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THE NEW COLOURS SONG This is the colours song, that we’re going to sing now, and when you know them all, we will start to paint again. Red, yellow Blue and green Orange, white Black And pink Red, the apple is red Yellow is the sun, Blue for the skies, And green on the grass, An orange is orange, The cat is black, Flowers are pink, And the snow is white. This is the colours song And now you can colour, And if you want, We’ll do it all over again. Red Yellow Blue, and green Orange White Black And pink. Now I know the colours, I can paint the world, Now I know the colours, And I can paint it all. This is the colours song.

7 thoughts on “Colours Song – Nursery Rhyme – Super Simple Songs – English Colors Song

  1. And now the new colour song
    Colours Song – Easy Baby Learning – English Songs for Children

  2. Hello! Thanks for the wonderful song. It's really quite catchy. Is there any way that I would be able to get a version of the song without the lyrics so that I can get my kids to practice on their own? Thank you!

  3. I imagine myself listening to this, sitting in my jeans on an old tractor, thinking of Lil' Suzie Cardigan living down the road.

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