CocaineAvalanche (spoken word) w/Lyrics (click SHOW MORE below)

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Cocaine avalanche, old man winter/par pedophile sitters, test-tube babies by the
litter/par n*ggas chase hollywood for the paper and the
press/par pose in front of cameras, makeup, wig and
a dress/par yeah they balling, playing for the wrong team/par
yellow journalism broadcasted on green screens/par Judas crew Boule? what the hell that mean?par
Spanish Inquisition? CoIntelPro schemes?par watch them snatching all our rights away,
we aint free no more/par went from 9/11 back to 1984/par
turning little girls to whores/par immature soy boys need to man up, oh yeah
pull your pants up/par break the mold, mind for gold deep in your
soul/par reap what you so, Tariq flow, seek the throne/par
master universal law like Johnnie Cochran/par higher & lower self, Horemakhet keep it popping/par
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