Closure | Spoken Word Poetry | By: Poetic Daisy

Closure I need closure
But the more I think about it the closer I come to tears
It’s been years But for some reason my ears
Still stand when I hear you name and my fear’s That I’ll never recover
That I’ll never find another That can make thoughts of you disappear
That I’ll never forget how I got here I’ll never forget how my heart used to jump
to hear Your voice
I made the choice For closure, but I don’t know what that
means We’re two grown human beings
Maybe we can talk it out But what is there to talk about
All I really want to do is shout In your face
Make you a disgrace Hurt your pride, bruise your ego
Just to let you know How it feels. I don’t know if I want closure or revenge
B/c I never had a relationship end Quite like us
I gave you my trust And you ran
Before I could ever plan To move on
I’ve tried to be strong, but something’s missing
Why do I feel the need to be dissing Your name
I’m I just hurt b/c I fell for game But if that’s the case I should feel the
same Towards so many other men
Why is it that when It’s you I’m filled with emotion
Why do I have this notion That somehow you are different
Even now I know you weren’t sent From above
But I can’t help but realize I loved You, you broke my heart first
So go ahead and sing a verse Like Ray-J
But sometime, some day I will get past you. The End.

2 thoughts on “Closure | Spoken Word Poetry | By: Poetic Daisy

  1. "I dont know if I want closure or revenge." That line right there was the one that made me smile. I dont know which one I want either … most times.

  2. This is good. Have you ever thought about writing stories?
    You thought he was different from the rest.

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