Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance

-You’ve been coming on
“The Tonight Show” for almost 20 years.
Do you believe that? -I do.
Yeah, you were — -I lived it, yeah.
Yeah, you were — That was you.
Well, this is you and your brother, Dylan Sprouse, on “The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno.” [ Audience aw’s ] -I can’t even tell
which one is me. -That’s you.
-That’s — -Yeah, yeah.
-That’s you right there, yeah. -Uh-huh.
-Look at this little guy. -What do you remember about
that, anything? -Uh — nothing.
-No, nothing? [ Laughter ] -I remember my brother —
and you can see by — by his posture, he was talking
the whole time and I was actually sitting the same way
I am right now. -You really are just sitting
just like that. -Now that I realize it.
-That’s how you sit, yeah. Amazing.
But you — Look, Jay’s holding a picture. You drew a picture of Jay Leno.
-Yes. -And gave it Jay. Which I — we had a zoom-in
of that which is kind of — Well, it’s just interesting. [ Laughter and applause ] I mean, you were young.
-I — -You were young and — -Well, in keeping
with tradition, I actually drew you
one tonight, as well. -You drew a picture of me?
-I did. I wanted to make sure that we —
we kept this in line and — -Well, this is a tradition.
-I mean, it’s been a little while so —
-Yeah, it’s been almost 20 years later.
I’d love to see it. -A little bit better.
-Thank you, buddy. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] There it is, right there. Fantastic.
Wow. [ Band plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] Not bad.
I mean, you’ve gotten better. I can definitely see
the improvement. It’s just amazing.
I love it. -You don’t like it?
-I will cherish this. Are you kidding me? I’m gonna
hang this on my fridge. -Do you like it?
-I’m gonna hang it on my fridge! [ Laughter ] -Thanks. -Uh — I love that, pal.
Thank you for doing that. I also want to thank you…
-It took a lot of work. …for doing.
I want to thank you for doing this thing you’re
doing on Instagram. Do you know what
I’m talking about? Camera duels?
-Yes. Camera-underscore-duels.
Now here’s the idea of this, and this is why I think
it’s very funny. Now and then you go out
and people recognize you, and they try
to sneak photos of you. And they, like, put
their phone up and they sneak, and they act like you
can’t see what they’re doing. -Yeah.
-You beat them to the punch. You take a picture of them
taking a picture of you. -Yes.
-And post that photo on Instagram.
-Yes. -And it’s —
-It’s a real process of shaming. -No, it’s —
I think it’s just — Here’s one girl, she’s like,
“Well, I’m just not — I’m like — what am I doing? [ Laughter ] What am I doing?
I’m not doing –” -You were much kinder than me.
You blurred out the face. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did, yeah. We had to blur out
the face here. -Right.
But then, here’s a girl on the airplane, and
you’re just like, “Nah, what? I’m just checking
my e-mail on, like –” That’s pretty
blatant right there. -It blends in
with her shirt, too. -Oh, yeah, the phone itself is
almost camouflaged. And then here’s a picture
of this — KJ Apa. Is KJ napping?
-No, that’s just his normal state of being. [ Laughter ] -You have to paint his eyes on
during the show? -Right.
-I love that girl right there, back there.
But now — So, camera duels — If you want to see, they’re very
funny, but now it’s kind of backfired on you.
-Well, yeah, I mean, it starts as any other small
art project through, like, rage and annoyance
and existential dread. -Yeah.
-And I — I never — I never imagined that
when I started doing this and started making it game
it would, one, be a small therapy for
this situation that happens all the time,
but it would also inspire everyone to start doing it. Which is problematic.
And when were in school it was just a nightmare.
So now people are trying to fight to actually get on the
Instagram which is completely — -They actually want to be
on camera duels? -Completely backfired for me. -So now they actually do —
They’re like, “Don’t catch me. Don’t catch me.”
-Right. They’re like, “Can you see me?” 0″I can’t believe you got me.
I’m totally –” -“Whoops.”
-“I just had a blowout, I can’t believe it. Oh!”
-Right. [ Laughter ] -Can we talk about “Riverdale,”
and maybe give us a spoiler or something fun?
You don’t have to, but maybe just sneak-in, and so we won’t
even get it now, but then… -Right.
-…when you come back months from now —
-Yeah, I die. [ Laughter ] -Alright, alright, alright.
That’s a good hint, okay. But —
[ Laughter ] Season two happens, right? And I’m all excited
about season two. And man, oh, man, it gets scary. It’s frightening.
It frightens me. [ Light laughter ] Hard —
The first scene — -Do you want me to comfort you?
Is this is why you’re — -I just want you to feel my —
what’s going on and analyze it
and tell me what’s up. But you —
The first season, i go, “Oh, there’s a murder.
Some kids were killed, and who shot these — this boy?”
-Who shot this boy? [ Laughter ] -You have a Southern —
“Who shot this boy?” -“Who shot this boy?”
-And you can’t — and I’ve said this before,
I think you have the best cast on TV right now.
-That’s great. -On “Riverdale,”
you guys are unbelievable. Every single person on
the show is fantastic. And you work so well together.
-Oh, yeah. -And it’s really, really fun.
So then, season two happens. -Season two,
I’m riding a motorcycle and wielding a switchblade, which is something my
little quivering Disney self never thought would happen…
[ Laughter ] …if I’m being
quite honest about it. -This little guy has a
switchblade and a motorcycle. -A switchblade
and a motorcycle. -That is the greatest.
-Right. -No, you really are.
I mean, you’re — You’re in —
You’re in the gang now. -I’m in the gang.
-You’re at a new high school. -Uh-huh.
-But now you have a — It’s the mid-season that
premieres Wednesday night. -Mm-hmm.
-What can people expect, or what should they do?
Should they binge watch what they haven’t seen
or get ready, or can they just kick off?
-Catch up. The first half of the season
has been us preparing for this impending impossible riot. And that —
Much of Jughead’s narrative was him being positioned
on either side of this and trying to mediate this. So the second half of the season
is me in a leather jacket with a comb on a motorcycle.
-Yeah. -One foot on either side
of this impending war. -Wow!
That’s what I’m talking about.

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    But do you like it?
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