Colin Firth: Harold Pinter, Poems to A

POEMS TO A PARIS (1975) Colin Firth The curtain, white, enfolds. She walks two steps and turns. The curtains spill. The light staggers in her eyes. The lamps are golden. Afternoon leans silently. She dances in my life. The white day burns. I KNOW THE PLACE (1975) Penelope Wilton I know the place. It is true. Everything we do corrects the space between death and me and you. TO ANTONIA (1988) Kenneth Granham She dances in my life, still you turn in my arms,
still we clasp, still you swim in the big
and brilliant bay and come back in the wave to my side, and you dance in my arms and you turn and stay in my clasp, where I found you forever, in the only, first time in my life, which calls out again and again
in the light of this moon, on our sea, in our fierce and young
and tender tide. My dancer, my bride.

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