21 thoughts on “Clint Hill, Author, "Mrs. Kennedy and Me"

  1. All the comments I've read on this seem like they are by government Shills. Clint Hill is at minimum Guilty of Conspiracy After the Fact! Remember, there is no Statute of Limitation on Murder..

  2. Is it me…. Or are there any one else that feels like Mr. Hill was a lot closer to Jackie than he's saying….. She was a really good looking woman….. Real men don't kiss and tell!!!!!

  3. Thank you Mr. Hill for taking care of Jackie! Your honesty, knowledge and dignity

  4. GOD bless you Clint Hill. You did your job to the best of your ability. You served your country…You loved your country. And you loved the President and Mrs. Kennedy. Thank you Mr. Hill. GOD bless you.

  5. Mr.Hill is not a great man he is liar I to believed the Agents especially when they came out with their book but after evidence surfaced and they concurred with the Warren Commission then I started having my doubts let me refer to a book that came out in 1992 it was written by Dr.crenshaw who is now deceased he was one of the attending physicians along with Dr.MaCellen also there was Dr.Carrico Dr.Perry and later Dr.Kent Clark Head of Nuerosurgery at Parkland all of the Dr's were warned that if they talked there Medical Careers were over it wasn't until 30yrs later that Dr Crenshaw finally talked about that faithful day when they brought the President in Trauma Room I that is the name of the book the first thing they had to handle was Mr.Hill who was walking around like mad man with 38 caliber pistol finally a 50yr old burly nurse told him sir you have to put your pistol away so they can attend to the President they all concurred especially Dr.crenshaw and Dr Mac that the President had two wounds both were entry wounds there was one in the neck but when they did the tracheotomy the wound was distorted the second wound was an entry wound as well the right side of his right hemisphere was obliterated that was occipital Perietal area so when the neurosurgeon Dr.kent clark he looked at the wound and shook his head and knew it was over DrCrenshaw and Mac told Mrs Kennedy.that the President was deceased then the Priest came told the last rites and Dr.crenshaw said he couldn't hold back the tears but the real crisis happened because Texas law said if a murder occurred the autopsy had to be performed in parkland where they had excellent forensic pathologist but Dr Crenshaw said they were more concerned with dead President's body then they did when he was alive like drinking at bar till 3:30a in the morning when the regulations forbid that

  6. Mr Clint Hill is bold face liar for a long time I believed his story along with the other Agents who I thought really cared for the safety of the President but after a careful analysis of there evidence and lack of protection of the President
    Kenndy all it would have took was what Agent youngblood did in the Johnson limo was he acted immediately after the first shot he leaped to the back seat and took Johnson to the floor of the limo I don't know if President Kennedy had any Agents in his limo but if there were he failed miserably and was in the plot themselves as well who ever was in charge of the detail like a Doctor said at Parkland they were more concerned about the deceased President body so they could do there dirty deeds then they were guarding the President in Dallas after the first shot all of the agents should have reacted but instead they did nothing but stand like statues in the limo they lied to America their country they indirectly were an accomplice in the assassination that's why they wanted the body out of Dallas so Clint Hill is now making money out of President who they were involved in his murder History will not be kind to them

  7. Clint Hill saved Jackie when she was on the back of the trunk of the car in Dallas and was her trusted confidant her secrets will go to the grave with him. He did not sell out.

  8. What an honourable gentleman! True heroes do not come in fancy packages, but Mr. Hill and Mr. Armstrong are the true definitions of heroes!

  9. This guy has seen/heard things we will never have the privilege to know.

  10. Hill put his coat over Kennedy's head at some point. Later he took it to the cleaners. TOOK IT TO THE CLEANERS. he continued to wear it WTF something is way wrong with him.

  11. Hill is a sh*t bag. Suggested with his cute smile thst he did get it on with Ms kennedy. He is not worthy to be in the same room as her. His little rat eyes and his fat ass

  12. Better late then never clint. Please go back to your depression you are a Charlton. Get off the car fat ass

  13. Great man… very impressed. They don't make men like this very often.

  14. Very interesting interview. Seems to me this man is trustable, loyal and kept his integrity high also after his service until his older days.

  15. Every SS agent except Hill on duty that day should have been fired and criminal charges laid against the 2 SS agents in the murder car.

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