College Students Answer Questions on CULTURE and PRIDE | Y-Project 02

Macalester prides itself on promoting internationalism
and multiculturalism. But, is that really what students experience
on a daily basis? We decided to ask the students about their experiences
related to and definitions of cultural pride as well as whether or not they felt like Macalester
gives them the opportunity to express their cultural pride. Being patriotic. The struggle. Traditions. Being Mexican. Being Puerto-Rican. Festivals. My grandmother. Enjoying all the things your culture has to
offer and sharing them with others. It is a core part of my identity I think culture shapes our social understandings it builds foundation for how we interpret the world, so my entire values, my perspectives,
my ideals are all very subjective and they are are subjective in accordance with my culture. I think it is important to take that into
account but also be critical of your culture. The culture that I have the most pride in
when I connect to other students around the same age that are experiencing the same thing. I am Somali and I am also American. Those intersections
sometimes are at odds with each other and so for me, what is my culture, whose culture
do I find pride in. also I find extreme pride about my parents and where they are form and
the amount of resilience that they have. I do not know which aspect of culture
that I relate to more because I will go up I will go up to bet for entire country of Sierra Leon but also I am a kind of little Philly hood, right at the same time. Yeah, I have pride in where I am from but
also it is like where am I from My dad is fully Croatian, I am 50% Croatian
but I have never had any strong cultural ties to Croatia and I have never been there, so
I have never really experienced like strong pride in my heritage because I do not know
that much about it. Originally I was where you are born, where
you are from but I think the definition that feels more true is the space you feel rooted
to, for me that has been Vermont. I do not know if I can think about it as a
culture but it is because I have rooted to the values I have I think that root that guides you and that you may stray from but comes back to your identity even when you get really far. I think it is hard to answer that question without including stereotypes and I think my culture comes from my house or my friends I am most proud of my culture when I recognize that it is not apart of something
bigger but it is apart of myself. Cultural pride for me is being who I am and
doing what I feel like doing anytime without feeling the need to see others as models of who should I pretend to be. I come from a country that was colonized and
I have physical traits that are non-European and I feel like I keep that legacy in my blood. and I like to think about it as evidence of this history. We are still here, my ancestors are still
here in my body. I do think that a common understanding, a
mutual understanding is beneficial to society and individuals on both sides, so if you yourself have the mental capacity and emotional capacity to educate someone and tell a little bit about
yourself and your culture and the background that you come from, give them insight into
it, then it is a really valuable experience but in no sense should it be a responsibility. It should be if you are in a place to share, it is a privilege to you to be able to share
your culture and give a little insight. Because we identify a certain way, we do not
have to, it is not up to us fully to educate people on our culture but at the same time
I feel we do have some responsibility of being degraded or targeted in some sense. It is that we stand up for who we are because if we don’t then who will Bunch of women of color sat down and ate food but then we had really good discussions because I feel like a lot of the times these orgs come through and
will trauma bond and let’s unpack all your shit but I am proud of, we, just as facilitators
have sat down and literally talked about what we could talk about and it felt so much excitement
and happiness and joy to be like, wow we will do something about this stuff that what we have lost before. I am one of the co-chairs for Afrika! (student
org) At the first meeting it turned our really
well, I did not expect it to. There were so many people. I wanted to cry and said wow we are probably
really about to do something this year. I did not wanted it to be like org, I wanted
it to be our spot. The Sounds of Blackness Lounge used to be
our spot but they wanted to switch it up.They wanted to talk about we are so inclusive and
how everybody has a spot but you remodeled the spot that was dedicated to somebody and
you took it away from, not even just from us, but from people that it is named after,
you took their posters down, you remodeled it, you did not run it by any students of
color on campus. The students try but Mac always does something
to set us back. We will walk one step forward and Mac will push us back five.

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