientation of our activities. The inward life of man as well as his outward environment have to be reshaped if human salvation is to be secured.” ~ Shoghi Effendi, Baha'i Faith

  23. maybe someone makes a tv drama about global warming, people will finally start caring..

  24. Earth can’t give birth to a new world, so we’ll have to protect our one and only home.

  25. You don’t even know how much I hate humans I’m angry at myself too,, because of us animals and the earth can’t be healthy, why can’t we all just live with nature live in forest like how we all did ;-; miss those times

  26. I like the zombie apocalypse idea but… I´d rather be Climate change free

  27. This is simple propaganda… This climate fraud must STOP..none of these bogus predictions have come to pass over the last 50 years and news media and political classes who push this agenda in schools and to scare or tax the next generation will be held to account. Its killing development and access to cheap power. Sea levels are not changing, top weather experts contradict the predictions and still the UN and EU funded fraud continues….Stop it please.

  28. I think your missing the bigger picture. God said it would look like this towards the end of the time of grace. Well, it looks like the time is slowly coming upon us. It might be a time to concentrate on Him. And before you write a nasty comment back, Jesus said that would happen too. He said they hated me before they hated you. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father lest through me….Check it out.

  29. The world is flat so all we have to do is flip the world to its other side like the cold side of the pillow and boom no global warming.

  30. The poor among humans will be exterminated first by climate change. So the poor should not have children.

  31. Lie to people you evil people. Check ice cores. This is to cover for the Jews distroying our countries. They will rule u.

  32. Climate change is fearmongering propaganda manifested by the Democrats to brainwash weak minds into letting them take control of our lives. Stay woke, brothers.

  33. The Eocene is explained very simply. The Co2 levels were much higher in the past due to much more active volcanoes. 350 million years ago the Co2 levels were more than 2000 parts per million. 100 million years ago the Co2 was 1500 parts per million. The carbon cycle, plants took the Co2 out of the atmosphere. This took many millions of years. Also the growth of mountains through basalt rocks helped remove Co2. By the time we get to the Eocene it is down to 400 parts per million. In 1850 it was 280 PPM. We put that all back in only one hundred an fifty years of coal burning. Coal is made of Carbon. C + O2 or molecular oxygen is Co2.

  34. Some people like the most powerful leaders in the world don't understand the science of climate change so the don't think it exists. Even this Climate Change Explained doesn't explain it. It is easy to prove that we get stronger storms from climate change. 1. The relative humidity and adiabatic lapse rate prove that warmer air holds more water and cold water. If we increase the average temperature, there is more evaporation of sea water, more clouds and more warm air to hold more water. Hurricanes grow from warm air and the warmer the air the bigger the storm. There is 10 percent more water vapor in the air since 1900.

  35. The idea that Co2 is a greenhouse gas is not debatable according to NASA. It is perfectly normal to not believe in climate change if one lives in a city or place that is not affected much by it. We can't see the Co2 absorption of infra red radiation since it happens on the very small scale which is invisible to the naked eye on the molecular and atomic level. Also infra red radiation is invisible to the naked eye. We need night vision glasses to see it. The ground state of the electron cloud of every molecule and atom is equal to a certain wavelength and it will only absorb electromagnetic radiation at an exact wavelength. Carbon dioxide will only absorb EMR at the infra red wavelength. All other radiation gamma, x rays, ultra violet, visible light and radio waves pass right through the Co2 molecule but NOT infra red. Co2 absorbs it. When the Sunlight in the visible light and some ultra violet hits the ground, it is absorbed and heats up. The ground emits this thermal energy as infra red, a light our eyes can't see. The infra red gets absorbed by the Co2 molecules which vibrate and rotate which is the same as heat. The co2 molecules heat the air and the ground since some infra red radiation is reflected back towards the ground. The energy levels are different in every atom and molecule so that each molecule has its own spectra, a unique fingerprint which allows us to tell what the elements in stars and planetary atmospheres without ever traveling there. Every gas has its unique absorption and emission spectra. One can get a telescope and put on a spectrascope or diffraction grating and see the spectra of Venus for example. It will show Co2 spectra which is at the infra red wavelength. The spectra or spectral bands and lines ARE the energy levels unique to that atom. Everywhere in the universe Co2 will always show an infra red spectral absorption lines.

  36. Why isnt anyone talking ab meat!? 15000 liters water is needed for 1kg of ground beef! That is so horrible! All the planes, cars <all the vehicles are producing as much to global warming as our beef! This needs to stop..

  37. It is already too late … the ball is running downwards … in 2031 world will be in total panic … billions will die from 2077 … because the worst fact is growing population

  38. I hate when I tell people about this and there like it's just like ice age It will be fine, I'm like but were making it happen faster😪

  39. Why cant the president just banned cars and you can only use a car if it's an emergency

  40. Yeah Obama carried about planet but Trump cares about money,money,and ya I forgot money….so

  41. I don't believe any of this BS. The climate changes back and forth and has forever. Ten thousand years ago there were no humans using fossil fuels. At that time there were huge glaciers

    moving across the United States which carved out the Great Lakes. Then the climate changed and the glaciers melted to fill up the Great Lakes. Throughout earth's history there have
    been 5 ice ages. The ice has always melted without help from humans. This whole subject is total BS.

  42. 70s – The government says the earth is cooling down.
    80s – The government says the O Zone layer has a hole in it.
    90s – The government says the real problem is floods.
    00s – Apparently the earth is warming up.
    2020+ -????
    Wake Up Sheep, you're being lied to.

  43. my theory they found another planet and only the rich and wealthy and important will go (important meaning president and others in the format)

  44. EXPERIMENTAL FACTS: When CO2 doubles from 357 ppm to 714 ppm the amount of IR adsorbed increases by 00.17%. That's undisputed experimental fact. All within a few feet of the ground. 90% of all CO2 IR adsorption are within 15 feet of the source. All adsorbed IR is converted to kinetic energy. There is no trapped heat, no feedback, no return IR warming of the Earth, no greenhouse effect and no correlation between CO2 ppm and climate change.
    > Atmospheric CO2 ppm changes do not cause climate warm periods, climate cool periods or Ice Ages.
    > CO2 is not a pollutant. It is an essential plant nutrient. Earth plant life is optimized for 800 ppm CO2 content. That promotes maximum plant health and growth.

  45. EXPERIMENTAL FACTS: When CO2 doubles from 357 ppm to 714 ppm the amount of IR adsorbed increases by 00.17%. That's undisputed experimental fact. All within a few feet of the ground. 90% of all CO2 IR adsorption are within 15 feet of the source. All adsorbed IR is converted to kinetic energy. There is no trapped heat, no feedback, no return IR warming of the Earth, no greenhouse effect and no correlation between CO2 ppm and climate change.
    > Atmospheric CO2 ppm changes do not cause climate warm periods, climate cool periods or Ice Ages.
    > CO2 is not a pollutant. It is an essential plant nutrient. Earth plant life is optimized for 800 ppm CO2 content. That promotes maximum plant health and growth.

  46. more intense disasters/weather wars and rumors of wars, and increased lawlessness was predicted by the bible for the end times. It shows events like the Rapture, 7 year tribulation and 2nd coming of Christ is on the way. These signs are just God trying to get this world's attention and no human solution will work especially not a one world government, religion and monetary system. Worry more about being after behind after the Rapture than climate change since the 7 year tribulation will be the worse period in human history. The worse climate change predictions can't compare to the horrors of the 7 year tribulation. Turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and salvation.

  47. it's time to look past government that's our problem we need to take everything into our own hands. plant trees if you have a back and front yard, your next car needs to be electric, plan to put solar panels on your roof do everything you can and encourage your nieghbor, family and friends to do the same.

  48. We need to help this earth now. We have 12 years to make a difference. I honestly think that plastic should be illegal.

  49. Sorry to tell you the truth, but it’s too late and has been since the 80’s , runaway green house effect is now

  50. Nearly 5 years since this junk science misinformation video was made. In that time global temps are stubbornly refusing to rise, despite ever-higher levels of atmospheric CO2. As such, reasonable scientists are increasingly speaking out against the BS of the greenhouse gas theory of climate change. For anyone interested in what highly-qualified scientists have to say on the subject, check out: @t​

  51. It's ridiculous how some videos get millions of views but videos like this only receive thousands or less views 🤔

  52. Yall over here making tik toks meanwhile the earth dying. Greaaaatt😍😍😍💜💜🙈🙈

  53. rich people fly 1st class (which is 3 economy seats).
    so until this practice is stopped, you can assume its a hoax to tax the air you breathe,

  54. Can anyone explain global cooling that occurred years ago? I get so confused around this issue

  55. The earth is warming because of the solar Maximum and were going to a solar minimum by 2019.

  56. Mister and ms and miss and Mrs Iwe My family in the future tell me in heaven if climate change stoped or ur dead

  57. 23Moses and Aaron then entered the Tent of Meeting. When they came out, they blessed the people, and the glory of the LORD appeared to all the people. 24Fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions on the altar. And when all the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown.

  58. We have all this technology but nothing to save us from rising water? There has got to be a way to stop the waters rising or a way to get rid of the water

  59. This is a straightforward lesson in pure stupidity and Marxist fear-mongering fantasy.

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