1. Immunity is only given when someone admits to a crime in lieu of implicating others in crimes. Plus if the right testimony is not given the prosecutor can revoke immunity and go after the person. So Steele technically if given immunity from Durham would likely have to tell the truth or suffer the consequences by being prosecuted. It is complicated and messy and I am NOT an attorney nor do I play one on Television. Perhaps fans of the show who are attorneys could add to this comment thread? Thank you all for your continued support! And please if you have not done so yet go to JACOB AIDEN DRUMMER and subscribe to my 12 yr old's YouTube channel. I know I am biased cause he is my son but he is a musical prodigy. Be prepared to be amazed…


  3. Running out of popcorn. Time to unleash the kracken. Drain the swamp already.

  4. The only reason Durham would agree to limit his questioning is to protect someone.HRC,maybe?

  5. All this sounds like a bad movie and everyone is starting produce reruns to make it worse ? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT IDEA!

  6. Discussions like this still continues today because Mueller is a coward, a “PAY-TO-PLAY” gangster, with “NO” guts to speak the truth. Mueller has a history of “EVIL DEVILISH BEHAVIORS” and was responsible for the closure of Enron in Houston, Texas, 28,000 workers lost their jobs, their pensions and some workers lost their home, due to Mueller being a jerk. Furthermore, in this particular case, The Supreme Court of the United States by a 9-0 vote went against Mueller, in other words, if it was not for Mueller Enron would still be open today. Mueller is responsible for other people in prison today with “VERY QUESTIONABLE” reasons for being incarcerated…. hmm, more “PAY-TO-PLAY” or just another ego of Mueller. Mueller has no place in open society except behind the bars of a maximum security prison in solitary confinement – so he can experience the days of his “CLOUT” has faded away.

  7. They Are ALL Going TO PRISON, America. Justice Will Finally Be SERVED. HOLA LUULYAAAAA.

  8. And Durham will give a report to Barr who will file it for ever. No one will look at it because we will be in a depression and still in wars that never end not to mention the millions of illiterate disease infected illegals we are all going to pay for. Business as usual in the USA. Sorry Josh, I've been around a lot longer than you.

  9. Don't expect Durham tell anyone what was DISCOVERED. He has been known to hold EVERYTHING CLOSE TO THE VEST. PLUS! He is INVESTIGATING…..
    He will NOT be able to divulge anything on on going INVESTIGATIONS.

  10. nody- nedy and peli-ssisi are getting too nervous, probably up to their eyeballs in this horrible treason

  11. You're breaking records and taking names. Can't wait for you to reach 100k Josh. With regard to this upload, does "being under oath" really mean anything anymore?

  12. We need to be patient,
    Barr and Durham are doing their jobs,don't forget theirs a lot of collusion between Obama,Clinton, Braden,FBI and so many others.
    The swamp is huge,I'm praying that all those people will pay for what they did to our president.

  13. Months before IG Horowitz is out !! Thank you !; I'm sharing your videos !!

  14. He is "set to", huh? Well that means absolutely nothing has happened, and that is what we are accustomed to. I would love to see the Clinton Crime Family – including all their deep state toadies – pay for their crimes. But what do we actually see? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Does anyone really expect that to change?

  15. Yes, Jerry Nadler : You requested to be Beaten and Sodomized ? Some hired goons will be visiting.

  16. FIRST OFF…….LIKE YOUR WORK…..don't the left realize…….they are being surveilled on……their text and all………..i don't even text……i'm not even a spy…………….these dems are all screwed……….the curtain on them has been open a while………..Barr is set………….the dems and dnc will be eaten alive in new few months…….that's better than wwf wrestling……..

  17. Allright putttttzzzzz if this rain gets all biblical allllll frogs and locust type stuff give me a heads up I will sacrifice a virgin say a hailmarie good stuff

  18. Well I'm ready to see some handcuffs around HRC, SCHIFFY, McCABE, LYNCH, COMEY ALL OF THEM. They have gotten away with too much for too long!!!

  19. Josh, I'm sure you know Obama, through the Hildabeast, has been operating an Organized Crime Syndicate……….for a long time. About 2 years ago I briefly heard where Hezbollah was allowed to operate a cocaine smuggling ring here in the USA. They were baling cash in junk cars, crushed them and placed them on Cargo ships to North African Hezbollah camps. The lower ranks DEA were on to the shipments and were going to nail them but were at the last minute, told to stand down and were told the orders "came from the top". I knew at the time that none other than our buddy Bruce was in that position, aka the the head of OCDETF. What I didn't know, was the real reason the DEA was so suddenly halted. So here it is thanks to a Gina at Declassified who's now on to this, it's known as………"Project Cassandra"….. The story title: Hezbollah Cover-Up, and Bruce Ohr Connection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpxruXKJJCQ I know you're the guy that can dig this out, knows what to do and can get the word out. I think the revelation of this will go a long way in quaking the public attention in exposing the entire cabal….Many Thanks for all you do!

  20. Evil Mueller's unethical conduct as well as his miscarriages of justice should be reasons enough to revoke his licence to practise law… and be debarred as said by diGenova…

  21. Getting very tired of Barr doing this, Durham doing that. The left lie's about Trump increase every day. We need prosecutions and arrests.

  22. I don't know if you know or heard about this channel Bitchute a lot of people that report the truth have or are changing to this channel it is like YouTube but so much better !! check it out it will NOT hurt !!!!

  23. All of the coup plotters should be hung on the Capitol Mall; pending their convictions! No mercy for treason! Let their lifeless bodies remain for the buzzards to feast on.

  24. Still am not hearing anything about the Queens Privy Council and some of her people controlling/handling Americans, specifically Nelly and Bruce Ohr & Robt Mueller.

  25. don't worry this bitch mi6 steele will sing…why do you think TRUMP was in England for …TRUMP told the queen and their evil minions you give up steele or the whole house of cards coming down for your country spying with BARRY/KILLARY and five eyes network…..get this m….. f….. DURHAM

  26. Live shows are boring! DUMB FUCKING QUESTIONS.

  27. You are worth supporting, and I''m glad to do it, Thanks for the TRUTH!

  28. If the dossier was created by Steele, what would have been the reason for Russian involvement in it? I understand that Steele was head of the Russian desk at Ml6. Presumably Steele wrote the dossier in the UK. And, evidently it is all false. Why then are there Russian characters in this scandal? Could Steele have been working for Russians?

  29. I will be glad when Barr & Durham release this truth. I’m really getting tired of Bella Pelosi, everyday she’ s talking about impeachment! She’s needs to be shut down immediately!

  30. I’m one of those 28k! Glad I found your channel! Thanks for real news, it’s hard to come by these days! Keep fighting the good fight! 💪👍👏 #MAGA2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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