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Babies, there are some visitors waiting for you at the mission centre. They need your help. Ben:
This early in the day? I wonder who it could be. Bottle Squad with a boom we are ready to zoom Bottle Squad! Bottle Squad ! Be strong, Be brave, Be smart, Be kind Solving problems we don’t mind! We are the closest friends you’ll ever find. Bottle Squad Ba Ba Bottle Squad Becca:
What happened Mr.Red.Where have all your colours gone? Why don’t you ask Mr. Yellow what happened. Ho ho ho… I didn’t mean to. He he he… I’m sorry Mr.Green. It all started when we were walking in to the forest, collecting honey for a new recipe. And right then we ran into Riddle Me Witch. Riddle Me Witch? Haven’t you heard of Riddle Me Witch? She lives in the forest and tricks you into answering her riddles and then… and then… And then she takes away what is yours… Like she took away, she took away our colors! Mr.Green, Mr.Yellow, Mr.Indigo, Mr.Blue, Mr. Orange, Mr.Violet and I were no match for her. Blake:
That’s terrible! We’ll get your colors back. Don’t you fret. Time to power up. BA BA BOOM! WE’RE READY TO ZOOM! Becca:
Hold it right there, Riddle Me Witch. Those colors belong to our friends. Riddle Me Witch:
I was expecting you, Bottle Squad. I’ll give you the colors, if you can answer three simple riddles. Becca:
Bring it on! Riddle Me Witch:
It looks green, it opens red. What you eat is red, but what you spit out is black. Ben:
Watermelon! It’s a watermelon! Riddle Me Witch
Orange, Violet, Yellow
Blue,Red and Indigo What’s the missing color
That is in the rainbow? Becca
Oh no! There is no rainbow in the sky. How will we know the answer? What if Mr. Red, Blue, Violet, Indigo, Yellow, Orange and Green lose their color? Bethany:
Say those names again. This time, slowly. Becca:
Mr. Red, Blue, Violet, Indigo, Yellow, Orange and Green? Bethany:
Green! The answer is green. Riddle Me Witch:
What is black and white and read all over? Ben:
How can something be black and white when it’s read all over? Bethany:
A newspaper is black and white and read all over. Thank you for helping us with the answer Riddle Me Witch. Blake:
We would like those colors now. Becca:
Let’s hurry. We need to know if our friends have gotten their colors back, before it’s too late! Thank you, babies, for bringing our color back. Bethany:
Anything for you Mr.Red. And for our favorite colors Mr.Blue, Mr.Green, Mr.Yellow, Mr. Orange & Mr.Violet & Mr.Indigo “If you need our help, you can count on us!
That’s our Ba-Ba Promise to you! “

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