Coffee with Northeastern students and President Aoun

(coffee machine trickling)
(soft background chatter) – [Interviewer] So why did
you come to Northeastern? – Yeah, so my name’s Abhi. I am a fifth year here at Northeastern, so I’m doing entrepreneurship
and marketing. The reason why I came to
Northeastern is because of IDEA, and I heard someone who is
a venture from Northeastern talk about their experience. How do you have this time
to start your own business, go on co-op and then also go to classes and do all of this all at once? And they were saying the school
had one of the best programs for entrepreneurship and
IDEA being one of them, which is a student-led
venture accelerator here. Right after hearing that, I decided I need to come to this school. – I’m Elizabeth Wig, I am a fifth year electrical
engineering student here. – So why did you come to Northeastern? – Well, a number of reasons. I really liked the co-op program, the opportunity to get work experience to see what you like and
dislike before you take a job. I liked the variety of
research that goes on and I think that participating in research has been one of the most
transformative and important parts of my Northeastern experience. – My name’s Daniel Sneyers, I am a fourth year
industrial engineering BS-MS. So I’m doing a Bachelor’s
in industrial engineering, Master’s in operations
research and a minor in computational data
analytics and a minor in math. Too many things, I couldn’t choose. There’s so many– – I love the fact that you didn’t choose. That you combined all that. – In that meantime I did two co-ops. My first one was at Bain & Company, doing strategy consulting in Brazil. My second co-op was at Apple. – How do you have time to do all that? – Carefully. – That’s good, so it’s time
management that’s important. – Yeah, it’s time management,
it’s prioritizing, it’s knowing what matters and knowing what I want to try to do. – You agree, you all agree? – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – My name is Ffion, I’m
a third year biology and English student here. I’m on the e-board of
the Interra Bank poets. We’re actually trying to
organize what we’re calling a STEM slam to highlight – That’s neat, a STEM slam.
– all the people who are interdisciplinary, like I am. I’m also involved in research up at the Marine Science Center. I did– – Have you visited the Marine
Science Center in Nahant? – It’s lovely. – [Interviewer] Oh, it’s gorgeous. – I kind of wanna visit all of the other– – Absolutely, all of the campuses. – I’m currently looking
for my second co-op. I’d really love to be able to go abroad. There’s some really exciting positions at the Smithsonian
Tropical Research Institute down in Panama, which would be fantastic. – What about you? – I’m Cole Mboijana, a second
year bioengineering student. – So what kind of co-op do you want to do? – My family’s from Uganda
and my ultimate career goals are to go back and provide
better access to healthcare and fight water-borne
diseases in East Africa and other developing countries. – [Interviewer] So two co-ops at NASA? – Yeah, I did two at NASA. The first one was at NASA
Armstrong Flight Research Center. And then my second at Jet Propulsion Lab. – How was the food at NASA? (giggling) – The food was really good, JPL has nice Mongolian food in their cafeteria.
– Yes, yes, yes. Are you finishing with a BS-MS? – Yeah, I’m doing a BS-MS. – Okay, so that’s
actually a program I love and I would like every student to have, the opportunity to do that, you too. – Of course.
– Namely that you know, in four years, you can do two co-ops and in the fifth year if you want to stay, you can have an extra co-op
and go for a Master’s. So when you leave Northeastern here, you will have a BS and
an MS at the same time. That’s a great opportunity! When parents are going to listen to you, they’re going to say, they went for the super achievers. And those are not
representatives, you know. How do you feel about that? Do you represent a Northeastern student? – I didn’t get into IDEA
the first time I applied. I didn’t get in the
first two or three times. – Northeastern students in
general are very entrepreneurial in their own ways, and maybe not necessarily through IDEA or by starting companies or
being involved in that space, but by creating things
and by having initiative and being proactive. The Northeastern students
do that, they create. – I think Northeastern students, they just do a lot of things, are involved in a lot of things. Some of my friends are on the rugby team so I’m also on the rugby team. We’ve undefeated season so far. – Oh, congratulations! – What I would say in terms
of is this group outliers? Sure, but once you meet
enough Northeastern students, then you’re like, wow, they’re amazing, they must be an outlier. At some point, you’re like, maybe this isn’t something
that is unusual here; to see students really finding their place and excelling in what they choose to do. – So, you’re talking to the parents now. Some of them are here because they worry about their children. So what advice would you give the parents? – Let your child do things and create and innovate and explore and try different areas of study and different opportunities
and travel the world. – I would say to encourage their children to take advantage of all of the opportunities here. It’s really important to take
those while they’re available and so I’d really encourage parents to encourage their students
to take those chances. – I don’t know if this is advice
to parents or to students, but I think that keeping
in mind that failure is part of the process is very important, because I have failed at many things and it is a step on the way. So if you’re a parent and
you see your child fail at something, I think that that’s okay and it can even be good, because it is a learning
experience always. – I remember sitting in
orientation freshman year with my parents, and I for
one just got really excited. So they’ve just been so proud
of everything I’m doing. My mom has her Instagram, she’ll post whatever I’m doing. It’s a bit embarrassing. – My mother’s across the globe and the biggest reason why
she feels very comfortable is because you’re supported
through a whole community at the school. – My mom is visiting me right now, and I have a suspicion that
it’s not because she’s worried, but because she just
really, really likes being at Northeastern (laughing). – Do you think she wants to apply and be a student?
– Oh, probably. If she could, she would.
(laughing) (dramatic whooshing) (short whooshing)

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